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Friday, March 12, 2004

Arianna Huffington: Six tips to get Kerry to White House

Take her advice, JFK da 3rd. I mean, really, follow her advice. I'll supply the manhole cover when your ass slides into the sewer.

New York Daily News - NHL's penalty shows punch

Sherry, you can kiss my ass when you pull yourself away from Bettman's. He and Colin are weasels. They are terrified to smack the crap out of a player who deserves it, and wait for the Vancouver DA to give them some cover for running the bastard out of the league. At minimum, he should have received a one year suspension and a huge fine that he had to pay, not the team. The Canucks should get their own financial beatdown for fomenting this. Bertuzzi should be beaten down, drawn, quartered and gone. The team, from the owners on down, should be made to pay. They helped put that kid in the hospital; they gotta be made to pay more than a lousy quarter mill.
Oh, BTW, here's the funniest sentence in the article:
Rangers enforcer Sandy McCarthy said that the NHL's suspension was sufficient.
"Rangers enforcer..."
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Biggest Oxymoronic Sentence Zuckerman's Tribe Can Buy!

NYU Won't Look at Reality

They want to blame the most recent flying farkup on the fact that she's not from NY? Look around, you dumb ducks...how many of your students are from the 5 boroughs?

Kerry fails to back up foreign 'endorsements'

Thursday, March 11, 2004

Oh, "Duh?" Like You Didn't See This Coming

Susan Lindauer's Work Record
BUSH KNEW!!! (oh, wait a minute...they all got "D" after their names....

Cornell Daily Sun: College Kids Ain't So Dumb

Cornell Daily Sun: Just Say 'No' to the Cornell Fund
So, to the class of 2004 and to the alumni of Cornell University, I ask you this: are you happy with the way Cornell pisses away money on flat panel monitors and our JCPenney logo? Do you think that leftist indoctrination should be the hallmark of a well-rounded education? Does it please you that underrepresented minorities accepted to the School of Arts & Sciences scored on average 200 points lower on the SATs than their Asian-American counterparts? Are you content with the fact that one of our new "professors" is a rambling lunatic of a failed politician who supports an apartheid regime? If so, then by all means, send in your $20.04 or even more if you're one of the few lucky students with job offers!
This is why I posted this. Either one alone would make a sane alumnus hurl; the two as a tag team....


I'm too cranky to blog about anything of personal import other than sport. I'm too wrapped up in an inner rage to even talk to people face to face. And there's no animals in the family compound dumb enough to get within my kickin' zone. So read this.


A win for the good guys.
UPDATE: I beat PuppyBlender again. Jarvis is still a roaring ass. Nobody gives a shit.
(Me, holding sign: "Will load trucks for acknowledgment" Cars keeps trundling by....)

Is This the Democrats' most powerful weapon?

Well, who writes the checks?
George Soros - By Sebastian Mallaby
keep digging, mook
BuzzMachine... by Jeff Jarvis


He's Gotta Be Kidding
First off, to the punkass in question, Bertuzzi, who, in a weepy press conference declared:
"To the fans of hockey and the fans of Vancouver, to the kids that watch this game, I'm truly sorry. I don't play the game that way. I'm not a mean-spirited person."
Yes, asshole, you do play the game that way. We got video proof, you mealymouthed piece of shit. He was skating away from you and you corralled him and tried--not to send a message--but send him to sleep with the fishes. If whichever of his linemates hadn't jumped on you when you were grinding his head into the ice, you could have killed him. Cry all you want, but pray to whatever God you got that your jury isn't made up of people who know the game. Because they'll lock your ass up, same as baseball breathers are ready to hang Barry Bonds. You fucked with the game. You clowns come and go; the Game is what we give a shit about.

In the same Toronto Star article, the public representative of the immedancillaryliary victims--Moore's teammates and fans--the Denver Post weighs in:
"The league should ban Bertuzzi for life from any association with professional hockey, much as Major League Baseball did with Pete Rose for gambling, a far less serious offence."
What McSorley did, the incident everybody uses as comparison, was viscious and dumb, and it cost him his career. What Bertuzzi did was on a magnum level worse. Bertuzzi tried to turn a kid who had already received his payback for a LEGAL hard hit into a stain no Zamboni could clean up.

Now, Bettmann:

You pussy little bastard. You fine the team, but you let the coach take a walk. He's as guilty as Bertuzzi. Once the first period brawling had been concluded he should have declared Moore "off-limits" for retribution. You cannot fine the organization and leave the coach blameless. He represents the fucking team! The biggest reason the NHL is in the mess it is in facing the new CBA is that you are a gutless wonder who is afraid of both sides of the table when it comes to negotiations. You should be dragged out to some god-forsaken patch of ice and have your head used as the middle of a game of shinny.

LILEKS (James) The Bleat

OK. I admit it:
There surely is a God, and I wonder if He didn’t create this universe so it could lead up to the moment of absolute sublimity I am experiencing now. It’s not my surroundings that please, although they’re fine – the kitchen is clean, the dishwasher churning away, the flowers on the table still giving off a faint sweet scent. It’s not the knowledge that I can sleep an extra 15 minutes tomorrow morning and hence can watch some TV for the first time in five days when I’m done with this. It’s the three items to the left of my laptop: a small ration of Maker’s Mark, a wedge of Irish Cheddar Cheese, and some thin Italian meat derived from a pig. I’m not saying that the universe was designed solely to lead up to this moment of bliss, but I wouldn’t discount the idea right away.
I'm more times than not insanely envious of Jimbo's life.

Smoking ban scrapped after bar sales plummet

Wow! I'm Shocked!
People are going elsewhere when they're told they can no longer smoke in a bar? Who'd a thunk it? Oh, yeah, I remember who...anybody who ever ran a bar.
At least these folks watched the till and realized the mistake they had made before it put them out of business. Here in BloomBurg, Mayor Mike just brushes off the bar owners' howls as sour grapes while long-time neighborhood pubs shut their doors because of this asinine law.

Hey, Mikey! here's a bit of logical progression for you:
A: Lotto/Kino machines in nearly every tax generating bar.
B: Lotto/Kino machines generate invisible taxes for city, state.
C: AntiSmoking law drives people away from tax generating bars.
D: Tax generating bars lose customers; Lotto/Kino machines lose users.
E: City, state loses two tax streams.
F--- You, you stupid Nanny BigBucks mook.

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

What the Hell is Going On at NYU?

Four seemingly sane students decide pitching themselves over a rail is better than living while attending a school in the heart downtown Manhattan? And all of them kids; none old enough to even buy a beer. I think it's time academe stops bitching about the validity of SAT scores and starts demanding pysch profiles before accepting students, especially those who are going to be away from home for the first time.

Monday, March 08, 2004


"This is what baseball is all about," said A-Rod, who has hungered to be in the middle of such a battle.
Reminder to the new Bronx Zoo Crew: Bagging the Series would be nice, but beating the Beantown bastards so hard they're all screaming for a suicide shot is all we want this season. (for my market friends: go long on Pepto-Bismol futures...it's gonna move better than gold on the East Coast this season.)

Oh, and destroy the Mets after they've claimed Clemens' scalp. Give them a pass till they plant his ass. Pettite I still love...but I'll pay the bail when Rocket gets nailed.
Praise Mel Gibson! This season is gonna be so much fun!
It exists somewhere in my mind, on a plane too subtle, primitive and complex to fit within the constructs of Jeung or Freud.
The Machine is not anger or rage. It does not interfere with my intellectual capabilities. It does not preclude thought. It is not some form of shock, and does not cloud my mind; if anything, my cognitive abilities are heightened because the emotions are cut out of the loop. It is also not some adrenaline rush. Adrenaline will numb pain, and narrow awareness. The Machine does not do this. You still hurt, and you are very aware of your surroundings.
The Machine is a great and hideous strength. It is a place in the mind that seperates you from what you are doing, while leaving your mental faculties engaged and active. The Machine is unaffected by hunger, pain, or pity.


Sunday, March 07, 2004

They forgot to put something back in place when the doctors diddled with your brain, Jimmy. You used to be the mouthpiece for the Average Joe. But now you're all rich and shit; pushed off the Devil for a few days more, so now shit like this constitutes the best you can do? How does Ronnie still let you write when your pissing all over yourself?

Cash out. Go to Boca. There is a reason you are no longer a columnist in the Big Leagues, but get to play at the edge of the game...people feel sorry for you. It's goddamn Newsday, Jimmy! A Long Island paper, fer chrissakes. You ain't New Yawk no more. You always run blind qoutes because you never leave your little cocoon and no one wants to admit that they talked to you. The new breed of hoods scared you into your Upper West Side hideaway fifteen years ago. Cantakerous is cute, but you wore out that suit. You used to be my pinnacle, Bres. Now be a good Snowbird and fly. One way ticket. Play a pony for me when you get there.

Saturday, March 06, 2004

It's 3:00AM on March 6th, which means in a little more than 24 hours, I have to decide if I'm going to the Staten Island St. Patrick's Day Parade. It's a pretty good warm-up for the Big Show.

Among all the madness and strife that makes up my current day to day, this seems like a no-brainer. Partake in various libations; laugh at the amateurs who cannot keep pace. Ponder for a nano-second joining the march with the Hibernians whom I've duly provided my dues, and decide to demur when the reaction of my always accompanying Bootziedog to all that attention suddenly wells up and slaps me out of such thoughts.

Listening to Lehrer on WNYC/NPR while writing this is not conducive to coherence. Some snotty Frog is being interviewed who constantly refers to our President as "Bush Jr.," and pines for the relationship that Europe had with Clinton, and hopes it will be restored by the election of Kerry. Which has just made me kick one of the cats without looking to see which one it was. I hope it was not Tilly. She is pristine; the other two are evil.

Where is the Bootz when I need him to chase a cat? Oh, yeah, it's now 3:25AM. He's not dumb. He's sleeping on my side of the bed right now. Head's probably on my pillow. Evil Nazi Sheepherding traitor. I'll spend the money and get uncle to ship me one of those beast wolfhounds he raises to keep his greyhounds in check. (That'll teach the pup. New guy arrives: smallish. One month later: outweighs your puny ass!) Spoiled little bastard gets away with murder because he's Mommy's favorite. His brothers are banished to yard duty because they'll eat the cats when people are asleep. Never happen with Bootz.

The Frog is some high slot Le Monde moron. He's trying to make a case that France is necessary, both economically and politically, while he keeps dropping "cowboy" into his desciptions of American actions. His "opponent" in this triangular roundtable is an editor from the International Herald Tribune, which is the international edition of the New York Times, which means his drawers are around his ankles while he screams "free shot" to his Froggy friend. I've been holding off screaming and tossing the radio across the room because doing so would wake everything and everyone sleeping in the house and out, and I cannot face the cacaphony doing such would rain down on my ears.


Friday, March 05, 2004

Mike Lupica: This logic fails test
Lupica's dead-on: Orza's gotta go before he buries the players' union under an avalanche of public disgust and Congressional action that can ultimately cost big league ball their congressionally approved monopoly status. As The Lip puts it:
He really thinks he is John L. Lewis, even working with A-Rod and Jeter and Manny Ramirez. He thinks that an association with $252 million ballplayers and $190 million ballplayers and $160 million ballplayers, all free to make these huge individual deals, are steelworkers, or the Teamsters.
Jeez, the International Olympic Committee, no great bastion of ethical action, realized what steroids were doing to the public's perception of the Games and banned them. Even goddamn stakes horses get tested to make sure they aren't seeking chemical advantage! Being obstinant in the face of this furor is gonna mean asterisks being planted next to the names of McGwire, Bonds, and other players who have been battering the bejesus out of baseballs since the strike, rewriting the record book in the process.

All any disinterested party needs to do is look at those players' rookie cards and then look at them now; do the same to a player like A-Rod. Then tell that disinterested party that steroids had nothing to do with the newly manufactured muscleheads' performances. They'd laugh until they fell on the floor.

I'm a long time Friend of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Seeing those cheating bastards glorified in Cooperstown kills me. If any of them end up getting inducted before Pete Rose, I'll cancel my membership, because it'll mean that the Hall and the electors have accepted "Better Records Through Chemistry!" as part of their criteria. Pete Rose might have been an asshole, but he never cheated on the field. These guys did.
A.M. Rosenthal: Farewell
Good luck, Abe. I'll be looking for the book, and I hope the columns are not too few and far between.
This is the kind of stuff that just leaves me shaking my head at the lengths some pundits will stretch to make their point. Cohen's fever dream conversation with Cheney just makes it tougher to take Cohen seriously when he writes something serious. You want to make a point, Dick? Hit the morgue files and Nexis/Lexis; pull words out of Cheney's mouth instead of putting your own there.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

So the reason Kerry says he was misled into voting for going into Iraq was that he never expected Bush to actually do what he said he would do? According to this, that was his story when he met with the S.F. Chronicle Editorial Board. What Bush said at the UN was "rhetorical," not something any savvy Beltway Boy believed to be the real deal.

So why should I believe anything Kerry says? According to this, bullshit is SOP for career DC.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

your bureucrats shame our lowly American pencil-pushing PC apparatchicks in their absolutely-nutso Barking Moonbat whackjob ability at crafting insanely retarded edicts.
I thought this was nuts when I saw it commented on in Taranto's Best of the Web (scroll to bottom), so I had to go take a look. It is a fairly ludicrous premise, as the comments accompanying the article seem to be trending. I hadn't heard of "The Algebra Project," which the article described as thus:
Moses and Ware came up with the basic concepts of The Algebra Project in 1969. Also around this time, Ware began formulating the plan of attacking racism in chess.
One problem: According to The Algebra Project's website:
The Algebra Project was born out of one parent's concern with the mathematics education of his children in the public schools of Cambridge, Massachusetts. In 1982, Bob Moses was invited by Mary Lou Mehrling, his daughter's eighth grade teacher, to help several students with the study of algebra. Moses, who had taught secondary school mathematics in New York City and Tanzania, decided that an appropriate goal for those students was to have enough skills in algebra to qualify for honors math and science courses in high school. His success in producing the first students from the Open Program of the Martin Luther King School who passed the city-wide algebra examination and qualified for ninth grade honors geometry was a testament to his skill as a teacher.
Sounds like the article's author got punk'd.
He still gets my vote as NYC's best regularly scheduled pundit.
NYPress - MUGGER - Russ Smith - Vol. 17, Iss. 9
Howard Stern - The shock jock in winter
He's a provocateur whose time has passed, a shock jock who shocks no one.
He's over; has been for years. He couldn't change his game and when push came to shove Clear Channel sent him into the abyss. He's racked up too many fines to justify his threat to their bottom line in the current clime. And he works for their main opposition in the broadcast wars. That he lasted as long as he did on their stations amazed me. Leno recognized a walking corpse and started tearing at the bones before it turned into dust.
It was the album that made me pick up a guitar (John Entwhistle's star turn on "Quadrophenia" made me trade it for a bass). I blew off this show because Deep Purple without Blackmore is as wrong as Led Zep without Jimmy Page. And after all these years "Made in Japan" is still the greatest live album any heavy metal act has ever released. When Blackmore smashes his guitar onto the stage and storms off during "Child in Time," then comes back with a new axe and just goes nuts, man...nobody else has ever matched that kind of ferocious.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I BE HE....
You are Rerun!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, March 01, 2004

I think I'm gonna be forgetting about Jarvis for the foreseeable future. He's gone too far through the looking glass. His blind allegiance to the egomaniacal has-been is just too much. We've been through this already. (scroll, find: "hypocrit*")

Now he think's he's defending a juggernaut or something.
I predicted that Stern would end up going to satellite and he talked about it this morning. He said that if he went onto satellite, they'd sell 12 million receivers immediately; "they wouldn't be able to make them fast enough." It would change the entire radio industry, making broadcast stations worth a helluva lot less, he said, and he's right. Radio had no appointment programming until Stern came; if he goes to satellite, he will bring listeners and excitement and revenue with him.
Howard isn't going anywhere unless Mel Karmazin says so. Howard's under contract to Infinity/Viacom, and neither of the main satellite broadcasters has the money Stern would demand, or the balls to battle Mel, to bring Stern's act to their town. And Stern's audience are not all the mindless lemmings that you seem to devolve into when it comes to Howard's defence.
Radio had no appointment programming until Stern came;...
Oh, bullshit! Music fans turned the dial to their favorite DJ's station at the appointed hour ever since there were DJs. Whether the DJ was Jonathan Schwartz spinning Sinatra, Wolfman Jack howling at the moon or one of the Rambling Gamblings. I have followed Vin Scelza and his "Idiot's Delight" radio show all over the damn dial, but if Vinny goes satellite, he better offer an Internet stream or it 'sayonara, paisan!' Stern would only draw rabid acolytes like yourself to make such an investment in a three-four hour radio show.

Stern's supposed raw market power is an extremely overhyped meme. He maybe--MAYBE--had some good pull once upon a time, but that time is long gone. He didn't get Christie Whitman elected NJ governor in '95, anymore than Bob Grant took Mario Coumo down. His legions are not gonna storm Circuit City for satellite tuners just for him. They'll just crank the dial left or right and find the next guy.

Sunday, February 29, 2004

God Hates Shrimp
you evil, puppy blending.... Why did you have to show me this?
Is this Some Kind of Threat?
Are you gonna run out of gas and crash on their ass?
Doug Giles: The Passion police
Is it just me, or did Mel Gibson make Satan out to look like Sinead O’Connor in his latest movie, “The Passion of the Christ”? Coincidence? I don’t think so. And what about the baby with the old man’s face that Lucifer was carrying around in that unholy Madonna-like scene during Christ’s scourging? I swear it was Andy Rooney.
that's flat out funny. Does anybody even remember Sinead anymore?
Whiteness Studies
No statement. Not a word. Take the quiz. If you fail, nip off and kill your ass.
'I wanted to be a martyr and kill Israeli soldiers'
I want anything Red Sox dead BUT I DON'T BLOW THEM UP.

Saturday, February 28, 2004

It's yuppie scum like this clown that makes me like the death penalty. He kills her, buries her in cement on his own property, then flees the country. Charge him for being mind-numbingly dumb, along with whatever other charges he's already facing. And then kill him and bury his butt.
...and you're gonna see a backlash like none ever unleashed before. I've got no dog in this fight, but when elected public officials thumb their noses at the law, it just makes me more comfortable in doing illegal things that make me feel good. If I get popped for doing something against the law, I can point at these guys and say," You wanna lock me up? Then asshat over there better be sharing my cell."
RhoidBoy's Personal Trainer Shown the Door
As far as I'm concerned, this just shows how desperate baseball beat hacks are for copy. Selig said "No," so the guy hadda go. End of story. Put him on the payroll and he can return to helping Jason while he puts on his jock.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Giffy Getting Dumb
FOLLOW-UP TO LAST BLAST (sans the self restraint thingie)

(sidenote: Jeffy seems to have lifted my bannage...or he's just overwhelmed by the tonnage of responses he's been getting after wigging out and hasn't done his pruning, since the stuff I threw up hasn't gotten deaded yet. Doesn't matter; I'm still pissed. Literally. Wife's birthday party last night got way out of hand. And there are mucho liquid leftovers...may be spending the whole day drunk. Consider that a warning. Reality is going conceptual here today, sports fans.)

I did not expect Blender Boy to go squishy on the idiot. But maybe all these hotshot 'BlogGods' have a self defense mode that kicks in when they find one of their own is going down and running out of air. Seems like King Pundit is trying to defend the putz.

Here's the Insta:
I think that Jeff Jarvis rules. He's a smart, thoughtful guy, who knows a lot about the media world, and his heart is always in the right place.
What rock crashed on your Tennessee head, prof? When, exactly, did Jarvis cop a GodHead, since he readily admits to being just another stone-cold blindered asshat Stern junkie? Given, the BuzzBoy ain't dumb. His jones for the Iranian bloggers has shown that. But "Jeff Jarvis Rules" is slap you in the face stupid. From his own sputtering mouth:
I've never fully bought the idea that Christ had to die for our sins. Had to? That would make it seem as if God planned and willed that; hard to believe a father would do that to his son (and that doesn't speak well for our fraternal relationship, does it?). And I still can't fathom the logic of dying for our sins -- why, because God demanded some vengeance?


Jeff's an arrogant twit on almost any subject, since his whole web existence sails by shoving his bandwidth costs over to his boss. He's sparking off about buying satellite stocks now that Howie's days seem to be numbered. Right. Sure. Fool. Tool.

"Hello Asshole!" Every bird in the air belongs to the MAN or someone who looks like your boss. You can go all speculation, but moving Stern to a sat station doesn't happen until Chelsea Clinton's making her Congressional run. Which means she has to stop acting like some EUTrash slut pig. Which ain't happening anytime soon.

"Jeff Jarvis rules" on what? He rails about what happened to Stern but hasn't got the smallest gerbil balls to make the same kind of stand in his own life. Does not Jarvis rule the Land of Gutless Bastards, better known as Advance.Net, where he'll scrub any sentence that pisses off any dumbass yenta right off the message boards to keep the peace. Which is just what Clear Channel did to Stern.

"Jeff Jarvis rules" on what? Rationality? He just went nutzo and posted stuff that the Diamond division of his paycheck would kick asses into next week upon hearing from the help.

He couldn't swing half the shit he's spewing now on any paper Newhouse prints. Boil all the bullshit away, and you are left with

I'm getting terminally paranoid now. Is BuzzBoy overwhelmed? Or is he not going to be blowing away my posts in his comments because I called him out on it? Is the dick even awake? Am I? (checks pulse...no response) Should I go to Fingerboard Road and just smear the SOB? Pre-empt the shit storm? Those entry codes I got should still be in play....

I call BuzzBoy on the carpet, I find lawyer URL's surfing my sites. Fuck you bastards. I got my Dago Patrol; we bear arms. Big honkers. They call me "Loco Rojo." We make our own fun. We hate your ass.

And yes, I am farking nuts. Right now, that is. Desperately in need of caffeine.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Howard Stern was not "censored," and BuzzBoy damn well knows it. But he's a huge Stern fan, so when Clear Channel yanks Howie off their radio stations, Jarvis loses his mind. He blasts off into a zone usually reserved for the clueless DU Moonbats who think an event like this is "The Man" (Bush) crushing dissent. From reading the comments to his rant, and things like this, he's pretty much alone up there in the ozone.

He is trying to spin this like we're all missing the Big Picture, a pretty arrogant stance. That said, I also think he has a large bit of pompous, self-righteous elitist asshat running through his veins.
If you don't defend Stern agains the government chill, then you open the door for someone you like to be taken off the air.
You mean by someone like you, Jeff?

Jeff Jarvis is employed by one of the biggest family owned print media companies in the country. He's Master & Commander of their Internet presence. If he allows anything remotely resembling Howard on a "good" day to be published on one of their websites, Si Newhouse will send Jarvis's head rolling across the floor. BuzzBoy knows this, so he and his underlings make sure the content, especially in the various newspapers' forums, is as bland as possible. Post something that someone else considers "offensive" or "inappropriate" and they'll scrub it off the board.

On his own blog, Jarvis practices bona fide censorship. There are words you can't post; words Jarvis doesn't want associated with his personal salon. Hell, you don't even have to whip out one of Carlin's Seven. If you merely upset one of his delicate doyens, you're toast. Banned. "We'll hear no more from you, guttersnipe!"

He did it to me. I've been made a non-person at the Buzzmachine for getting fed up with some smartass taking snarky potshots at me while debating something I had posted here that Jeff featured on his blog. I got tired of the sniping and posted the following:
Everything single thing you posted here includes cheap shots belittling my intelligence that would have you swallowing your teeth and swimming in the Kill van Kull if you said them to my face.
A couple of days after that I posted a comment to some other thing, I don't remember what. I went back later to see how the conversation was progressing. My post was a ghost. Gone.

That's what got me yanked from the Buzzmachine's airwaves. I told some clown if he said what he was saying while he was standing in front of me he wouldn't be standing there long. Not even a threat; just a statement of fact.

So get off the high horse, Jeffy, until you're ready to risk something. Stern did and he paid for it. But I ain't holding my breath, because that would mean you'd have to pay for the bandwidth all the "nj.com" pages your personal stuff eats up.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I say this is the most asinine judicial decision anyone could ever put on a piece of paper. If you disagree, please cite your selection in the comment section.
"Hour of the Gunmen" Update
(scroll down for original post)
Well, this comes as no surprise.
PARIS (AP) - French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin on Wednesday called for the "immediate" dispatch of an international civilian force to restore order in Haiti, where a rebellion threatens to topple President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
What the blazes is a "civilian force" supposed to consist of? NGO-types?

PUT SOME TROOPS AND GUNS ON A PLANE AND GO, JACQUES! Talk's cheap; get some boots on the ground, you procrastinating dilletante.
Raids Round Up 30 Lowlives on Staten Island
Good. I'm sick and tired of having to leash a dog anytime I want to take a long walk around my neighborhood. I know some guys who work out of the 120 Precinct; details are gonna be like pulling teeth until the camera crews are all dealt with. Some reports are saying the two crews involved were Crips/Bloods. Wannabees, maybe, but not the real deal. More likely they're housing project hoods fighting it out over the Castleton/Broadway market.

Also, please note the fifth item in the right hand sidebar of the first article.
Hey, Chucky Cheese! Keep your piehole shut next time, you mook. The only probable reason you made that announcement yesterday was to get in front of this bust. You and that neophyte Donovan could have blown the whole investigation with your grandstanding.
Breaking News - Sox bullpen worker sues, claims he doesn't smell right
Watch out, NY Post headline writers. Someone at the Daily News is getting ready to make a run at your title. LMAO!
I find this a fairly dumb performance, but then, I find the source to be a fairly dumb guy, so at least he's consistent.

The papers cited have a purpose, Pinch. They draw in readers who wouldn't otherwise pay attention to the main product. When more and more youths are turning to alternate sources for news, it makes sense to offer them something that can engage them. You know...an alternative.
"I think (youth papers) are condescending, I think they degrade the readership, I think they're talking down to the reader," he said. "They're saying, 'You don't (understand) what we offer ... so we're going to give you this thing that you can get.' And you know something -- bullshit. We don't want to become less than we are to reach an audience whose needs we wouldn't do a good job of meeting."
You're wrong, you condescending dolt. They're not saying anything like that. They're offering a potential customer another option. These customers don't want to waste time wading through an entire 'regular' newspaper; they're used to getting their information in a compact, digested format. But if you can get them engaged, you can entice them to give the main publication more attention. But just blowing them off because you don't want to lower yourself to reach out to them is an outrageously elitist stance to take.

Then the topic turned to Jason Blair. Pinch's explanation led to my choice of headline for this riff:
He said Blair's many fabrications and his plagiarism were allowed to go unchecked because of a history of poor newsroom management practices. He noted that when he himself was made a metro editor he suddenly took charge of 75 reporters -- without a single day of management training.
It still shows, boyo. It still shows.
The Institute of Official Cheer :: Stagworld
The Bleatster's collection of seedy pseudo-porn, circa late 50s-early 60s. You're gonna need a steel wool looffa to wash this one away, Jimbo!

And please tell me it's all under multiple locks and keys. Gnat will never recover if she comes across this stuff.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

He posted the the Village Voice story at 5:12PM. I got an e-mail from the Village Voice at 4:12PM. I read the article and posted it. I e-mailed him a heads-up at 4:47PM. Submitted it at Plastic at 4:58PM

I want my tip o' the hat, you Puppy Blending SOB! I want my Warhol moment!
There is no way on the planet this can be blown off as a product of the Republican Smear Machine:
The Village Voice: Features: When John Kerry's Courage Went M.I.A. by Sydney H. Schanberg
This is a damn nuclear bomb dropped square on Kerry's head.

Think someone tipped Nader off about this when he was mulling entering the race?
The idiot from the posting yesterday has handed in his resignation and the local cops have handed him his arrest warrant. The Smoking Gun delivers the paperwork.
Hour of the Gunmen in Haiti
Jeez, I'm shocked. The NY Times wants a multinational force consisting of soldiers from France, Canada, Latin America and the U.S. to go into Haiti before the rebels grab the reins of power in that poor, benighted country. Then an American-led effort should begin training an independent police force and judiciary....

Been there; done that. NYC even sent our current police commissioner down to supervise the cop side of the equation. The fix didn't stick and now the scene's playing out again. But we're occupied with more pressing matters right now. War on Terror and stabilizing Iraq, y'know?

Let the French take the point on this one. They incubated this mess when they pulled out of their former colony and left the place in the hands of Papa Doc and his whack-job son. Let them try to cauterize the wound themselves. Maybe they can show us how it's done. Lord knows, they think we're doing it all wrong in Iraq.

Show us how it's done, Jacques. But don't call us when you blow it. We're busy.
Oh man, Jase. Don't even try to tell us your new look is just a few pounds gone by knocking off the cheese burgers and working out. Your damn head lost four pounds all by itself! You look like the guy in your rookie card.

You look like you spent the off-season getting intimate with a crack pipe or a fix kit, boyo. Or Keith Richards introduced you to his blood doctor.
I know, it's not like it's a surprise to see these guys taking an opportunity to do a little gloating, but the following is probably going to be the funniest thing I read all day:
"...our favorite reaction was Al Sharpton's. Speaking from a deep well of personal authority, the reverend said Mr. Nader was either "an egomaniac" or "a Bush contract."
Poor Howard. Leno picks off Stuttering John, eliciting an hour-long harangue from Stern about how lame Jay is. He's right; Leno should be ripping off someone who hasn't been in a holding pattern since the mid-Nineties.

Howard, you're over. I remember when you first moved to K-Rock from WNBC. You're still doing the same shtick. Anyone older than 20 still worshipping at your feet probably kills kittens when you interview nekkid bimbos... on the radio!

Monday, February 23, 2004

Gut Rumbles: John Kerry
I'll just get out of the way now. See, this is me getting out of the way. No snarky comments. No "I told you it was coming" riff. I'll just get out of the way. There. I'm outta here.
I read the New Yorker article last week and was also unimpressed with the Moore suck-up piece. but his whack at Hannity is something I loved reading. Hannity was irritating when he was just local; when he went national the clown's ego just kept writing checks his mouth couldn't cash. He's an atrocious debater. He also likes to occasionally talk about how he played ice hockey as a youth. Punkass probably wore a visor.
And whoever the Democratic candidate ends up gets to have his ass waxed on Staten Island come Election Day. I mean, really guys, you think Molinari, (ex-Marine) & Fossella (Bush lackey) aren't gonna forget their feud for a while and deliver the borough for Bush? Or are you truly delusional?
Wine and roses time is over. You're gonna punch a clock and if you make a stink about it the public will turn on you like starving wolves in a sheep pen. We're tired of reading about city workers gouging our pockets for overtime pay. It's "degrading," according to a union honcho. What, that we don't trust you? Ever hear of "Trust, but verify"? If your crew are a bunch of honest folks, there is no problem here. But if overtime spending suddenly drops off, you're all busted.
What a maroon!
Educator admits he planted drugs,
and he had a stash in his desk he claims to have been collecting off students since 1999! If he doesn't get his walking papers immediately following his arrest on possession charges, that school district is going to have one hell of a problem enforcing any kind of "zero tolerance" rules they may have on their books.
Mike S. Adams continues to amaze me in his ongoing battle against collegiate faculties and administrators who have no qualms with crushing free speech in the name of "diversity." It's not that he's fighting the fight; it that he's staked out as his battleground the very campus and university where he works. Untenured and undeterred, he hammers the double standard that the PC apparatchicks consistently apply when the students involved aren't considered acceptable.

The Underground University is his latest volley in his fight. Read this, then read some of his previous columns. He's gotta be the most despised faculty member in the administration's, and a large hunk of his fellow educators' eyes. The guy is fearless. And with the bright public light surrounding his fight, and two Faculty Member of the Year awards under his belt, he seems kinda bullet-proof.
Then there'll come the flood. Expect to see plenty more essays like this and this getting added to the rebuttals to Kerry's insistence on making Vietnam an issue in this campaign. And in the first election where the Internet is truly a player in driving the conversation, they'll get a much wider audience than ever before. The radio talkers will pick them up and broadcast them. Warbloggers and other "right-leaning" web pundits (both real and imagined) will link to them. The more they weave their way into the conversation, the more they will weigh against Kerry in the minds of people who haven't already made a decision. And I haven't seen anything from his defenders with the ability to counter it.
...in late February when nothing is going on. They gaze deeply into their navels and deconstruct players' remarks, looking for something, anything, to fill up the old column inches. Both the New York Daily News and New York Post are openly campaigning for a feud between Jeter and A-Rod to erupt. So expect to see this kind of stuff being bandied about for awhile. They want to see a replay of Thurman and Reggie; they want Bronx Zoo II.

Jeter is too smart to play the game. Alex might be too stupid and get sucked in.

Yo, A-Rod? You try playing that game and it'll get you killed by these same scummy scribes. Everything you did in Seattle and Texas, all those gaudy numbers, mean absolutely nothing now. You had no pressure in Texas, despite all that "had to carry the team" crap. You carried them to dead last every single season you were there. For all the skills you have, "inspiration" and "leadership" are not on the list.

You have never, ever in your professional career faced the pressures Jeter has faced every single season since his rookie year. You really ought to shut your mouth. These reporters are gonna stroke your ego as hard as they can in the hope of getting you to trust them enough that you'll say something dumb. They'll take the most innocuous comment and inflate it into fighting words. Look at the Post's back page today. Even if you or D.J. don't say anything, they'll hunt down some anonymous "friend" to generate the controversy they want.
You know, if the Democrats had any actual confidence they could defeat Bush, instead of relying on the hope that they may be able to pull an eyelash win a la Bush 2000, Nader wouldn't be such a worry for them. And Nader thinking he can help the party win some votes for candidates further down the ballot by drawing in new or disaffected voters is dead-on. A lot of those Deaniacs are probably loathe to the idea of voting for Kerry; Ralph might be the only thing to get them to go to the polls.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

People likeJeff Jarvis annoy the hell outta me over Nader entering the race. OF COURSE IT'S ABOUT EGO! What rational person wants the job in the first place?

The fact that so many people are so locked into the idea that having no more than the two big parties involved is so undemocratic that I can't comprehend the viciousness that Democrats, especially those on the Left, are already beginning to rain down on Ralph. What was all that "anyone can grow up and be President" stuff I heard when I was a kid? No one ever added the caveat, "As long as you're on one of these two teams."

Back when Perot was doing his third-party schtick they loved it; when it might hurt them they hate it and want it stopped dead in its tracks. The fact is those votes are not anyone's by divine right, you gotta earn them. If Nader says things that makes someone pull the lever for him, good for him, just like if what some candidate says makes voters pull the lever for anyone but him.

Party affiliation is just a premise, not a promise. It's how the term "Reagan Democrats" got entered into the political lexicon. Get over it. I was born into a Democratic family, and pulled the trigger for Democrats regularly, sometimes mindlessly. Then I lived through the nightmare of David Dinkins. I ain't ever making that mistake again. You want my vote? You show me why you'll be better than your opponent, period. I don't care if you're running on the Screaming Psycho Party's line; convince me you're the best dog in the fight and I'm yours.
Paula Fredriksen: Gibson goofed
Goofed? Name me one, just one movie producer who wouldn't sell his or her soul and the souls of their entire cast, crew, family, etc. for all the free publicity and heat opponents of Gibson's flick have generated for nearly a year before the first paying customer laid eyes on it. Gibson supposedly laid out $50 million to make and market the movie; he'll have made that cash back by the time the sun sets on the West Coast on Wednesday, when the film finally goes public, critics be damned. In that respect, the guy's a genius.

And as for the critics who claim the film will lead to a rash of anti-semitic reaction: get real. You idiots keep banging this drum like the American public are a pack of mindless boobs who take their lead from what they see on movie screen. I think it's bunk.

Anyway, as a recovering Catholic, I seem to remember something about how God sent his only Son to die for our sins, so it doesn't matter who killed Jesus. He was Dead Man Walking the minute he showed up.
She can't do snarky well anymore, and this piece is just a petty, dumb slap for no good reason.
Not unexpected, this little bit of bitterness. The Times should have to include in any piece like this that they OWN A PIECE OF THE RED SOX. But I liked the riffs they had as Boss George's last two entries, especially Friday's.
Here's your salary cap, you freaking losers!
Grey Lady's Ombudsman Hears From His Constituents
Now let's see if he pays any attention. I'm not holding my breath.
Why wouldn't they go straight to farm system of the Elites League to recruit new drones? You get 'em when they're young and you can probably hold them until they got husbands or wives, jobs and kids and mortgages, and a clue what all the "diversity" means to their everyday lives.
If Karl Rove is half as good--and nasty--a campaign strategist as Kerry and the Democrats make him out to be, then they are going to get buried if they don't get Vietnam, and Kerry's actual record from then, off the table as fast as they can. Stunts like this letter is not a good sign that they are going to drop it. If they don't, milder versions of Misha's response to these tactics are going to be flowing like water from a broken spigot.

Wheeling Max Cleland out is just too old and crass a maneuver. He's no war hero. He blew his own ass up, you morons! If anything, his getting mangled showed a severe lack of brain power that should have prevented him from ever getting elected in the first place. Calling into question someone's record on defense is not questioning their patriotism. Cleland got his walking papers because he was carrying Big Labor's water and his constituents were revolted by it. It was a perfectly legitimate subject for Chambliss's campaign to bring up. If they didn't they would have been potzers and would have deserved to lose.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Mayor's gay marriage stance surprises former foes
And good for him. Everybody who had opposed him as some sort of right wing Visigoth who was going to destroy the city's long held reputation of progressive politics in order to fatten the coffers of his big business overlords are totally flummoxed by this little bit of civil disobedience. And according to the article, his presence at crime scenes was a cause for pause among the local chattering class. I guess the San Frannies have been too long embraced in the soft comfort of politicians who played to the audience instead of playing the game.

Let me explain. The easy one first:
The crime scene thing: Why is this a surprise? It's a crime scene; the locus of a big-time felony investigation.
The place is crawling with cops. Why any Mayor before him didn't drop in on these things once in a while is the thing I'd be more interested in hearing about.

The marriages: He is actually giving his local business overlords their first bone. Hotels just gotta be enjoying a huge boost in the reservations bookings. I figure short term stay rates have doubled from the influx of same sex couples looking to swoop into town and tie the knot. The car rental companies are probably bringing in rides from wherever they can find them to rent to all the people getting off the planes, looking to get their shot at marital bliss. Them newlyweds are gonna wanna party after getting hitched; restaurants and catering halls are cleaning up at inflated rates. And then there's the media circus he just brought into town. Those folks are adding to the hotel bookings, the restaurants, the bars, and the city itself, because all the juice it takes to power all the hardware those media whores drag with them wherever they go costs long, cool green. And in the process he shoves his opponents back on their heels.

Pretty savvy, you ask me. He's in a win-win situation here. Short term, he's earning a ton of warm feelings from people who didn't vote for him, while feeding the city's businesses the dollars they crave. Long term? Screw the long term! In the long term the whole thing ends up getting argued in the courts and it's out of his hands. If the courts say he's right, he's a hero. The courts smack him, he can point at somebody else and say, "Hey, I fought the fight! That bastard shut me down!"

As far as his conservative backers...please. Go look at the recall results. Just how many conservatives are there in the Bay Area, really. They're an endangered species in that burg.

Friday, February 20, 2004

I got up this morning and initially didn't think anymore about it. It was old news (scroll down for the beginning of the mess); there was a whole new day of things to do, places to go, yadda, yadda, yadda. But, me being me, I had to go see who else had taken a whack at me since I had walked away from the keyboards last night. So I took my coffee into the office and fired up the beasties and scrolled through the comments to the ones that had arrived after I had thrown up what I had intended to be the close of the conversation.

And, sure enough, DreamBoy had tossed another brickbat at me. The first paragraph of his reply to my final entry just left me so exasperated I decided I needed to, once and for all, just stop this train wreck. There was obviously no way to talk to the guy through the comments; he never got the basic premise of where I was coming from when I tossed the original post up. He had decided I was some form of life beneath his own, who he could impugn without any thought to the consequences. And he had, once again, committed the cardinal sin: he spoke to me in a condescending manner, as if he was some sort of fucking sage trying to teach the peasant why he was a fool.

I decided to write him directly, and walk through the mess once last time. Here's how it went:

The Kill van Kull is a major shipping lane that lies between Staten Island and New Jersey. Any heavy transport ship, like those carrying oil or shipping containers, that does not go to Brooklyn uses it to access Howland Hook or Port Elizabeth in order to off-load their cargos bound for the tri-state area and beyond. You can see pictures of it here (last two pics). It's located a short stroll from my front door.

I never do anything "pseodnymously" (sp:pseudonymously). My name is TC. It's at the bottom of every post on my blog and in Jarvis's comment thread. Type the phrase "leather penguin" (don't forget the quotation marks!) into any search engine and the top five or more results will direct you to one of my pages, which can lead even the newest newbie to my last name (Lynch), and even a mugshot. I don't hide who I am; I think that's a punk move, as is using spoof e-mail addresses. Anyone disagreeing with me can easily contact me through a variety of methods, such as comments on my blog, posts to the various message boards located in my website or on a separate server, or via e-mail.

No "threat" was ever issued. I said that if you had made the snarky comments (which I consider to be "flames," albeit you might not agree and believe that they are merely pithy derisions) in my physical presence they would have elicited from me an overt physical response. That did not constitute a "threat." It was a statement of fact.

The first paragraph of my blog posting clearly stated that I wasn't sure about the article concerning the interview, and after a cursory ("spent ten seconds") query it still seemed fishy. I searched for "WSNR" and got the link I posted. I clicked "listen" and found the Sporting News radio website, where the host and show were nowhere to be found. I clicked the "listen live" link and heard some guys talking about A-Rod while I looked up Talkline and got the link that I posted, where no mention of the host or show in question existed.

That was the entirety of my, as you put it, "crackerjack investigative reporting." The sports boys gave out a phone number for listeners, so I called. The screener had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about the host and show in question.

I wrote my riff and posted it to my blog. I e-mailed Jarvis a link to the posting because I check out Buzzmachine regularly and wanted to see if he thought I had something. It was more of a question than anything else. I didn't write that the interview or host was a con job. I wrote my riff because the bell was ringing away, because the website I found when I Googled "WSNR" was jock radio.

He slapped the extract and link up on his blog and the rest, as they say, is history. He didn't see if what I sent him played out. He just banged it onto his blog, which kind of goes to the point of my post.

My blog says, right up top, "rants and ripostes." I don't portray myself as anything more than me, and the stuff I post is nothing more than what pops into my mind at any given time based on some form of outside stimuli. The original post I tossed up is what it is: my reaction to an article that set off a bell in my head, and after a quick look at it the bell was still ringing, so I blasted away.

Anyone familiar with me, personally or through the stuff located on either my blog or on my website, has an idea where I'm coming from. Just as I gleaned an impression of you from reading a variety of the things you have posted on your blog before I sat down to write this. We probably have more in common than in opposition.

But I have one, overriding rule that governs everything: any stranger fucks with me in any way whatsoever gets fucked over hard enough to learn to never try that shit again. The link you posted proved nothing about the post I put up, and I held Rule One in check when you made the first crack, but the "Holy *&$? Have you ever even used the internet before?" That little bon mot flipped the switch.

I was using 300 baud modems and dumpster diving when you were in grade school. Before the browsers, before the dot coms, back when you had to learn how to keep your telephone bill from looking like your rent check through creative use of the network nodes you were dialing into. Throwing that shit on the table was like grabbing the tail of a dog you never met before and thinking you wouldn't get bit.

At that point the Irish in me took over. It's not like the Irish in you, boyo. You're a half breed who couldn't care less; I'm the fully loaded model who goes back to visit the places my parents were born whenever he can, who grew up on stories of family members who took part in The Rising.

You're probably a very nice guy, Eric. A regular metrosexual, from perusing the posts on your blog. I'm not. I am a hardheaded king high motherfucker. I got a rage hardwired into my DNA that'll probably get me killed but I don't fucking care once the anger is washing through the veins because man, that buzz is better than them all combined.

Don't ever fuck with someone you don't know, Eric. It's a rule I learned growing up in a NYC housing project before you ever took your first lungfulls of Indiana air.

If I wanted to threaten you, Eric, it wouldn't be by posting some text on a message board, believe me. It would be, after making the bits and bytes that make up a life dance a fucking jig, when I met you at the elevators of your job. You work in publishing at a company located directly above Penn Station. 2 Penn Plaza? It wouldn't take much to figure out. It wouldn't take much to find out anything at all.

Think next time you want to play games with strangers, Eric.

DISCLAIMER: The link to the pics in the original letter was farked; I was looking at one screen while working off another and got something wrong. Sorry 'about that Eric, old boy! And I entered a comma I missed in the original and deleted a word that had been entered twice while I was writing the sentence about the buzz. Bad Me!

Then I leashed the youngest of the household's beasts and took him for a vigorous run through of his workout while I let my blood pressure come back down. There's nothing like watching a canine's canines chomp down on a rope and refuse to yield to bring a sense of contentment that everything in the world is relatively OK. Well, that and well tended armaments.

Off to the weapons locker!
This is TC Lynch, signing off and not giving a shit what happens next!
My new favorite Canadian tosses a little political oil on the ridiculous kerfuffle that went on up north last week, started by a rubber dog, whose entire reason for being is to do exactly what he did when his handlers brought him across the border.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

I can't buy McCall being the guy. Schumer would get killed by his own party, never mind the other side. Rangel and his cronies just don't have the state-wide juice.
Armstrong Williams: Black powerbrokers vie for New York City
Get Scammed? Update
Turns out the radio station in question's website is farked up. It also turns out that by tossing that post in the direction of Jeff Jarvis I got myself raked over the coals in his comments section by one particular bastard. Yo, asshat, I said right at the git-go "I may be wrong, but..." and that all I did was a cursory search (type in WSNR, hit 'search', pick the top two hits, both come up with 620wsnr.com), OK?

Now I gotta worry about some office drone with too much time on his hands hopping a ferry looking for my ass.

Eh, whatever. The dogs are bored anyway. It'd give them something to do.
You got some nerve spouting Why Kerry should sue the Sun.
Remember what happened when you tried suing Drudge, boyo? You didn't exactly win, did you? As I remember it, you ended up covering his court and legal fees to make it all go away.
Did Yahoo!, Drudge, and a bunch of other folks get scammed?
I may be wrong, but this looks bogus. I read the article, didn't recognize the call letters or the host's name (I'm a talk radio junkie), and spent ten seconds looking them up.

WSNR is a sports radio station, the host in question isn't on their talent roster, and the show in question isn't on their schedule. I'm especially disappointed with the NY Daily News running this story as it was presented on their website. Talkline, who supposedly syndicates this radio show to WSNR, doesn't have the host's name anywhere on their website. And one guy they have listed as having a syndicated show on WSNR--which WSNR also doesn't list--supposedly airs from 10AM-12PM, which would be one hell of a shift.

See what happens when you just rip stories off the news wires, children, instead of checking the "facts" the article is throwing out there? THEY DON'T FIT THE STORY. The interview may or may not have happened. The host may or may not exist. But shoveling the story out there without verification is utterly, utterly asinine. Especially considering it seems to have originated from AFP, a French wire service.
Look at your salary requirements for this year, schmuck. If you had been able to close the deal with A-Rod, you'd be damn near what the Yankees would be paying out without his money included in their total. Acting like your trying to defend the other clubs, trying to bring 'sanity' to the spending, doesn't even fly with your local baseball scribes.

The hard cold fact is Boss George's team brings in roughly $350 million a year in tickets sales and such, and George shovels the money right back into the organization. Every time the Yankees go on a road trip, the local team sees an increase in their revenue because of George's spending the dough to bring in The Show. And none of those other teams have any problems accepting their cut of the luxury taxes the Yankees pay. They just pocket the money instead of putting it out on the field.

The Giambi deal is turning out to be a huge bust for Steinbrenner, so he went out and snagged Sheffield as insurance and to fill the right field hole. You went out and scored Schilling and Keith Foulke to solidify your pitching, while the Yankees lost three stars from their starting rotation. A-Rod was desperate to get out of Texas and you weren't willing to pull the trigger. Then Boone blew out his knee. The Yankees asked if Rodriguez would be willing to move to third. He wanted a ring. The rest is history. And Soriano, the only quality youngster on the squad, was part of the price Steinbrenner paid.

You want to scream? Scream at Selig for allowing Hicks to give the kid that insane contract in the first place. It jacked up the money George had to fork over to Jeter, Bernie and Giambi and made what it would take to get Rodriguez out of Texas within reach of only two teams. The one with the balls did it. Which won't mean a damn thing if the Yankees don't win eleven games in October.
I've said it before, the Dems better get off the National Guard crap, fast, because it can only bite them in the butt in the long run.
They can run around calling Kerry a "hero" all they want, but the fact is he spent a grand total of four months in-country, which is less time than Gore spent as a combat correspondent. Many Vietnam vets call Kerry's Purple Hearts "band-aids" because they were issued for minor, insignificant flesh wounds. The DNC likes to wheel out Max Cleland as the point man in attacking Bush, because he lost three limbs while he was in Vietnam. Well, that part is true, but portraying Cleland as suffering these horrific assualts on his body in combat is demonstrably false. And his lack of any Purple Heart proves it out, as does his own account of how it happened.
Kerry letters aided embattled contractor
Well, it's nice to know the LA Times is a member of the Republican smear machine, a subdivision of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. Welcome Aboard!

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Wired News: Webmonkey, RIP: 1996 – 2004
If you don't know Webmonkey, you are a newbie who never learned your history. It was the place to go when you wanted to learn how to do the things you saw on the cool sites back in the day.
Rings or bust for A-Rod
Reggie, being Reggie, knew exactly what all the hoopla surrounding A-Rod's arrival means; not too much.
"Judgement Day is in October around here."
They don't get eleven wins in the post-season, they failed. Period. All the numbers in the world mean nothing without them.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

The Bronx Zoo: Volume 2
I swear I can hear Thurman Munson growling and spitting wherever he is, muttering about Steinbrenner's insanity. But who cares? We're gonna score 1000 runs. Too bad we'll probably give up 600. But the notion of how nuts this is driving Beantown is worth every damn dollar.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Alex Rodriguez?
Wow. If this gets done, the boys are gonna be down right frightening when they come to the plate, just like the current pitching staff is when they take the field.
update: OK, now the NY Times got it, so I'm guessing it's a done deal, since they have the lousiest sports desk of all NY papers. So, as of now, while I'm waiting for the coffee to perk, is the potential Opening Day batting order:
1-CF: Lofton
2-SS: Jeets
3-3B: A-Rod
4-RF: Sheffield
5-1B: RhoidBoy
6-DH: Bernie
7-C: Posada
8-LF: Matsui
9-2B: whoever