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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Analysts Question Dean's New Discussion of God
If this clown thinks anybody is gonna take him seriously as a man of "faith" he's farther over the rainbow than I thought. I mean, he left his church over what, a freakin' bicycle path.

Really now, WWJD?

And he didn't merely leave that particular congregation that caused his hissy fit and join a new parish, he dumped the entire concept of the faith!
www.AndrewSullivan.com - Daily Dish..
Yeah, it seems these NGOs, especially the UN, are the absolute worse choice to be in the forefront of getting Iraq back on its feet. They get a little bloodied up and they bug out. Which is why the coalition forces are the only ones capable of performing the task.
Bye, Bye Boomer
Oh great. Now there are NO FREAKIN' LEFTIES. At Yankee Stadium. The rotation at this time consists of Moose and a bunch of question marks. All right handers, pitching half the season with that short porch in right field calling out to batters like a siren.

Michelle Malkin: Whiners of the year
The bit about Kerry:
"You're a war hero, Senator. Wipe your nose and act like one."
Had me giggling into my coffee.
Bill Murchison: Gay marriage and the cult of non-procreation
Y'know, I was kinda blasé about the whole hoo-ha, but considering the amount of time fighting the war on Islamofascism will be taking, we're gonna need bodies to fight that war for the forseeable future. So maybe giving heteros an advantage does make some societal sense.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Misha Goes Fiskin'
entry: "Devil's Advocate"
Read and learn, Bernard Matthews
This guy Younge is entertaining.
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Dave Barry never fails.
Between Iraq and a Hard Place
Dave Barry never fails.
Indymedia/IMC Paris - The Racist Tapestry of Lord of the Rings !
An over-the-top Moonbat finds TLOTR to be Aryan Nation propaganda. The article's 'comments' take him to the cleaners.

Monday, December 29, 2003

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan
I told her of my problems in Manhattan. The landscaper looked at me, perplexed. Finally she spoke. "This is Brooklyn," she said. "You can do Mary here." And so I did, and she is out there now.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Sports - A crystal ball that sees it all
As a rule Bondy gets under my skin, but this bit won me over:
Seventh-inning stretch at World Series in the Bronx extends to record 26 minutes, with re-creation of Jessica Lynch's rescue in Iraq. Saddam Hussein is forced to dance to "Cotton Eye Joe," while crowd throws batteries.
Sayonara, Kyoto
Put a stake in its heart, chain closed the casket and sink this turkey out at sea.

Saturday, December 27, 2003

CNN.com - Source: U.S. wants to question Air France no-shows - Dec. 26, 2003
No. We want you to hand them over, pronto, then shut the fuck up. You frogs are so screwed you couldn't get yourselves out with a Mikita Cordless. The EU is imploding and you all got yourselves an international corruption/cronyism scandal that goes straight to Chirac. You are terrified of what Saddam's capture may reveal.
You are soo screwed. We send Jimmy Baker over there to tell you the facts of life, and you gotta swallow a hunk of Saddam's debt.

Just get all Gaddafi right now, and maybe we'll forgive you.

Friday, December 26, 2003

SHINY HAPPY GULAG: Osama Sighted in UK Pet Shop
Coffee-snorting funny. (Via MISHA)

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Is America sick?
Okay, lemme get this straight. Fatboy and a guy shilling a manuscript were the basis for this bullshit. From reading the short bio, this author sounds like a richshit kid, who never got his ass kicked in tenth grade.

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Lenny Bruce Pardoned
The Week's Dumbest Shit

Sunday, December 21, 2003

read Wednesday. Just found it. Still scanning.
Newsday.com: The Word 'Queer' Belongs in the Mainstream
My boy Siggy. He's right, for a guy who got fame by being a liar bastard bullshit artist. "Fag," and its variations, are the bad boys now.

ZIG? Pop a piece of T, or whatever. But stop writing drivelshit like this for freakin' asshole editors' like theirs.

If you keep this up, you'll have to shave your fucking head bald.
Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | Julie Burchill: Don't force yourself
I've been a huge fan of 'Jules' since she was breaking Punk with "The Boy...."

Now she's overweight and overpaid, so she's having tons o' fun.
The Joy of Tech!
LMFAO! This show I'd watch.
Napster Runs for President in '04
I'll admit it. I'm starting to like Frank Rich. I hated the guy back in his "Butcher of Broadway" days, and his asinine defense of Clinton when the only question left was "swallow or spit." But this piece is good, until he tries to tie the bow in a pretty knot:

Should Dr. Dean actually end up running against President Bush next year, an utterly asymmetrical battle will be joined. The Bush-Cheney machine is a centralized hierarchy reflecting its pre-digital C.E.O. ethos (and the political training of Karl Rove); it is accustomed to broadcasting to voters from on high rather than drawing most of its grass-roots power from what bubbles up from insurgents below.

Frank Rich does not know shit about the topography of the Internet. If he thinks those dweebs at Dean's CircleJerk websites represents anything threatening to the Bush campaign, he really oughta look at how they regularly get the Hell beat out of them in the blogosphere, blogville, whatever. Karl Rove is not dumb. He can count past his fingers and toes. And the "right-leaning" side of the 'net is the one generating traffic that Mad. Ave. would kill for. They are the Kings and Queens of the Hit Counting Machines.
Telegraph | News | Revealed: the real reason for Gaddafi's WMD surrender
Thee guys are such screaming idjits. The "Real" reason?
"Shit! I might be next!"

They got a great network of weasels, though.
Brent Bozell: Fast-flying F-words
The simple way to fix this is to make the on-air networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, et al) regulated broadcasters, a la the BBC.

I got around four hundred Stations and every newsfeed these pikers read available to me. Why the Hell do I need them?

Saturday, December 20, 2003

Jay Bryant: Paddlin' Madeleine
Screw what the old biddie said. "Satyriasis" is what made the coffee shoot through my nose.
Rich Tucker: Amending an Amendment
Okay. So, does this mean that I cannot post "FUCK _____" (fill in your blank) the month before election day?

No, it don't. I hereafter shall be known as the "Dirty Rotten Scoundrel Coalition" which operates as an unincorporated gaggle of like-minded geese whose soulless purpose is to see if anyone has the balls to throw me in the dock.

Just call me Soros.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Shining full plate and a good broadsword
Hippie Hunting: Always Good for Holiday Gifts!
UPDATE: What about Punks? I got a whole book on how to get my ass.
Libya to give up WMD
I guess he bought the GW clue.
Canada For Clark (Canadians For General Wesley Clark)
You raise money, you are a target.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Ananova - Men fined for whistling at women in railway station
Well, I guess I'm deader than my wife finding me out.
isntapundit : Drag Queen of the Hive Mind
CNN? Meet BBC. Go rot you both in Hell. (And Cheney rules Hades.)
The Village Voice: Features: The New Electable Howard Dean by Kareem Fahim
I used to work for these dweezels, and, yes, they ARE that out of the cluestream.

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

You are starting...no, becoming..just another toolie...
The Top Ten Conservative Idiots, No. 137 - Democratic Underground
I'm having too much fun reading this idiocitity.
I refer to number 2. Excuse me, DU "sports" mavens? I have a large chip of my shoulder blade floating around in my left shoulder cap. I can still top shelf a puck to the left or the right. I'm a goalie.
ANYBODY who is pain free can drill a golf ball.
Democratic Underground
For the sheer, mind-bogglingly dumb-ass quality, these pukes can't be beat.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Yahoo! News - Dollar Drops Again Against Euro
Go ahead, dump it. Hammer the dollar all you want. It won't matter. Don't believe me? Think about this:

Saddam was loaded down with greenbacks. That is all you need to know about the value of a euro.
The Dictatorship Falls
The Puppy Blender weighs in at a slightly less reputable blog than his.
I'm really enjoying the out-of-USA blogs more as this whole thing unfolds.
Payback time for the axis of weasels
What? You thought this was Daddy Bush? We'll show you diplomacy:

Sunday, December 14, 2003

Mike Lupica's Shooting From the Lip: Boss is making a mess
I'm just hoping this isn't the beginning of another black hole the likes of the 1982-95 variety, because it surely has that shine to it.

Saturday, December 13, 2003

CNN.com - Transcripts
How can anyone take these people seriously?
'British people to decide future of BBC'
Put a bullet in the bastard.
Allah Is In The House:
Some people just should not be allowed near Photoshop.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

ESPN.com - MLB - Pettitte bolts Yanks for $31.5M deal with Astros
It Is Official. Andy, Bless him, told Boss to take a hike. It was never about the money, which, in translation, means Steingrabber never had a clue about this guy. So now, what do they do?

Hot Stove says they throw money at that yahoo Dodger. WRONG. Excuse me, Von Psycho Owner? YOU NEED LEFT HANDED PITCHERS.

I hope Cashman, Torre, Mel and everybody not entwined in the Tampa Soprano Regime just quits or retires. George brought this disaster down on his own head. Make him live with it, all alone. NY sports writers: beat that fat idiot a new orifice.

Sports Editors: Deny Him the Back Page, NO MATTER WHAT THE IDIOT DOES

He announced hiked prices without locking up Andy. Everyone loves Moose, but he ain't Andy. He offered more money to an asshole like Sheffield than he offered Andy.

You notice how A-Rod has figured out how to get out of a long-term deal? After this fiasco, Jeter, Bernie, Jorge and Mo have to be looking at the door.
ESPN.com - Page2 - Two Yanks you must admire
I noted this back here (scroll down), but after the Pettite news, I needed some chicken soup.

Because I know the Beantown Brigade is about to fall on me. They sign A-Rod, I'm gonna be a seriously screwed/crazed dude next time up at Cooperstown.
Richard Schwartz: Our upstate friend
Anybody kicking Vito in the head is okay in my book.
MONEY: Vito Fossella is the Paris Hilton of Congress: looks good, gets some attention, but has he really done anything?

Nope. The little Fauntleroy hasn't done jack for Staten Island when it comes to the big stuff:
•Overdevelopment/infrastructure inadequacy? "Huh?"
•Homeport? Still a mess.
•Ferry Crash? Zipped lips, which actually is smart, since his old man created the patronage/cronyistic culture that predicated the inevitable, horrific catastrophe that ensued.

It all goes straight to the doorstep of Guy Molinari. When the Verrazzano opened, The Great White Guy was a real estate lawyer. He got fat on the building boom, got himself into politics, and allowed his "boys" to go hog wild at the trough. When he got bored with the SI-DC commute, he returned to the scene of his crimes and put his ditz of a daughter in his old Congressional seat. When that proved a cramp to her money hunger, he tapped Vito to fill the void. We'll be paying for Guy's dirtbag, "Goomba" Machiavellian crap for years.
A Slice of Judicial Sanity
The Smoke Nazis take one in the ear.
if Jeter says something like this, he doesn't need to say what the conversation with Andy was about. Andy was saying "so long, Jeet. I'm outta here.

I'm betting that Torre retires by the end of the year, unless he decides to really screw Steinbrenner and he waits until the day before training camp gets under way. Which is how I would play it.

The coming season looks doomed.
The Madness of King George
Pettite is gone, period. If it got to this point already, it is over, and George can't blame anyone for this debacle except the putz in his bathroom mirror. Because of his insanity, the Yankees now have NO leftie pitcher on the roster except for broken down Boomer.
Trade Center Insanity
Will somebody please give Libeskind a bus ticket and directions to the Port Authority terminal? This guy couldn't give a damn about anything relating to the reconstruction except being able to say "It's all mine!" The fact that he thinks Pataki is his rabbi shows he's clueless when it comes to New York politics, because Pataki is probably getting his butt thrown out the door in the next election, while the legal battling between the warring parties will still be dragging its ass through the courts.
Alan Reynolds: Spitzer overboard
Spitzer is just a big schmuck who is running for governor. Kicking the crap out of Wall Street plays great upstate; he knows he'll probably win the city easily, so up there is where his battle will be won or lost.
Robert Novak: Dean's urban legend
If Novak's on the mark, and the Democratic establishment is desperately pining for Hillary to step up and "save" them, then that crew is doomed. If the junior Senator from New York ends up on the Democratic ticket--in either position--then her husband's record on national defense becomes her's, and is sitting smack-dab in the middle of the table, where Bush will demolish it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

BuzzMachine: The UN Backs off
Jarvis is all over this. Oh, how I wish he did not work for the Evil Ones!
NYU: Bottom Line is Doomed
Putting classrooms in that spot is retarded. The block is a bar crawl, for pete's sake! Never mind that there's someone dealing something every fifteen feet.
Bill Madden: More than ever, Shef is recipe for disaster
Screw this whack job, Boss. He's been nothing but poison everywhere he goes until the last year of his contract. Sign Vlad G. Throw a bucket of money and a five-seven year deal at the kid and right field is taken care of for a long time. Then go find a first baseman for when (not "if") Giambi breaks down.

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

U.S. Bars Iraq Contracts for Nations That Opposed War
That's right, campers. You didn't help clear the campsite, so no weiners for you!
Time Warner nets phone deal
I am so ready for this!
The charade ends
This was always Boss George's toy. The Nets, no matter their recent success on the court, are a money sieve who can't put fannies in the seats. All the revenue from YES Network flows from the Bronx. So who needs the Swampballers?
STUNNER: Unions cost more money
Wow, who'd a thunk?
No! Really?
Politics had something to do with who won the contest? I'm shocked, SHOCKED I TELL YOU!
With friends like these...
You just know they're gonna cost you all sorts of swing voters.

Monday, December 08, 2003

EU Faces Hurdles Over Constitution
Going nowhere fast, that's the ticket! No sovereign nation in its right mind is going to cede authority for taxation, criminal and civil law, and military responsibility to a bunch of twerps in Brussels.

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Mike Lupica's Shooting From the Lip: Boss' worst nightmare
Oh, Lip, shut the hell up and let the fun, and blood, just cascade down to us fucks in the cheap seats.

It's thrilling to see George go nuts when everything playing in MSG bites the big magoo.
Herbert London: Lewis Carroll Visits the New York City School System
Try and coach hockey in this shithole system. Parents think they're automatic assistants.

Saturday, December 06, 2003

when do we get full access and felony deflection from prosecution to beat idiots like this about the brain? I recently returned to my ... (I was gonna say alma mater, but I consider the joint my crackhead crazy aunt.) collegiate experience. The security kept telling me to back off and let "The kids" have some say in the matter. The "Kids" milked me like a cow and ripped me.

I demanded satisfaction:
Q: What part of those two buildings falling down do you not get?

A: "fuck you evil republican ashho;es

Q: You're in college, right?
Who do you wanna see dead first?
Dubya? or Nader? or Choamsky? or Dean?

Who you shoot first?
Dissecting Leftism
Another reason to kick their Ass.
Klapisch: In a dollar-war
Who bets against Boss George? Herr Steinengrabber is not gonna let Boston out-dollar his ass, that's for sure.

Friday, December 05, 2003

U.N. Summit to Focus on Internet
There is no way the UN will get its hand near Internet control. No way. The Internet is an American creation, and its underpinnings are controlled by private, US corporations. Those companies are never going to let a bunch of bureucrats from Geneva tell them what they can, cannnot, or must do to make a bunch of governments that hate the idea of open information happy.

The taxation thing should be left to the individual countries to figure out. Nothing that these clowns decide will matter in the US, so, in terms of online transactions, any recommendations would be ignored out of hand.

This whole thing is about Control of Information. And a huge majority of the countries braying for UN oversight are societies where free expession is verboten.
Facts Get in the Way for NY Times
Wow. Who woulda thunk?
How the Vasquez Trade Got Done
Hilarious, if you're a Yankee fan who understands the Madness of King George.

Thursday, December 04, 2003

"I'm Jesus"
Jesse? Warhol called. He wants his 15 minutes back.
Doonesburied (Udolpho)
Holy...Yikes! Gary T. gets a bitch-slapping!
Andy Spahn, who advises David Geffen, Steven Spielberg (news) and Jeffrey Katzenberg on political affairs, said while many in Hollywood oppose Bush, these new organizations had not proven themselves yet.

These dipshits need an "adviser" on political issues?
put him on your regular list. Funny, biting...what more you want?
Rutgers' big-time athletics remain focus of much controversy
"The 'new' Big East is going to be a quiet joke in higher education really," Dowling said.
The Big East isn't in the conversation, putz.

money:"I don't root for Rutgers to lose. I'm indifferent," Seclow said. "I want to see that institution regain the course of academic superiority. There is no question you can have both [big-time athletics and fine academics]. But New Jersey can't manage both. I don't know why, and quite frankly I am suspicious of anybody who does.

"Part of it has to do with the character of New Jersey. ... There is no polarity between Rutgers [and midwestern state universities like Michigan] because there is a culture of football in the Midwest and the South that doesn't exist in New Jersey. It seems to be a place a lot of people want to flee from."

Sell that shit to St. Anthony's, or a whole slew of highy school programs in the Garden State that produce top flight--and academically ELIGIBLE--players every ding dong year.

What is it you want here? Princeton? Then raise the rent.
William F. Buckley: Is Democracy pork?
When I hear him speak, I JUST WANNA SLAP HIM IN THE MOUTH. But, then, he shuts up and writes something....
OpinionJournal - John Fund on the Trail
Let me announce it now: if the 8x1 money grab goes through, I am running for Borough President of Staten Island, NYC, USA. Yellow sheet and all.

My platform will be comfy couched around the idea that we don't have enough INS officers on this Island, so my first move will be to deputize every silly sullen asshat teenage boy and allow them to crack every wetback head they can [YEA, LYNCH], and IMMEDIATELY rake the lawn of every freaking house on their block that said wetback was gonna rake {WHAT??? DUDE, I GOTTA GO TO THE MALL].

I figure I'll draw about low-five digits in actual cash. Times 8=Pocket Money for a Month.

Hell, Daddys my age are waiting to beat their sonnyboys into the ground and scream: "You Farking Ingrate! We used to have baseball bat fights about newspaper routes!"

But the mommies at the schools got to them first.

BTW: Duke, and soccer, suck.
OpinionJournal - Featured Article
note: I loved the "whitewater" zing.
MP who broke taxi driver's arm is new party leader
You gotta love them Aussies. He did "the bare minimum" and the dude ended up with a busted wing.... What havoc would he have wrought if he was really pissed?
Democrats have built a soft-money lifeboat=The Hill.com=
That they couldn't 'Vince Foster' this guy must be galling the Clintonistas. The Toe Sucker keeps lobbing bombs at the BroadBeam junior Senator from New York, and her itinerant money-grubbing hubby, and you KNOW he's enjoying...nay, relishing the agita he's giving out.

So the Democratic Party, led by Clinton operative Harold Ickes, has catalyzed the formation of Americans Coming Together (ACT), an independent-expenditure organizations that hopes to raise and spend $94 million defeating Bush in 2004. To get it going, billionaire financier George Soros and Peter B. Lewis, chairman of Progressive Corp., each donated $10 million to the kitty.
Yeah. "The Party of the People." Well, the ones with busting-out wallets.

But this current effort is not preceded by any Republican provocation. The GOP has not established the soft-money answer to ACT (although it now inevitably will do so). This evasion of the campaign-finance law is a unilateral act by the same political party that led the fight against soft money.
Yeah. Start a money fight with the folks you keep saying have all the money. Smart. Ivy League Thinking, you got going there.

read the rest.
The 2003 Warblogger Awards
Most Annoying Right-Of-Center Blogger: Misha from The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler
Boxing Central - Iraqi Boxers Prepare to Return to Olympics
Teddy? hey, Teddy Atlas! Why don't you and what's-his-face...that dude from Stapleton that pulled a gun on Tyson, get on board this train?
The politics of contempt
Y'know, trying to beat the crap out of Reagan when he can't fight back just makes most people think the Hollywood Left is so lacking in legitimate grievances that they make shit up to get their "point" across. Which, at face value, is true. Take, for instance, all the treacle that splashed across the screen in the guise of "remembering" JFK during the week of his Getting His Head Blown Off anniversary. A lot of facts: doped to the gills; his Daddy was a major league scumbag, etc., were conveniently ignored, and the Camelot crap was burnished like a bright, shiny shield. The fact that Kennedy had more in common with Ronnie than Bubba? Nah, that don't fit the script.
Mike S. Adams: I'm just a lesbian...trapped in a man's body
Where was this guy while I was in college? LMFAO!
Giffie: "What? Shut Up and Give Me Your Money!"
This little twinkie is beyond the pale. First, he rams a bill through the City Council that gets him off the term limits hook. Now, because nobody in their right mind will cough up enough bucks for him to seriously challenge Bloomer, he wants the tax payers to do it.
Nebraska Atheists: Atheists are Discriminated Against in Seven State Constitutions!
ummm....the FED Constitution (paraphrase) "what we didn't give to the Fed, is up to the State, and if you do not like it elect somebody else."
Absence of Formal Charges Against Michael Jackson May Point to a Weakening of the Case
Yu Think? This is lining up as "get the whack/missed on the first whack" every day they don't indict.
Richards Criticizes Jagger for Knighthood
It's like Joey coming up from the grave and saying, "What the fuck! I get a corner because I'm dead? What about the Bottom Line?"
New York Daily News - Yankees - Wells has surgery, and interest is back
Fuck him. Send FatBoy back to San Diego, evenpay for his bags.

Babe Ruth spits on your mother, you ego-driven, wanna be a Hell's Angel, two balls and throw the next one in the ground fucker.
Yahoo! News - Music Industry Targets Even Computer-Less
Yeah. THIS is gonna get you good PR.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Come sit here at an Eskimo's fire!
The Daily Ablution: Monbiot: We're Running Out of Oil - Again
A nice, proper fisking, provided without the vitriol and anti-idiotarian invective usually associated without a "Guardian" takeout. This guy is going on my semi-regular check-in list, if only because he's my age and not an incredibly horrible cynic.
Republican Not Conservative
Absolutely excellent. (thank, Professor Puppy Blender)

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

9/11 love triangle has deep roots
Once again, the SI Advance comes into a local story a month late, a dollar short, and spinning like a top.

Losers. They had information about this story--by their own admission--in October. They use second hand qoutes from one of the central figures, and, from reading the words attributed to Mrs. Koening, barely spoke to her, just mostly used stuff lifted from other publications. And they never ask the obvious question of the adulterous husband:
If your marriage was such a mess, why were you building the house in Orange County?

If my marriage was on the rocks like this guy now claims his was, there is no way in hell I'm gonna invest in anything that would probably end up getting divvied by the divorce lawyers.

Finally, the adulterous fireman says that, if Johnny had died in a car wreck, he'd have immediately moved into his slot. WHAT??? JUST WAITING UNTIL JOHNNY WAS OUTTA THE PICTURE, YOU FUCKER? FIRST CHANCE YOU GOT, YOU WERE READY TO JUMP THE WIDOW'S BONES?

Ferry Crewman has had 'credibility problems'
And the great unravelling continues.
Pols vow stricter dog rules
Fine the crap out the owners; make jail time mandatory for repeat offenders, but banning entire breeds? Gimme a break. Back in the day, everyone was up in arms over Dobermans, because of a freaking movie!

Pits and Rotties are naturally aggressive, but it's the scumbag owners who turn them into four-legged shotguns. So hammer their collective asses if their dogs get out of line. Compulsory muzzles is a start. I never brought my guys to the local dog walk because of the lunatic pooches I'd see terrorizing the joint.

Now, we got a big-assed backyard, so the problem is moot, except when we go to a park or something. Then, I make sure I have something with me to "learn" any stray psycho puppy--and its owner--that gets out of line.
New York Daily News - Ideas & Opinions - Richard Schwartz: Ridge stiffs New York
This is soo wrong. If any state is in the top five target list it is New York. The shock value alone that another attack in the media capitol of the world would generate is obvious. Imagine the fallout of an incident at say, the Christmas Tree lighting at Rockerfeller Center.

This has to be corrected, immediately.

Monday, December 01, 2003

Crazed High School Principal?
He reminds me of mine when he would berate me and my friends for whatever we had done that day. Only difference? Mr. Mazza would kick this clown's ass.
More Joey Ramone
Rock and Roll King, y'know what I mean...
Liberal Radio Group Says It Is Close to Acquiring 5 Stations
Oh, please. You're just throwing money into the VRWC maw.
Who do you idjits think are selling you these loser stations?
:::Go ahead, blow some dough. Get bitched in the ratings when no one gives a damn after week one. Pull a Mario Coumo.
BTW: By your existence, aren't you gonna kill NPR?
//loser idiots
The Cavalier Daily
Watch your nouns!
I Want Jesse Money!
Anybody who thought Rev. Sweatsuit was about anything other than self-promotion deserves to lost thier cash into the sinkhole that is his ego-driven nihilism
The Post-American Party
MONEY:Democrats regard Americans like some people might regard their retarded cousin.
Hey, spoo flingers? Show me ONE clip about the other Senator who joined Hillary on this trip. JUST ONE! You know, the guy (from 'What's it called?') who played baggage handler.

She tried to play you schmucks like a fiddle, and you can't stand that Andy Card got there first. So now her camp spills this crap that she left the "perimeter" when anybody living next to gangbanger neighborhoods knows there are places you just don't go.
The E-ZPass future?
Okay, I'll give the devil his due. Hanley's last two editorials have been spot-on.
Okay? Happy? And I'm entering this via the "one hand typing" method.
(NOTE TO SELF: no more playing with power tools while thinking about something else.)
A corner named Joey Ramone
FDNY Wives Get Burned

Great way to honor John's memory, Maddy. Real classy, hooking up with a married man, from John's squad, to boot.

How did you think this wasn't gonna get splattered all over the city?