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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dumbasses on Display

Fatboy and Little Man: Radio Biotches

The New York Inquirer: Err America: A-Rod On The Airwaves

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Trackback Test

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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Just Playing with WordPress

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Bernie Bails

Friday, December 10, 2004

He's Looking at the Wrong Problem

Steven Malanga isn't looking at the real problem: break the stranglehold unions have on things like "Expos" being held at Javits. They drive the costs to ridiculous levels and chase people away.

Let Him Drown

Yes, NYC should be utilizing a ferry system akin to the one that is employed around Puget Sound in Seattle. It just makes bloody sense to get more people off the roads, and just pushing them onto busses doesn't make that happen. but Arthur the Admiral is a friggin' schmuck and I really hope he goes Glub-glub-glub.

Monday, March 22, 2004

LINK CHANGE ALERT: LeatherPenguin Blog

The Movable Type iteration of LeatherPenguin Blog is up, running, and pretty much laid out in a not ugly manner. It will probably go through a bunch of cosmetic changes as I get comfortable with the MT system, but for all intents, this here URL is now a ghostblog or a place I refer back to sometimes.

If you have it on a blogroll or favorites list, make the appropriate changes.

Shelly Silver Sucks

I already loathe the imperial bastard, so this kind of thing doesn't surprise me at all. And he'll get away with it, because Albany in such a corrupt town that no one will consider this to be any more than the normal way of doing things.

Richard Clarke's Legacy of Miscalculation

Since everyone is going to be getting their knickers in a twist and start using this clown's grandstanding on 60 Minutes to shill his self-serving book, it would be helpful to blunt the storm the anti-Bush crowd is going to try to create to include things like this in the debate. It's over a year old, so it cannot be written off as an attempt at 'kill the messenger' spin. The guy sounds like he was a shmuck left over from the Clinton administration who Condi Rice demoted, and now he's looking to cash in and grasping for some revenge.

Gonna Be A Long Week in LeatherPenguin Land

I gotta get off my butt and get some projects done. I have to paint the jacuzzi room, clean the basement, learn Webworks Publisher for Word, finish stripping and staining the curio Ginny bought at a flea market last summer, and finally get the Movable Type changeover under way. The LP Publishing website will be stripped and rebuilt from the ground up; all the crap that nobody looks at anyway gets yanked and the message boards get blown up, for starters. ICTUSonline goes into mothballs until I can figure out how to incorporate it into the new MT interface. Or not. Maybe I just put a bullet in its brain.

I have till Friday to pull this all off, because then I begin ten days upstate at Alexander's Inn to babysit my buddy Alex's two monster dalmations (160 pounds each...these two don't chase the firetruck, they haul it to the fire). Alex is off to Germany for a week to visit his family--especially his grandkid, who he hasn't seen in years. None of his neighbors want anything to do with the dogs, so he called me.
"Everybody around here is afraid of the boys," he says.
"I don't blame them," I says. "They hunt deer, Alex. Most guys chase critters; your guys stalk 'em and kill 'em!"
"They're my babies."
"They're mutants, Alex. I'm bringing Bootz with me."
"Good," Alex says. "The boys like Bootzie."
"So do I," I say. "When your guys realize you're not around and turn on me he'll make it a fair fight. He can keep Boris busy while Boomer is kicking my ass."
Most people spend a week in the mountains getting mellow. I'll be trying to avoid getting mauled.