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Monday, March 31, 2003

Assyrian Christians - About Ken Joseph, Jr
PRAY for this guy, his family, the whole magilla
UK soldiers sent home from Iraq 'for refusing to fight'
the money qoute:" We have a number of enquiries from services personnel saying we want to leave now."
Strip their bars, take their weapons, and give 'em a compass.
lgf: Guardian Lies Through Its Teeth
Little Green Footballs is becoming my favorite web/warblog.

Saturday, March 29, 2003

the dude rocks. I might even break down and buy his book.
you farkers voted for the monkey, so it's all your fault
I hope Giffy gets reamed by a big buck mule.
Mean Mr. Mustard
you desperately need to read this guy. Believe me.

Friday, March 28, 2003

Bloggers’ Delight
Notice that bloggers, and hackers, seem to be members of the Vast Right Wing? At least that is what the hit counters tell.
Money qoute: "Oh, and by the way: The 3ID got their nickname in the First World War, when they stood fast as the French were running away. The more things change . . ."
Leader in Today's Funny sweepstakes, even though i hate the yenta.
America meets the ghost of the Tet offensive
Bull. Saddam is going down, and there is nothing--NOTHING--the UN or a bunch of pampered college kids and pony-tailed greybeards mucking up traffic can do about it.
When Saddam's severed head is displayed, you just watch what the Shi'ites do to those fedayeen asshats.
Telegraph | News | Fortuyn killed 'to protect Muslims'
So, now we have Left Wing assassins. I thought that was a Right Wing thing?
The New Republic Online: Know Contest
A good analysis of why the Iraqi regime continues to blather to the international press (who suck it up) about how they are resisting the "infidels."
A Role for the U.N. in Iraq's Future
Yeah, let them bury the Republican Guard.
And Now, the Good News
I can agree with most of this, except the part about "preparing" the country for casualties.
Contrary to the media's opinion, I believe most Americans understand that people--on both sides--get dead in war. That's why they don't call it "peace." Anyone who thought it would be bloodless has probably spent far too much time in behind their Nintendo controller.
Charity calls off event with Sarandon
Ms. "PeaceActivist" was gonna pocket a cool $20K for this event, which says a lot about what she considers charity.

Thursday, March 27, 2003

Yahoo! News - Dog saves dog in Australian shark attack
I want one of this dog's puppies!
BBC's own man blasts
his bosses over 'bias'
(scroll down)
See? It isn't just "right wingers" accusing the Beeb. It's their man on the scene!
More like "hilarities."
The last New York politician I had any repect for. He was smarter than the rest, knew it, and didn't give a damn what his critics said about him.
My kinda mick.
Down But Not Out
Great piece of analysis
How France Blocked U.S. In Ankara
I just jettisoned the dijon mustard.

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

DaGoddess: Wouldn't It Be Nice?
Funny of th Day Award, hands down (or up in surrender, whatever)
The NYC Asshat Olympiad
too much fun...need to take time to clean screen after blowing laughter-induced projectiles. W is reading a script I coulda written better, so I'm looking for Happy Fun stuff
The Village Voice: NY Mirror: La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto
i worked at the Village Voice as a MacWeenie for a bit of time, but ended up quitting because I just couldn't keep a straight (pun WAY intended) face dealing with the strident shitheads on one side, and the Microserfs running the IT department on the other.

But Musto is the second greatest queen I've ever seen. I agree with about twenty percent of his shit, but he always makes me laugh like hell.

Oh shit...bush at an some base just came on the boob.... Have to go wash my hands for this post.
The Little People (requires registration)

Very cool, even though I think this guy dallies high on the Dork Meter
N.O.W. Redux
How do feminists react when a woman is a P.O.W.? (requires registration)
Maureen Dowd: War Analyst
This column is ridiculous on all sorts of levels. First she tells us that Donald "the war czar" Rumsfield has suddenly found out that his plan was bogus; that he should have listened to his generals instead of "cocky theorists" and their "neo-con gurus."

As if she was privy to the planning stage of this war.

Next, she wheels out Vietnam, the Iranian revolution and the fall of the Soviets as examples of how American intelligence services are perennial dolts.

She goes on to say the administration was caught by surprise at the subterfuge the overmatched Iraqis have employed to make some unfortunate, but piddling, nicks on the American armed forces. She tosses in a Sun Tzu quote to enforce the the stupidity angle a second time, and keeps beating that dog by saying the American war planners were experiencing their own shock and awe because Iraqi citizens were realizing they weren't the target of the bombings.

Finally, she blathers that the planners miscalculated by leaving Iraqi TV on the air, allowing Saddam to use it for propaganda.

Yo, Mo. Nobody was surprised that the Iraqi citizenry could figure out that the bombs were not coming down on their heads. At least, no one who believes the average Iraqi is a lot like the average Anybody with a Working Brain. As far as leaving the TV station running, Saddam's blustering might have played out in the sticks, but the cityfolk only had to look out their windows to know he was full of shit.

I'l wager Dowdy Girl has her radio tuned to NPR, and her television locked down on the BBC.

Which, in New York City, are currently speaking with the same left wing, anti-American, British voice.

Instead of looking back and playing armchair general, her colleague Thomas Friedman offers a good piece,Scorecard for the War, outlining how we can tell if this war has achieved its goal (although his slap at Israel in #3 seems little more than a backhand slap).

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Something Suspicious Is in the Air
A WaPo columnist decides to play smartass with some National Park police.

Too bad he didn't get his ass maced. With everything going on, he decides to bust balls, knowing he is dealing with guys who are probably Orange Alert nervous and not in the mood.

The minute they ask their question, he whips out his press pass and BINGO, the situation is over. But no, he decides he is representing. After all, these cops might be racist bastards!

Hey, asshole! "..an African American" wasn't pestering other people and jotting things down in a notebook while inspecting some sort of utility device.

Just a schmuck from the Washington Post.
Al-Jazeera Site Experiences Hack Attack
Heh. Heh. Bwaaahahahaha!
ABC Sees Coalition Forces as Threat to Iraqist
If anybody every needed a good fragging in the keister, it's Koppel (see item 4)

Monday, March 24, 2003

Forget the French
Go you pompous Connecticut aristocrat!
Watching Michael Moore Dig His Own Grave
Somebody lock lardass in a room for a month of nothing but bread and water.
Anti-War Blowhards
Please shut all pie-holes!

Friday, March 21, 2003

'Human Shields,' Armed With Prayers (washingtonpost.com)
Pray for her ass to come home whole
TownHall.com: John McCaslin
The first three bits are farking hilarity.
Dear Madame: HOO-RAH to you, too!
Getting a little hardline, ain't we? You should see this
I got NO problem with turning a hunk of Iraq into a glass factory.
Truth about Bowling for Columbine
via InstaPundit
If that fat asshat wins, then Hollywood's movers and shakers have, without any doubt, announced that they don't even believe in THEIR rules, never mind common sense.
Asshat Canucks
Monrtreal fans boo US National Anthem; NY Islanders proceed to kick Canadiens' asses up and down the rink.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Yahoo! News - Powell: 30 Nations Support U.S. on Iraq Powell: 30 Nations Support U.S. on Iraq
1 hour, 55 minutes ago

Monday, March 17, 2003

The Smoking Gun: Archive
a bit of levity; she might be french
Iraq's secret allies
Note to Martin Sheen: Time's up.
Idiot Gets Squashed; Who Got Film?
in for the penny, in for the poun-ding
Brains of beer (March 17, 2003)
gotta love them Aussies!

Friday, March 14, 2003

Bend Over
MTV.com: Hans Blix: Caught Between Iraq And A Hard Place
yeah, right. Blix, said "yeah." A guy weaned on Robert's Rules....
Guardian Unlimited | 'Chirac has the moral high ground'
Read paragraph 5. It translates to "They might fark us next." Or, it begs the question, "Just 'cause they live inside your borders, that makes them French?"

He further goes on to claim Tony Blair is claiming a "payback" because Chirac caught an earlier flight to the US following 9-11.

Hey, dude? Who was in the gallery when W spoke to our nation afterward?

Finally, this dink this the euro has some sort of weight. Excuse me, conversion rates all work off the American dollar.

Weasel monkey. Nothing more.
Would you like to see the Pope....
Yo! What happened to "give unto Caeser..."?
YellowTimes.org - "Open letter to Australian Prime Minister John Howard"
This one is gonna get TMOAF (The Mother Of All Fisking) as soon as I get my Capitalist Pig responsibilities out of the way.
Until then, I'm turning it over to ">Mischa.
YellowTimes.org - "Our media, our sheltering parents"
Perhaps, Mr. Ash, you are a blithering, self-hating Jew?
Ankara's Real Friends(registration required)
Better get it right, Turkey.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

lgf: Peace Creeps Attack 9/11 Memorial
THIS is why God invented guns.
EU experts believe Microsoft in violation -sources
I am a hard core Mac Addict. The only Redmond-reared software installed on my Macs are Office (for Wintel conversion purposes), and Explorer, for web browsing. I use Appleworks and Mariner applications for basic productivity, Macromedia for web development, and Adobe for everything else.

Asking Microsoft to bust open more of their proprietary code makes some sense, in that it allows third party developers a better chance to compete. Uncoupling Media Player from the Windows operating system is too dumb by twelve to be taken seriously. It's like asking Apple to treat Quicktime like a red-headed stepchild. in my office I have machines running various flavors of both Microsoft and Apple operating systems. The one thing every machine here has in common is that they are all equipped with Quicktime, Media Player, and RealPlayer. Certain websites stream their media under one specific format. While Quicktime and Media Player can be designated as the primary media tool, it's just easier to use the native app.

Monday, March 10, 2003

UN finds Iraqi missile designed to strew chemical bomblets - smh.com.au
If we find it, it must be be propaganda. right? Isn't that the drill?

Saturday, March 08, 2003

Pyongyang: We'll put a torch to New York - smh.com.au
Yeah, right.... And like NOW i'm gonna sleep worse.
Hey, jake-offs in the musicians union, I gotta little clue to tell you:
If you do not get off your ridiculous horse you are doomed.

I got a Mac, couple of guitars, a bass, piano, a MIDI deck, and some waycool audio software.

Screw seven, I can do you droogs with two!

Friday, March 07, 2003

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

I've read this thing a couple of times since the broadcast...priceless.
Thanks to some farker@ fark.com for the reminder

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

"Under God?"
If we were not in a war with folks who believe they were operating under orders from Allah, I would applaud the 9th Cicuit ruling. The phrase in question was entered into the mix in response to "godless communism" back oin 1954. It was a crass political move then, as is the drive to strip it out is now.

However, when the bastards who blew away all those people back on 9-11-01 claim their actions are taken in the name of their God, as are the actions of homiced bombers in Israel, it seems to me that, whether anyone likes it or not, our opponents are laying down a gauntlet: "Accept our God or die." Since that is their rule of engagement, then why bother declaimng the US believes in no God? We're just as much an infidel nation either way.