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Friday, June 27, 2003

WE HATES BLOG*SPOT, PRECIOUS! Since Google's "improvements" to their new purchase are a total mess, we'll be moving the blog over to MovableType, based on our own servers, as soon as we find the time to a)figure it the configuration; b)implement and test it; c)take deep, cleansing breaths and stop contemplating heinous letter writing campaign for the gonads of the "upgrade" monkeys who screwed this whole thing up without even an e-mail of warning that they were about to be fascist bastards and screw me for using Macs by not upgrading the "Blog This!" feature before rolling out the new crap.
UPDATE: Oh, and you Pyra moneymonkeygrubbingASSHATS: if you would have tightened your ship, honed your code, and not sold your souls to some Angelic VCs, you coulda been [ACK! "a contenda!"] the bustout IPO of New Media.
(caveat: I've been a media whore longer than any of you jakeoffs have been alive, so, some mook who never lived through both the tech/economic throes of Beta/VHS, the Eighties Crazies, and watching companies that never made a dime doesn't qualify for time. Just your inbred, Stanford Circle dickbites tells you "take the moola. Morons, DFTNU* morons.)
{*Dumb From The Neck Up}

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

No less than 22 council members, including Staten Island's Michael McMahon, have sponsored Bill 386, directing the city to consider secession from New York state to form Greater New York. I'm sure the rest of the country can't wait to welcome Greater New York as its 51st State, especially since the City Council would then become a state legislature - and possibly a nursery of U.S. senators and congressmen.
I voted for this dumbass? Shoot me, now.
Yet another reason to hate New Jersey.
New York Post Online Edition: postopinion Welcome to New York: where a score of 55 gets you a Regents diploma! And if you hose the math, we toss the farker right out the window!
Oh, Grow Up! These clowns got hammered after their prom...everybody say it with me now...DUH!
Ernie the Attorney Dickie needs to get slapped!

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

DRUDGE REPORT 2003® I've been "Orange" since planes got flown up my ass! Shut the fuck up and stay your ass in FLA., or wherever else you're hiding.

UPDATE:DRUDGE IS AN OFFICIAL ASSHAT Suck up to each other, you losers.
Business 2.0 - Magazine Article - The Magazine That Launched a Decade but, in 1993, if you were a media whore with a business background, these farkers couldn't give a damn about you unless you had investment dollars. Ability to write meant nothing. You had to be a member of the Kool-Aid Team. They told you to get out of San Fran. I doubt you'll read that in this craphole whitewash. They won't talk about how they, cold and counting, sold their souls to Newhouse.
No, that would mess up the myth.
As the Apple Turns: Bringing New Meaning To The Phrase "Psychotic Episodes." Doomed, doomed, the Leather Penguin™ is doomed.
With the release of this information about the non-Motorola stagnation, totally GINCHY processor, and Quark...QUARK!...finally getting on board, there is going to be wholesale slice/dice in the LPP Universe.
First: gobble up Blue/White g3s. Current market value=$600.00...tops. (Keep yer hard drives...we gonna Firewaire!)

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Desert Double Feature Dowd never fails to redefine vacuous, inane stupidity.

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Evil. yet Dumb, Fucking Bastards money: Parris tells us that all we need to do is read a list of American congressmen to see how many are German – it reads like the “register in a Bavarian kindergarten.” Let me see, Snow, Collins, Lieberman, Kennedy, Leahy, Dodd, Chafee, Kerry, Santorum, Biden, Craig, Grahams, Edwards, Dole, Breaux, Lincoln, Boxer, Hatch, Daschle, Domenici, McCain. Odd, that doesn’t sound all that Bavarian to me.
Times Online Burninator be cranking up...
Times Online We're gonna shove an Irish Fist into this twist.
Hello, asshole? Take an account of the dead at the WTC. If you even TRY to call those boyos Nazi, you are gonna die, and i don't mean your server. We have friends in the Old English "Never Learned" Asshat Empire.

WE RUN THE EMPIRE NOW! So sit down and shut the fuck up.
Innocents Abroad Asshats Amongsus
Warren Zevon's bright twilight One of the best, ever. The Excitable Boy is maybe the best songwriter I've heard. Anyone who only knows "Werewolves of London" has missed a Master. And now, we're losing him. None of my heroes seem to want to be around for this millenium. The Ramones are gone (FUCK John). Joe Strummer is gone. Johnny Thunders is gone; Tom Petty broke his heart when he let his record company sue Johnny into the Stone Age for the name "Heartbreakers."

The Dead Boys are, well, dead boys. Costello and Jackson turned into NancyBastards™. Pete Townshend is a freakin' pedophile. Nobody has gotten around to smacking Ritchie Blackmore upside the head.

I'm so fuckin' bummed right now I swear, I may slap Kansas on the deck and ....

At least Warren flipped the bird at the guy with the scythe.

I always catch myself humming, "da-de-ya-da-da-da-dada" and muttering "the shit has hit the fan."
Usually, I'm in a mall watching credit cards melt when I'm muttering.
Neil Cavuto: The big pitch for the 'Big Get,' No big deal! Hey, has nothing to do with me being a "Lynch", but...BURN 'EM FOR EVERY DOLLAR THEY GOT GIRL!!!
TLC :: 'Fart Tax' Winds Up New Zealand Far I wrote a column about this twelve years ago.... You yahoos
ctnow.com | Mayor, Kelly See Bright Side To Terror Plot Will someone please hack his idiotic desktop displays and make the whole damn magoo walk into the room?

Friday, June 20, 2003

TV show subject regrets publicity No pity, at all. You want privacy? Tell them "turn the farkin' camera off."
WorldNetDaily: The Gore News Channel: Fairly imbalanced That's right, the 'sphere is gonna make everbody with those snazzy "street sets" on 6th Ave. become more and more irrelevent. And with streaming website technology starting to rear its head, anyone with a digicam can becom a video star.
Time to rewrite the Buggles!
Brent Bozell: CNN hits Teddy from the left This is kinda funny. I'd like to spend an evening burying Bozell in a bar game, but then I'd have to do it out of NYC, since the only reason I ever go to a bar is to: a)relax; b)have a beer or three; c) BS with whoever is there; d)work on my cancer (see "a"); make believe I'm at Cheers.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Harry Potter and the Copyright Lawyer (TechNews.com) This is a bother to my brain. I wholly believe that, if you create a "universe" and populate it, that other writers should be allowed visas to enter the realm. The only rules that should apply are the rules establshed by the Creator™. And Original Residents™ have privileged status as per how they are displayed: they cannot display any action or emotion that was not self-evident in any "original" author's portrayal.
That ain't so hard, is it?
Orrin Hatch is nuts The idea that this idea is rattling around in the skull of a Senator in his position is frightening. The notion that Media Monster can accuse someone (warning 1), insist they stop (warning 2), then fry the offending motherboard only violates...oh, at least,...the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth Amendments?
Telegraph | News | Paris court blocks book exposing corruption Isn't that special? A member of the SurrenderMonkey™ elite doesn't want to let a book castigating his fellow elites be released until after his cohorts on the bench can attempt to whitewash a scandal.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

(LILEKS) James : the Screed It's maybe the most hilarious Fisking I've ever laid eyeballs on, written by the flat-out best writer on the Web.
Lelyveld Using Farewell Tour To Retool Times Nothing changes except the agate.
The Glossies: The Birth of Frankenblair A good piece, except Junior (if you're younger than me, you are JUNIOR. Deal.) got it wrong paragraph 5:

Yeah, Blair has always been a newspaperman, from college on out, but the warped value system he—and at least one of his bosses—subscribed to has its gnarled roots in the world of glossies.
This yahoo was looking at TV every ding-dong day. Couldn't smell ink even when it stinks.

Apple - Mac OS X - QuarkXPress 6.0 Aahh, damn. Now I have no excuse for not updating the rest of the PenguinNet Macs, and having to deal with all the problems entailed in getting the scanners and printers to play nice.
Kim du Toit - Daily Rant just for the header
Gut Rumbles: piling on I know, Doctor Blogenstein says "heh" but I SAY:
hee-hee...oh, Hell! Bill the Cat Lives! higggeldy Pigggedly! Boys and Girls! Look what you can do with overbearing exclamation points!
One Hand Clapping Take the first two, put them together, and tell them FARK kills both their butts.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Hatch Takes Aim at Illegal Downloading (TechNews.com) Maybe the craziest thing I've read today, and today was a beaut!

Friday, June 13, 2003

OxBlog Don't believe the Laws of Dowd? then read this Fisking.
Hoystory.com Paul Krugman is vicious and dumb, and Hoy has him square in the cross-hairs.

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

CentreDaily.com - Your State College Everything Guide This proves, all by itself, how daft the NYT be.
They want to "
interview" these yahoos?
NYPOST.COM Sports: DID YOU EVER DOUBT MARTY? By JAY GREENBERG He dragged this team to the Stanley Cup, got kicked in the teeth at the end. Giguere had a hell of a ride, but Marty pitched three zeroes to win his third Cup. He's the best since Bernie Parent. period. Call up the Canucks at the Hall of Fame. And laugh, la lalalala at the Canadiens, who dumped him.

Monday, June 09, 2003

All Along, Most Iraqi Relics Were 'Safe and Sound' (washingtonpost.com) Can we shoot THIS prick without Brussel-boys getting their Knickers in a knot?

Friday, June 06, 2003

A Correction: Not a Crisis You just don't get it, Anna. Let me give it to you in simple. New Yorkese:
NYT/WSJ=expect facts and sober evaluation.
DailyNews/NYPost=expect slant.
The nano-second that paradigm is screwed, everything goes in the hopper.
Crain's New York Business Someone explain to me why ANY J-School pundit, least of all one from Columbia, matters in this whole stinkhole?
Those are the folks who helped drag the Grey Hag into this morass.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

And a Pinch Shall Lead Them imagine me in charge opf the Advance.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid You should book this site, period. Krugman is an asshat econoboy who obviously never worked in a trading pit, just hung out in the Ivory Tower and said "cluck, cluck."
TCS: Tech - A Liberal Trademark An extremely interesting insight into the underpinnings of liberal elitism. Via Instapundit

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Thomas Sowell: An appalling idiocy: Part III I'm a FARKin' teapot, short and squat. Here is the yokehold, here's my cock.
Rich Tucker: Mocking the majority Somebody tool this tool.