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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A man and his medals
I am starting to wear out the enamel on my teeth the more this meme keeps running. It is so irrelevent, so ridiculous, so...(insert Dean Moonbat Howl here).

Look, Dubya might have scooted his butt into the National Guard looking to avoid serving in Vietnam. SO WHAT? Kerry enlisted and served, earning three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star. SO WHAT?

Everyone who thinks those medals give Kerry some sort of superiority ought to go take a look at this stuff before they decide whether or not it's such a big deal, and whether or not it's something Kerry's camp really wants to throw on the table.

The guy running the site isn't someone who can just be blown off as a Republican echo chamber resident. He does, however, seem to be a person who is truly pissed at Kerry's use of his time in Vietnam to provide himself some sort of gravitas compared to Bush. The pictures he has of Kerry before he was in-country are pretty amazing; the way Kerry seemed to immediately implement an anti-war career upon his return shows a clearly defined political agenda that remains in place to this day: he loathes the military and he'll say anything to get ahead.

And about those medals: First, he was supposed to have thrown them away. Now, he wears them as a badge of honor. Which is it, you Fake-Mick-Boston-Brahmin-Ritch-Bitch-Gigolo MonkeyBoy?


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