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Friday, October 31, 2003

COURTTV.COM - TRIALS - Robert Blake Wife Murder Trial
how the fuck did he miss?
he is way-bitch pissed!
he's a freaking batboy! I know ten guys with a better swing that are hanging in the A ball leagues.
sorry.... hadda do it. Fuck the Mets.
Bury Rosie
She used to be my idol. Screw the gay shit. I grew up in NYC, we don't care queer here.
She is an absoute bitch. She deserves to get hammered. Oh, and that Broadway Show?

Who want to watch Brit fagboys kill themselves?
Rosie O'Donnell is a Fucked Up Bitch
She is gonna be so hammered after this shit plays out that she can only play to the Chelsea/Castro contingent.
"Queen of Nice": shoulda thought twice.
Gone, fatgirl. You are farking GONE.
LILEKS (James) The Bleat
The boy knows his dog.
Jasper! Almighty 'Lay Down in front of the Birthed' King Kahoon.
Jacob Sullum: Little kids watch TV; alert the media!
Why the hell are ANY kids under the age of 2 watching TV?
-->(looks in family closet, finds sister guilty)
'cartoons aren't TV'
Joely Agrees
Ramirez is toxic. Leave him where he is. Let him poison those morons.
Popeye to join Sweet Lou
So cool. So very cool. Those two loons running a dugout/clubhouse means nobody gets away with any attitude crap without their faces getting flayed.
Yanks have no use for a Manny apart
You poor, dumb bastards. You can't even give this jag-off away after Duquette gave him that insane salary. With the money gun the Yanks are already looking at, there is no way he comes to the Bronx unless Boston eats half the cash. Boss learned his lesson with Mondesi. He is not gonna bring another headcase into the most high tension clubhouse in all of sports.
War: What are Dems Good for? Absolutely nothing
I'm no huge fan of this guy, mostly because I think his Mommy is an absolute bitch on wheels. But he has shown he's not Mamma's Parrot, and he's a pretty decent pundit.
A Judge's Life: The Final Reckoning by Nat Hentoff
Hentoff is the premier reporter when it comes to the First Amendment, and a personal favorite. He never lets ideology cloud his judgements. that he is defending Pickering from "reckless, unfair" attacks from People Who Should Know Better says everything that needs to be said.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

TCS: Tech Central Station - Chris Muir's Day By Day
The best strip since Bloome County shut down.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Cornfield Commentary
giggle, giggle...Kruggie in da middle....
Quaint Praise (washingtonpost.com)
Any non-corpse-living-on-the-Beltway-blood gives ashit about Iowa and/or New Hampshire.


Be real, you old coot. no one gives a shit what they think.
Fuck them and fix the ski runs.
Putin? Load the Cannons
I do not like this guy, Putin, but the other choices scare me.
Roger L. Simon: From the Sports Pages of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer
12 times outta 10, I do not agree with him. Here, I do.
'We Didn't Twist the News'
Why can't those fires go storming north? What is it? God beats on the East Coast for blood, but the West Coast...for wood?
Merde in France
Asshole PunchUp Tonight
My friend's daddy owns Gleason's, so I am gonna hope that at some point the ref says, "Fuck this. Whoever makes it outta the ring with the other guy down is the winner."
THEN it'll be a betting bonanza!
Salon.com | Camille speaks!
And she's full of the academic shit she once decried.
Dean: "I'm a MetroSexual"
Good! Go to Christopher Street or the Castro and become a local crank, but get off the national stage, loser! Dukakis laughs at your ass.
Get Scared NOW! Ask me how!
HomeStar rules! And StrongBad is da baddest.
They're 'Movie Critics', right?
So go watch the freakin' flick with the proles to whom your bullshit is doled!
OK, I lied...
This was too funny to pass up.
Last Baseball Blog of the Day
Klapper is a good Yankee beat writer. As per the Free Agent list accompanying the article:

CLEMENS: Retired. No way, unless the Olympics
FLAHERTY: Solid backup; trade fodder. Safe until Spring
HEREDIA: IF offer tendered, he'll take it
NELSON: His mouth means he's in Heredia's shoes
PETTITE: Clemens: "Rewrite Yankee Record Book."
SIERRA: Can't afford to let him go
WELLS: Bye, bye, Boomer
WHITE: Should be safe, but this is the Bronx....
ESPN.com - MLB - McLain ready to move on after prison term
Join Pete Rose on the "Put Me in Cooperstown" road show.
ESPN.com - MLB - Colon rejects ChiSox deal
He purportedly says he doesn't want to play in New York. That may be true. But when George throws Zoo money on the table, we'll find out the truth about Colon's preferences.

And believe me, George is gonna go after this guy, big time. Expect every Spanish speaking member of the team to be calling Bartolo in the next few weeks.

I mean, Jon Lieber???
BostonHerald.com - Red Sox: Brass can't let the fans rule roost
The next few weeks are gonna be fun, what with all the bloodletting and finger-pointing that's gonna be going on in Da Bronx and Beantown.

THE FUNNY MONEY: It's not that fans are dumb, but by definition, they're emotionally disturbed. Rooting for a sports team is a voluntarily induced mental illness, like taking mescaline but without seeing the colors.

FUNNY MONEY II: Memo to the fans: You got your wish. Grady's gone. Your new skipper will manage the Sox according to a 150-page order written by Epstein and Bill James. He'll be a cipher. If he's a passive cipher, guys like Pedro and Manny will run roughshod over him. If he's an abrasive cipher like Bobby Valentine, there'll be knife fights in the clubhouse by Mother's Day. Either way, good luck.

LeatherPenguin votes Bobby V. That would be more entertaining than anything that goes down in the Bronx next season.
Get Fuzzy
Gratuitous Red Sox bashing. (via Bambino's Curse)
Lawyer asks city: Admit ferry blame
Admit nothing. Some of these suits are questionable (see "Scumbags", below) and admitting to anything just further opens the floodgates.
Ticketed - for playing dominoes!
I know Bloomberg wants the cops to be revenue generating machines, but fer chrissakes, geezers playing dominoes? And, according to the geezers, they blew off an undercover who tried to entrap them!

Yo, boys and girls in blue? Buy a freakin' clue!

Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Soriano shaken up by early trade talk
GOOD! Maybe if you realized you weren't the second coming of DiMag you would have stopped chasing that outside-in-the-dirt shit that got you in the WS record book.
These are the Boss George Yankees.
Pretty much ANYbody can get their ass hung out to dry.
You din't pull the 40-40. So fuck you, trade bait.
Bombers' bigwigs go with Joe
Uncle Joe has to put the screws to the Tampa Mafia, make them back the fuck down, and then keep twisting.

Joe Torre ain't Billy Martin. Boss fucks with Uncle Joe, Rudy Julie will turn on him. He'll get invitations to move to Jersey. And he'll learn the US Supreme Court doesn't have the balls to stop NYC from stripping the Yankee trademark under the rules of "eminent domain" and telling him to go back to Cleveland or Tampa and get the fuck outta town before we cut the Creatures loose..
P. Diddy Clothing Line Accused Of Using Honduran Sweatshop Labor
SO? The real story is he's got 'em stashed in a warehouse in Bed-Stuy.
Ronald Reagan revisionism
This is just the lowest anyone can go.

CBS should be crushed; every company that advertises on the network should be bombarded with protests:
"you advertise on this network--nevermind this 'biopic'--and we'll put you out of business.

It's the only way to force CBS to pull the plug on this piece of shit.
Fired? It's 'Tree & Rope' Time
Whaddya expect? My last name is LYNCH.
Glenn Reynolds: Instant punditry on culture, politics, and the law
Interesting take. Me? More interested in seeing if this Haloscan comment thing I just installed actually works.
Family sick of living on Butt Hole Road
So that's where the monty Python guys are working now...the Road Naming Committee!

Monday, October 27, 2003

Traumatize This!(699925)
Scumbag noted in listing below gets the FARK treatment (link goes to comment thingie...pile on!)
ESPN.com - Lockers empty and turmoil brews in Yankeeland
It's gonna be an interesting winter. Boss George must throw a ton of dough at Pettite's feet, and it might not be enough to keep Andy in the fold. Clemens and (likely) Stottlemyre will be gone; they were his best friends on the team. Boomer is toast. For his mental health alone, Weaver's gotta go. And the Tampa Mafia traded away the best pitching prospects during the season for nothing, really. So the rotation--the strength of the team--is dicey. Which means some free agent, like Bartolo Colon, is gonna get a fat present dropped on his doorstep.

Which means even less money to play with filling in the holes among the position players:
3B= Please. We'll love him on Old Timers Day, but Boone is finished.
2B= Send him to the outfield or send him outta town, but someone else has to cover this bag.
1B= Screwed. Giambi's left leg and contract means he ain't going nowhere. And he won't accept the everyday DH role. Which makes Nick Johnson major trade bait.
LF= Depends on Bernie. Matsui proved he could be moved to center
CF= Bernie needs to be shifted to the DH slot. Everybody knows they can run on him, and he doesn't get to the balls hit into the gaps anymore.
RF= Probably Georgie throws money at some potzer past his prime name who fails horribly. Fans petition Paulie to come out of retirement.
Downing Street 'mystified' by Bill Clinton claim
They're 'mystified' that Bubba's tossing bullshit so he can keep his profile in the public square? What rock you mooks been under?
The Scumbags Start Coming
200 million. Because she can't sleep? Get a bottle of Stoli!

Saturday, October 25, 2003

Lupica: By George, are Yanks worth it?
This is it.Win or be Losers.
If Giambi is ever going to be a great Yankee, to make a Reggie swing when everything is on the line, now is the time. Mickey Mantle was his hero? How were The Mick's knees at this time of year?
You go till you drop, all of you fuckers. Or Yogi calls you collective "pussy."
Boomer blew it. Jeter is making believe it doesn't hurt. Follow the Captain's lead.
Don't be that guy that dogs out. You die swinging.
You fuckers die on the field, or there will be a rain of DuraCells.

Friday, October 24, 2003

The Village Voice:Nat Hentoff: A Judge Who Did Justice
Hentoff is one of my heroes. he runs with his convictions, and screw anybody blocking his road. when I was majordomo at my college fishwrap, and I pissed off the Admin & SG, he pointed me straight to pro bono barristers who'd take up my flag and shove it down the PC fuckers throats.
Should She Starve to Death?
That's what this all boils down to. I've read a lot of arguments from either side. Personally, I don't give a damn. but the more I read about the 'husband' the more I feel he's running scared. he won't divorce the "veggie" but he's shacking up and knocking out babies.

is that "best interests?"
Mike Lupica: On biggest stage, Yanks pull up lame
This is gonna be the only entry involving this game.
Boomer can be blamed for one thing: not 'fessing up on Wednesday about where his back was at. If Mel and Uncle Joe knew he was that messed up, then Contreras, or Pettite on short rest, would have gotten the ball. But, Boomer being Boomer, he kept his pain to himself until it was too late. It might have cost them the Series. It certainly cost him getting re-signed. He's no longer Georgie's Boy, and the Tampa Mafia is gonna bray for his head on a pike. They never wanted him back in the first place. Nobody in the braintrust wanted him back.

Hell, my wife, Ginny, who is new to Yankee Psychosis, but has jumped into the deep end with me, realized something was seriously wrong while they showed him warming up.
Which means Mel is gone. Period. Scumbag Tampa Billy wins that war.

To me, there are two reasons the Yankees find themselves in this predicament: The DH and "can't hit for shit when it counts." Just look at the number of stranded runners the Yankees have left on base and you see the reasoning for the latter. (A third reason, which many might consider sour grapes, is the World Series should never be played on a fucking football field.)

As per the Designated Hitter: Used Car Salesman Selig and MLB have to get their heads out of their collective asses and decree, one way or the other, that both leagues must abide by the same rules. It is unfair to penalize the AL at World Series time by removing the DH when they go to an NL park. It's been part of their gameplan all season, and now it's cut out from under them.
It's also unfair to the AL that the NL team gets to throw a live bat that usually acts as a pinch hitter/platoon player into the regular lineup when they get to the AL team's park.

Finally, all the Anti-Yankee brethren should be quaking in their boots. Because Boss George is gonna go berserk this off-season. He's gonna lop off heads and make last year's payroll look like peanut money. He's gonna act like...George.
He's gonna buy anybody he needs for vindication.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Little not sure he wants to return to Boston
Yo, Gump? Here's a free clue: They're gonna hang it on you.
It's a Beantown Reality thing. They owe you 'nothing' money-wise. Nobody in his right mind will trade for your team's arrogant asshole babies. Including George. Even the Mets now consider your jagoffs cancerous. You lost control of your clubhouse long before you lost your mind.
Remember: Who didn't get the hair cut.
Epstein & Co. are gonna put the tire around your neck and burn you.
Two Yanks you must admire
Why is it than I can read ESPNboys all the ding-dong day, but, when I turn on their TV channel, my wife hides all the tossable in the room?

Whatever happened to that symmetry (sp?) crap? Other than Bobby V. all of their talking jackasses are, well, jackasses.
Gammons: Rocket's fitting finale
What happened while Rocket punched out his last batter was simply amazing. Pudge & Co. and the (suddenly) Marlin fans deserve huge props for the sendoff the best pitcher of his generation received.

Message to Pedro: You'll never see anything like this, no matter what you do. You can go 32-0 and Cooperstown voters are still gonna blow you off first time on the ballot, because you are such an amazingly freaking jagoff.
He'll only be seen in Reruns
I've been using his "Hey hey hey!" line so long I had forgotten where I got it until I saw the show on Nick-at-Nite or somewhere a few years ago. A bummer he's gone.
"Mystery" Crewman My Eye!
Vito, you gotta put whoever you are talking about in front of the NTSB--and the cameras--right now. Then you get the knuckleheads running this investigation and read them the riot act. You're the only Federal level representative for Staten Island that is gonna push this thing forward. Chucky Cheese will jump on your bandwagon. Hillary...Hillary couldn't give a damn about Staten Island.

Besides, it was your fucking father who built the closed shop/patronage mill that the Staten Island Ferry became. He's the one that hermetically sealed the joint from outside oversite and allowed the lax performance standards that caused this accident to occur. So it is your duty--no, obligation--to set the shop straight.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Niagara Falls Jumper: Life Is Worth Living Again
Asshat. 15 is up. Oh, buttmonkey: don't do it during the World Series. One more week, you woulda been sweet.
ESPN.com - Stark: Marlins in major hole
Money graf: "Might not work so hot now [coming from behind], against a team which knows if it doesn't win the World Series, its owner might deport the whole bunch of them to Afghanistan."

Hell, Boone's already doomed. There's no way he survives the winter. Sure, Old Timer's Day he'll get huge cheers for his perfectly timed swing against Beantown, but he's Dead Man Walking for his iron glove.
NYPress - MUGGER - Russ Smith - Vol. 16, Iss. 43
(refer second item)
I love that Mugger is an unapologetic (sp?) BoSox fan. The headline says everything you need to know about where his heart resides.

He's wrong about Pettite, though. There's no way Boss lets Andy get away. As far as Grady "Forrest Gump" Little, he's dead-on, but he left one other reason to can Gump's ass: He doesn't rule his clubhouse. It's the difference between Little and Torre. Uncle Joe would never allow the prima-donna antics of Ramirez, Pedro and Nomar.

Just ask Raul Mondesi.
NPR takes reporter to task for O'Reilly interview
When your own company can't defend you, you're toast. She set O'Reilly up for a skewering, after giving Franken a free pass to zing away. O'Reilly said "screw this," and walked. And she kept on going.

Look at the two transcripts. She gave O'Reilly ammo to blast away at NPR for a month, especially with the fallout that ensued. She also gave Republicans on Capitol Hill bullets to shoot when it's time for NPR to go looking for federal funds. She should have swallowed her pride (and bias) and just offered a cursory apology. Instead, she keeps fueling the fire.
==end of gun metaphors==
Jay Rosen has a good critique of this latest punch-up in the left/right media war.
Presidential Candidates Hop Aboard Corporate Jets on Campaign Trail
Hey, wait a minute. I thought the Republicans were the ones supping from the corporate teat?
They're Gonna Love This in Boston!
The Yanks have a hole in right field. Boss George only has Pettite to worry about re-signing from this year's team, so he's gonna have dough to blow filling that hole.
The Orange Wall of Silence
The captain has lawyered up and the city, for whatever unacceptable reason, is dragging its feet on investigating the matter, deferring to the feds, who are just strolling through the motions.
I told you this was going to be a mess.
more here.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

We Do Not Welcome Dialog
Hosting Matters seems to be under another assault. Anybody notice that "right wing crazies" don't just blam their opponent's hosts into submission?

Hey, DU? Wanna get treated like a Jew? If you keep it up, you'll die so bad you'll never get back on your feet.
The Unofficial Paul Krugman Web Page
No, you stupid dork. He's not "cagey," he's singing to the choir. And France (Farkinstan) blocking the EU from slamming his ass proves to joe six-pack that they do not give a damn.
John Leo: Political correctness makes Gitmo a sieve
SOULUTION: Point gun at State Dept. Cock trigger. Say "ten, nine, eight, you better hope that Allah awaits...."
Randi Weingarten's desperate last gasp
Weingarten also is annoyed that Bloomberg and Klein are finally demanding accountability from teachers. "So the cat's out of the bag," she wrote in the New York Teacher, the UFT's newspaper, "Mayor Bloomberg wants schools to operate like police precincts."
Why not? You're getting paid from the same dime.
BTW: The second editorial is one of those LMFAO kinda thingies
Dumbass Alert
If you are this braindead....
Couric Defends Elizabeth Smart Interview
Yeah, right. Throw some lucre at the parents and wheel out the psychobabble.
Mike Lupica: Torre summons a rotation that makes heads spin
Anybody not on 'roids recognizes the reality of it: Mussina, Clemens, Wells and Pettite are the next four Yankee starters. Nelson, Contreras and Mo are lurking in the bullpen. Nick Johnson--perennial trade bait--coming off a bench that has Sojo sitting there biding his time and cracking wise to keep everybody loose. Boss George looming over it all.

This crew loses the World Series only if they do a total meltdown.
McCarver now TV's Mr. October
McCarver drives me nuts because he hardly ever admits when he blows a call and he always tosses out an anecdote (sp?) that is absolutely irrelevant to what is going on in the field.

As for McNamara's version of the '86 Series: who cares? And why did it have to get funneled through the BoSox?

Gimme Joe Buck and Michael Kay in the booth, I'll watch T-Ball League.
Subpoena can't faze Jason
If there is any scandal here, it lives in the MLB offices. You just have to look at the Barry Bonds Rookie Card and compare it to this year's model. Then explain to me how weightlifting made his head get big. Neck? Sure. Skull? Don't even try to sell me that moonshine.
Challenger flies south for Series
Bullshit! The bird got famous from his Yankee Stadium pre-game performance. Come October, that flyboy should belong to us for as long as we're playing. Cecere was a money-grubbing punk-ass for booking the football game, and deserves to get things thrown at him--and him alone, Creatures--next time he shows up in the Bronx
Do Popeyes Chase Pedros in their Sleep?
this picture of Zim is priceless.
We Need Answers From These Guys
I've ridden the Ferry long enough to know a bunch of the employees, some of whom are former schoolmates. Ferry employees are broken down to two groups: the Blues and the Whites. Blues are deckhands: the grunts. Whites are "management," pilots, captains, etc.

One of the nasty little not-so-secret secrets of both groups is you do not have a chance in hell of getting hired without someone on the inside. This is gonna make the investigation into what happened nearly impossible. Eveybody's gonna cover everybody's ass. The poor bastard who tried to off himself is gonna be the fall guy, but the entire crew, from the captain down to the broom pushers, are as much to blame.

They were all on that boat, and saw the pilot was WAY off his approach. Or should have seen it if they were paying anything resembling attention. They really only have two missions on each passage: get the riders on board and leave the dock safely then reverse the procedure when they get to the other end of the ride. The rest of the time they are pretty much maintainance ghosts, tasked to observing the boat's engines, sweeping up the decks, etc.

Anybody riding the boat regularly knows the rhythm of the engines. When heading to Staten Island I can have my nose buried in a book or newspaper and know precisely when the boat is on final approach. I can look out the westward windows and be assured that the "five minute bouy" will be there because the engines begin throttling down at that point in the ride.

They all should have known something was wrong well before they ever got near that pier.
Australian Aircraft Licensed to Kill for Bush Visit (washingtonpost.com)
Well, what did you expect? We're not gonna let Dubya fly anywhere without strike fighters leading the way. Canberra, Canada, Connecticut, makes no difference. If Air Force One is in the air, there's a couple of F-Whatever-the-hell's-Availables riding alongside.
Donald Luskin on Paul Krugman & Stalking on NRO Financial
Screw the apology. Demand he meet you in a dead end alley and just settle the matter once and for all.

Monday, October 20, 2003

Just back from weekend runaway to upstate NY. Wifey absolutely refused to let me take a day trip to Cooperstown.

"There's nothing but fistfights and jail cells waiting up there."
She is wise. But that's the whole point of hitting that town this time of year.
Steinbrenner and Yankees Have Purged the 12 Losses
(it's the NY Times so "reg. req'd")
Anderson, you used to be a "contenda" but now you're just a freaking asshat.

Except for the Red Sox and Cubs, name me any team in any sport that brags about when they blew it. Your arguments stink to high heaven when you consider the corp. that cuts your checks.

Jeez, you even noted one of the really relevant stats:
To appreciate the record 39 times that the Yankees have now been there, consider that they have lost more Series than any National League franchise has won.

and then ignored the sheer audacity of such a stat.

Yeah, we've won more than anybody else. AND, We've lost more than anybody else has won. The point is, we've made the Big Game more than any other team, ever, in any sport. The only professional sports franchise that can even attempt to get in the conversation is Montreal's Canadians, and it's been a decade since anybody gave a damn about them

Love 'em or hate 'em, the Yankees are the Gold Standard of Professional Sports. And that's been true before Boss George ever showed up. So shut your pie-hole, and stop carry Pinch's water.
Boston.com/ Yankees' House in order
Been dipping into the Boston press all season, especially when it was obvious that they weren't going to reproduce their usual Fall Folderoo. Gordo strikes a great tone in the piece, which, in a deliciously twisted way, just jams more knives into the Nation's heart.
Late Final: Fact-Checking Kennedy
A fine Fisking of a Fat bastard.

Friday, October 17, 2003

Zim to Boss: I'm outta here
Pudge, you are next.
Boston.com / Sports / Baseball / Red Sox
Mike Lupica: Little gaffes make biggest difference
Bucky "Fucking" Dent, meet Aaron "Fucking" Boone.
It's the Curse of Boonebino
God Wears Pinstripes
Boss to Sox: Go back to Boston
John Henry! John Henry, come kiss my fat farking ass! I am Darth Mutha! I will eat you alive and your women will lament!

Thursday, October 16, 2003

New York Yankees : The Official Site
Boomer? Blow these fuckers away.
No dicking around. Smoke 'em. Rip the bastards a new whoo.
Leave The Boy Alone
Bartman's travails stinks of the 1990 song "Do the Bartman," sung by Nancy Cartwright (as the voice of Bart Simpson):

It wasn't long ago, just a couple of weeks,
I got in trouble, yeah, pretty deep
Homer was yellin', Mom was too,
Because I put mothballs in the beef stew

Punishment time, in the air lurks gloom,
Sitting by myself, confined to my room
When all else fails, nothin' else left to do,
I turn on the music, so I can feel the groove . . .

Everybody, if you can, do the Bartman

Someone seems to have had the same idea. An online petition (do your own google) urges the Cubbies:

By all accounts, The Fan [Bartman] is a diehard fan, one that simply got caught up in the moment--as were dozens of others--of snagging a keepsake from a NLCS game. In an attempt for the Chicago Cubs and Tribune Company to continue to exhibit the standard of class and excellent fan relations that it has in the past, in an effort to atone for the threats and insults hurled at this ordinary man that did a silly thing, and to finally put this nonsense of a "curse" behind this storied franchise once and for all . . .

We, the undersigned, request that The Fan be invited to sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" at Wrigley Field during the Seventh Inning of Game Three of the World Series on Tuesday, October 21, 2003.

Since Wrigley Field will be empty throughout the world series, that's more or less the equivalent of grounding him and sending him to bed without his milk.

Unless the Yankees win, and The Boss has a say.

You gotta know that "kid" earns season pinstripes when we blow off the BoSox. Boss George just found his 2003 Jeffery Maier

Let the nutiness begin!
OpinionJournal - Best of the Web Today
If anything else, you gotta give points for the fuuny he always provides.
Texas Court Overturns Gesture Conviction
Taking some of it back: God Maybe Exists.
Showtime Plans Jayson Blair Movie
And the majordomos of Media wonder why no one gives a shit no more about what they whore.
Spinsanity - Dude, Where's My Intellectual Honesty?
You're asking too much from the World's Famous Fat Asshat.
Terror Threat Level "Code Red" in Da Bronx
If this game gets outta hand early, either way, the NYPD is gonna have one hell of a time keeping the Stadium from going C-4 nutzo. If we start stomping them, Pedro may again go headhunting. If it's the other way around...well, let's just say that a "Bronx Battery Blizzard" has been known to rain down.

Hell, Reggie helped start it when, under a shower of small change being hurled from the stands, the asshat began picking up the coins and shoving them in his pocket and goading the crowd to send down more. So the chuckers upped the ammo.

(Note to Self: Rewrite "Purple Reign" as "Cell Phone Rain.")
Dubya, Ashcroft & Ridge, Oh My!
Will SOMEBODY clean house at the FBI?
The Ferry Crash
Details are all still sketchy right now, except for one fact: it was pilot error. No doubt about that, just what the hell happened. Gonna be burning phone to friends who work at relevant city agencies to find out what the hell happened.

Question for God, Allah, etc.: What did Staten Island do, exactly, that pissed you off so much?
LILEKS (James) The Bleat
"She was looking at Windows machines and said “I have to poop.” Well, Windows will do that to you, child.
OpinionJournal - American Conservatism
I really do not understand the conniption fits certain conservatives have about "gay marriage." It is beyond the Federal Government's jurisdiction to mandate that, say, the Catholic Church must perform the ceremony if it is requested. The First Amendment obliterates such a concept from ever being possible. However, the Feds can allow a same sex union to be recognized on a civic level.

Case in point: Two divorced, heterosexual Catholics want to get married. They go to their local parish priest and ask him to perform the ceremony. He refuses, because the Catholic Church, as part of its theological tenets, does not recognize their respective divorces as legitimate. Divorce is a secular proceeding. So, instead, they go to City Hall and the mayor performs the ceremony. Or they hop a cruise liner and have the captain to the deed.

Either way, in the eyes of the Church, the marriage is illegitimate. But, in the eyes of the State, the divorces and subsequent marriage is legitimate.

The same holds true if a same sex couple seeked out the same parish priest. He has every right to refuse the request. However, if there is something in the US Constitution that prevents a mayor or ship's captain from performing such a ceremony, then, to my mind, the feds are acting as a de facto "state" religion, which the First Amendment absolutely prohibits. And it is an odd theology the state religion follows.

By recognizing the heterosexual divorces, they usurped the Catholic Church's authority. In the Catholic ceremony, the priest says "let no man put asunder." But a judge--a man--negated the religious sacrament which the Church had performed, under the premise that the state's theology supercedes the Church's.

So, following that line, what stops the state from performing its own ceremony to bond any two people together? The state religion has established that it can, legally, bind two heterosexual people in matrimony and, over any objection of any religious denomination's theology, intercede to dissolve such a union. So, ipso facto, they should be compelled to perfom such a binding ceremony regardless of the gender of the couple requesting such a union.

"All Men are Created Equal," right?
Filip Bondy: Pedro keeps cool under pressure
Bondy, you purport to be a Bleacher Creature. If you can write an article like this, then you, putz, are no Bleacher Creature. No denizen of Section 39 could ever do such a thing. They'd quit their job before committing such a deed.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Farking Yankees
I don't have enough agita in my life?
How the Los Angeles Times Really Decided to Publish its Accounts of Women Who Said They Were Groped
Big Time Newspapers: You Are No Longer God. You cannot sway the public with obvious attack pieces. If anything, it boomerangs on your butts.
Allah Is In The House
The nuttiest, funniest take on Game 3 I've seen. This dude is totally whack-a-doodle!
Klapisch: Ex-Yanks soil these Sox
Think Goose is a little upset? LMAO!
Boston.com/ Red Sox / Brink job
These guys still don't get it. You didn't "beat" Oakland. Oakland blew the chance to push you aside because they suddenly forgot how to run the bases. They pulled at least two boneheaders in this year's ALDS series when they had the chance to put you away.

They're working on their own Curse out there in Oaktown, the Curse of the Dumbass Baserunners. If Baby Giambi slides in Game 3 of the 2001 ALDS, the Yanks woulda lost and Jeter's flip throw to the plate doesn't go down in the history books as "The Play."
John Harper: Just Mo of the same
"I just can't wait for him to start throwing the curveball," Wells said with a laugh, "because when he does that, all hell's going to break loose."

Boomer, that's the worst nightmare haunting every AL manager and hitting coach when they go to bed. Because Mo's been toying with that sucker all year, and odds are he unleashes it next season.
Mike Lupica: A year later, angels are with Wells
Hey, Lip? Hire a goddamn copy editor!

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Somebody asked me...
...if I had a theme song. Not a favorite song, but one I'd use if I had, say, a radio show or something like that. Well, after I whacked the bastard and shoved the website card down his throat, I picked this.
danieldrezner.com :: Daniel W. Drezner :: The difference between Red Sox conservatives and Cubs conservatives?
A funny piece. And, if you read what I wrote below, a better retort to the twit Brooks than I dredged up.
Martial arts expert kills two raiders
Here on Staten Island, we call this "knocking down the wrong door."
Clark Calling for Civilian Reserve Corps
Shuuurre. I can see everybody lining up (If you promise 'em a driver's license).
It's called a Hissy Fit
Notice all these union folks suddenly decided to walk the line when their SugarDaddy got his ass recalled?
Ship of Glass for Chelsea Waterfront
Babble like this is why most "art critics" drive me outta my mind. Almost to a man (or woman), these pundits bloviate away without any real-world success in the field they pontificate about. Usually, somewhere in their treatise (sp?), they drop the giveaway bomb and use a passage along the lines this schmuck shucks:

I have my own version of the "broken windows" theory of urban decline. It's called the "cheap glass" hypothesis. Both concepts deal with the power of small causes to produce big effects. The broken-windows theory, which got great play in the Giuliani administration, states that when smashed panes aren't quickly repaired, it signals neglect and decline. Neighborhoods become targets for burglars, who beget drug dealers, prostitutes, muggers, murderers.

The cheap-glass theory states that when so-called "value engineers" are hired to reduce building costs, mirror glass quickly follows. Mirror glass induces low self-esteem, depression, poor citizen morale, reduced productivity, strained personal relationships and ultimately broken windows of the soul. This is not the way to go.

Why don't you go score a contract and design something so we can test your hypothesis, putz? Oh, that's right. You're just a snarky git with a soapbox.

Oh, and in the reality of post 9-11 New York, sheathing a building in glass is just plain dumb. One half-assed car bomb wipes out the entire facing of the building on the side where the bomb was blown.
Kicking Rush
I don't know why, but I expected better from Imus. I'm sure he didn't finding Stern "hilarious" when he was blasting Imus on a daily basis while DonnyBoy was fighting his demons. And, obviously, he didn't learn shit about sympathy at Hazelton.
NY Times--Our Way: Root and Hoot
As good an explanation as you could expect from some Yuppie.
(It's the Times, kiddies, so reg. req'd)
Rich Lowry: Al Franken's lying lies
The idea of these two duking it out in a parking garage is too fun by half. I'd pay good money to see such a spectacle (and then kick the crap out of whoever was left standing). Really, have you seen either of these potzers? Two little yahoos. Hell, I'd turn my fifteen year old nephew loose on them safe in the knowledge he could probably earn at least a draw against both of them at once.

Monday, October 13, 2003


It's nuts here on S.I. Around the corner from me, a nice old house was trashed and the sign on the property says there will be 14 new units shoehorned onto the lot.

Sunday, October 12, 2003

Murdoch Junior to undergo psychometric testing for BSkyB job
ummm...I don't get it. Doesn't the little bastard just say, "Who signs your check?" and the procter says "Quite right. You pass."???
PressThink: No Man's Land in Journalism Today
no baseball. Grrr. No dead Red Sox. Grrr. Bored out of my ass. Grrr. Getting pissed off at Instapundit for no damn reason. Grrr.
Time to FARK around.
Alice Cooper decides it's time to rock
Hey! Somebody woke me up!
Keep Digging the Ditch, Bloomie
As my Daddy would say, "Do ya not get the hint, gint?"
Without Staten Island in your corner you have NO HOPE come election time. And you are a Red Sox Nation carpetbagging SOB. You jacked our property taxes, made us stand outside when we smoke our smokes.

You farking asshat. Why don't you just give me the money and I'll move and you can go shit on a golden throne while your Manhattan mother+@#%* acolytes kiss your wallet.
pedro the Punk
I see anybody so much as sucking a Sam Adams today, I'm going to jail.
I'm praying Boomer drops a bomb in Damon's ear.
I'd have voted for Arnie, too
Anything that gets the EU asshats lathered up is gravy to me!
Brent Bozell: The media get recalled
Me, this guy, and Emperor norton at a bar....
(feel free to add a setup and punchline)
Rich Tucker: Turning off PBS
I don't care what he wrote. This potzer look like someone in desperate need of a kick in the face?

/excuse me...Red Sox anger still roiling in my bones
Red Sox Say 2 Yankees Beat Fenway Worker
And will kick your mother's ass, too. You fucked with Popeye. The funniest bit in the piece was the police. They "witnessed" the attack.

They didn't "witness" the asshat baiting the bullpen? They didn't "witness" the putz getting in Nellie's face? (and considering the fact that Nelson is probably the craziest SOB on the Damn Yankee squad--except for Weaver--they didn't warn the farker off?)
Manny Ramirez Should Be Shot, Stuffed, and hung on the lockerroom wall
As long as shit like him and pedro exists on their roster, Boston is doomed.
Cooperstown, Take Note
Roger Clemens is a Yankee, period! Fuck all the other crap; he became a champion when he put on the interlocking NY. If you jackasses make a deal about what lid he wears on his plaque, you are fools.
They may go down swinging
Spin, you gutless wonder. Just spin.
Popeye got more balls than your entire team.
Put a Fork in them
These gutless bastards are done. We win one more in their house, then they come back to the Bronx with their lives on the line....

pedro and Ramirez probably won't even make the flight.
Yankees: Nelson, Garcia could face charges
Boss is gonna go berserk. Not the usual "Georgie NutCase," I mean full-tilt boogie, bouncing off the wall berserk.
Freak Show
Now it is blood. Pedro better be left at home, or else there will be a riot in the Bronx.
BTW: We just won this series.
BTW: You think Boomer ain't gonna drill some BoSox ass, first chance?

Saturday, October 11, 2003

Now It's War
An amazing game gets gummed up for one reason: asshole ego.
Did anyone explain to Pedro that, thanks to what he did, Boomer gets a free ride to drill somebody on the Boston squad on Sunday? He can put the bean right in someone's ear, and then get warned.

And, to any BoSox Nation readers...Pedro vs. Popeye. ooh, tough guys.

WE will take his head, first chance we get.
YOU should demand delivery, right now.

You guys are fucked because your stud players are assholes. This game showed it in all the ugly glory.

The Cubs laugh at you while they go to the Big Dance. You? Suck on a Baby Ruth.
Today will be a blast
Everything's been said and written. It's ShowTime!
American Digest: More Moore Spew
A nice "gotcha" on the relentlessly ridiculous Fatboy. This is another blog that's going on my RegularReading List. The posts I've read so far are uniformly well written and well thought out (even the ones I disagreed with).

Friday, October 10, 2003

Rush Limbaugh Statement on Prescription Pain Medication Stories
Okay. He admitted. As a junkie, I gotta give him props for balls eough to talk.
Can I expect the same from the Lefties? Or the Right Wing Fuckheads? No.

Mary Magdelene laughs at all of your asses.
Family Sues NFL After Daughter Injured By Drunken Fan
No, sorry. I take everything back. I hope you girlie dies strapped to a bed with cankers crawling through her bloodstream.
The guy driving did it. No one else.
Family Sues NFL After Daughter Injured By Drunken Fan
I hope they win against the actual guy, but I have a question:
"Now can you fuckers understand what "tort reform" means?"
Victor Davis Hanson
Very Smart WASP
Jews need not apply for Arabic linguist jobs
Colin, clear the building. You're a CUNY man; I'm a CUNY man.
Get outta Dodge, dude. You play the cards, maybe you're Condi's VP.
If you repent like crazy... starting...NOW.
Day By Day by Chris Muir, cartoon for: 10/10/2003
Until Opus comes back, this boy is the best. When my godhead flightless waterfowl returns, I just pray that Double B can reign himself.
Red Cross Criticizes Indefinite Detention in Guantánamo Bay
But they have nothing to say about The Israeli Red Cross being totally ignored because they're Jews.
Melee at gay school
This is too funny. Somebody, anybody, explain to me again why these kids need their own school. Because they might get bullied?

According to this account, the Milkies were the aggressors. The supposedly right-wing NY Post buried the PD's perspective at the bottom of the article. But the supposedly left-leaning Daily News threw th PC shit out the window and just said what they heard went down.

It wasn't about homo vs. hetero. It was about "don't fuck with my ride."
I usually love the Post's headlines. "HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR" is still The Greatest Headline Ever. But this one is beyond bombastic. This one is bullshit. "Me" (purportive victim) didn't say anything. She wasn't there. Some cop said that is what she said.

This side of the Missippippi, we call that "hearsay," and it don't count.
FARK Headline of the Week (680429)
takes you to the relevent comment thingie
Liberty & Power: Group Blog
(via Instapundit)
Whoo-Hoo! Watching academia get its knickers in a knot is my current third behind Yanks/Sox and Leftist Recall Denial.
One night too many in New York
I gotta wonder about this Beantown scribe. Reggie? He gives Reggie that much space? Hell, the NY sports writers barely bother talking to Reggie anymore, and this guy gives him a chance to stick a mental dagger into the Nation's psyche?

Boss is "recently obsessed" with the Red Sox? What planet you been on? The rules at Steinbrenner U. are old, and simple:
1) Win the World Series
if not,
2) Beat the Red Sox and Mets
if not
3)You are GONE!
Sgt. N.J. Todd
Wonderful (via Sully)
Mr. Chapman, Your Mother Called. She'd Like to Have Her Panties Back.
Misha kills me. He's gotta be the best pure rage Fisker out there. I'm telling you, neverget the Emperor mad at you!
WNYC is NOT a Public Radio Station
Yeah, yeah, yeah, they're hopelessy biased on all sorts of topics. But I wish people would stop calling them a public radio station. They might use that designation, but it is patently false.

From their own website:
Before January 1997, both stations were owned by the City of New York and operated by the WNYC Foundation, a not-for-profit organization established by private citizens committed to the cause of public radio. In 1995, the WNYC Foundation purchased the two WNYC radio licenses from the City of New York for $20 million and WNYC, New York Public Radio is now run as an independent, not-for-profit organization. Grants and listener contributions cover more than 60% of the operating budgets for the two radio stations.

They used to be a public radio station. but they pissed off Rudy Guiliani--their de facto boss--so much by bashing him at every opportunity and refusing to pay any heed to his demands to balance out the content, that he sold their asses off.

A "public" radio station means it's owned by the commonwealth, not by a foundation privately operated and funded by people outside the body politic.
They Can't Drive 65
Jeez, this is ridiculous. When I was in high school, my first two years were spent at a Catholic school, the last two in a public HS. When senior year arrived, I had enough credits to graduate as long as I passed English and gym (which I didn't have to attend since I was on the varsity hockey team). So I spent the entire semester stoned, and still managed 80 or better on all my Regents exams.
Schwarzenegger can use popularity to effect change
Best explaination for the California recall:
If Gray Davis were on fire, most Californians wouldn't even bother to spit on him.
Steve Wynn Gives Exclusive Interview
This sounds a lot like spinning for the insurance company's defense on the slew of impending lawsuits from traumatized audience members.

Thursday, October 09, 2003

Russian chapel razed after gay 'marriage'
It ain't just an American thing.
Albany Better Take Heed
For too long, New York's state government decisions have been made by three guys in a back room: the Governor and the majority leaders of the senate and assembly.

The senate is predominately Republican; assembly solidly Democrat. The members of both houses march in lockstep to their leader's orders. Any straying off the party farm means getting your head chopped off.

That shit has to end, now. Because New Yorkers, especially in NYC, are tired of their bullshit. And California has shown us, and the nation, what to do about it.

Throw the bastards out.
The Recall Show With Jay Leno
Her we go. A bunch of journalism professors have a problem with the way Arnold used the media. They fear it is undermining...something. Maybe the most telling statement came from a putz from Columbia:

"This seems another step in the same muddy ruin of politics that we're trekking through," said Todd Gitlin, a journalism and sociology professor at Columbia University. "It's the same part played by Oprah in the process of sanitizing and normalizing Schwarzenegger as a legitimate politician." Schwarzenegger appeared with wife Maria Shriver on "Oprah," in one of his very few televised interviews during the campaign.

And Gitlin doesn't like this development. "I object to the power they harbor in the first place, and I object to the further erosion to such line as there has been between the spectacle and the political process."

In truth, Gitlin objects to the fact that mooks like him and his ilk are steadily becoming more irrelevent every passing day. Ultimately, whether his crew want to admit it or not, elections are popularity contests, pure and simple. Voters pull the lever for the candidate they like, or the opponent of the candidate they hate. When Guiliani won his first term as mayor, it was laregely because the voters here on Staten Island hated David Dinkins. We hated that pompous bastard not because he was black--as many people charged--but because the SOB treated this borough like shit, never deigning to pay any attention to our concerns. Jeez, in four years the bugger only bothered coming here a couple of times. He fought the Navy's construction of a Homeport on the Island's derelict East Shore; refused to consider closing the Fresh Kills landfill, and basically told us to eat shit and fork over the tax dollars he spent everywhere else.

Rudy campaigned relentlessly on the Island, promising to close the dump, and promising to listen we we came to him with our concerns.

BINGO! Rudy got something along the line of 78% of the vote out here. But, at the same time, an equally large percentage of Island voters announced that we were fed up with the city's political chicanery and wanted to secede from NYC.

Rudy got the message: You don't come through with your promises, we're outta here. So he did what he promised with the dump, and came out here to town hall meetings on a regular basis. When he endorsed Bloomberg, it gave Bloomie a lot of help out here.

But that wasn't the main reason he dominated the Island vote. The main reason he whomped the competition here was HE WASN'T MARK GREEN.

Green, a Naderite "Think of me as Bobby Kennedy" Manhattan uber-liberal, was another NYC pol who never saw a tax he couldn't double and considered the outer boroughs wallets to be picked. Bloomberg, meanwhile, was promising to keep taxes where they were and bring his business acumen to the city's waste-filled budget. We pulled the lever for Bloomie by a 3-1 count.

Bloomberg turned around and raised property taxes 18.5%, and rammed the anti-smokers brigade agenda down our throats. That might fly in Manhattan, where most of the people rent and are so hopelessly liberal that they get shares in Birkenstock at birth, but these two moves alone showed the outer boroughs that Bloomberg was full of shit and shining us on to get his butt elected.

He's toast come the next election. He cannot not survive a Republican primary, which is why he's battling to have the primaries be "party-free" affairs. He figures he can throw enough dough at any opponent to win. And he's probably right.

But there are enough people (like me) looking at real estate listings in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to make the victory ring hollow if he doesn't get his ass in gear and start cutting the hell out of the city's overblown budget, which mirrors the crap that drove Arnie to Sacramento. All that is needed is a media-savvy candidate to fight him. And this city is the media capitol of the world.

Hell, I'd vote for freaking Trump at this point.
Yay, cat fight!
Remembering Edward Said(reg. reqd.)
Jeez, this is the kind of idiotarians they're growing out in Jersey?

Wednesday, October 08, 2003

The Sun Makes You Dumb!
What a pair of maroons!
Lick Me, I'm A Macintosh
I hate this guy; think he's a farking asshat most of the time, but this column...well, I've been under the influence of Steve's Reality Distortion Field since 1985.
Dream Teams
Look at the front page, you mooks. It's "The NEW YORK Times"; not the Boston fishwrap you also own.
Hey, this wouldn't have anything to do with the fact your daddy owns a stake in the Red Sox, would it?
Putzing potzers.
Boss has worn down Cashman
Hey Rocca? Whaddya want? It's Steinbrenner U!
Go get a picture of Torre on the day Boss George signed him, and compare it to what he looks like now.
Zim is the only one immune, because he doesn't give a damn about George. George can't touch him. He could fire him, sure, but he can't get under his skin, because Zim's only here for Torre.
Mumia Named Honorary Parisian
Tsk, tsk, tsk. You weasels are hopeless.
One: Who cares? It's not like any American gives a shit about Mumia, other than the usual suspects who flock to WTO events to get their asses tear-gassed
Two: What's the point? The cop-killer ain't gonna get out, period.
Civilization Calls
Well Worth Reading.
Calf. Dems: New Recall in 100 Days
Do it. I dare you. I double dare you. Do it and Bush wins your state in 2004.
Take a look at the recall electoral map, bozo. You won the Bay Area--big surprise there!--and that was pretty much it. You pull a stunt like mounting another recall and the moderate Democrat voters in your state will abandon your ass in such numbers that your party will be lucky to hold onto its domination of Congressional and Assembly districts.
Big Break Goes Bust
What a schmuck! He had to know the warrant was out there, but his overblown ego allowed him to put his tag on the shitty "piece" he did for Dean. And calling this doofus "a very well-known, respected artist" is hilarity squared.
The sheer lunacy of the immigrant's freedom ride
I don't know why the INS isn't following these "freedom riders" and shipping their asses back to wherever they came from.
Freedom of speech for awnings
This law is ridiculous, but, in a twisted way, I hope they enforce it. You see, there are two sign shops withing walking distance of my house, so there is gonna be freelance work galore for me to score.
Mike Lupica: Nothing rivals '03 Yankees-Bosox
money: "You only need one game to know," Boone said. "One game in August between the Yankees and the Red Sox is all you need to know how mad this can get. So I can only imagine what it's going to be like (tonight)."
Cop-out on Bruce
Well, Bruce, whadda you expect? You know the NYPD is livid about that song. So Espo says, "FUCK YOU!" and tells you you're on your own once the show's over.
Petty? Sure. So what? You slapped the cops; you really think they didn't notice?
The Village Voice: NY Mirror: La Dolce Musto by Michael Musto
Rosie's play is doomed. It'll fly with the Manhattan crowd, but I don't see tourists coming in from Duluth tossing a C note per seat to watch a show revolving around gay clubkids from London.
OpinionJournal - American Conservatism
The question Andy puts on the table is straightforward. I don't believe any legislation banning gay marriages can pass Constitutional muster. What is needed is a major religious denomination allowing gays to be married under its auspices. Then, no right wing assault, legislatively, stands a chance.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Baysball: a world of heartache / A's set new standard for futility, join Giants on playoff scrap heap

qoute: "This team has been one of the great stories of baseball, battling into the playoffs four straight times in spite of one of the smallest budgets in baseball. Plucky, innovative, daring, creative."

No. Losing assholes who could not finish the deal...bury the putt...pick a freakin' bromide. THAT is Charlie's Army these days.
You guys suck almost as bad as the Braves when it comes to closing the deal. They suck worse, but not by much.
LA Weekly: News: The Davis Touch
drive keep driving nails into each other's head.
An Open Letter to Paul Krugman
Okay, I'll admit it: I'm no economist. but most of Krugman's NY Times riffing has left me with the same conclusion I get when I inspect any "academic" pontificating on their "specialty." IE: They don't know squat.
I learned about economics by spending a decade or so in the trading pits of the NY Commodity Exchange, NOT the paper casinos over on Wall Street, but the place where real stuff was on the table. The place where the weather report counted more than some jack-ass "analyst" prediction was reason to immediately freak out.
(SIDEBAR: "analyst"..."anal/cyst")
Ignore the spelling...you get the point.
Krugman is a stupid bastard child of a totally berefit ideology that believes the way to make the American economy hum is to get the Congress's hands wrist deep in every possible pie. That is just nuts.
Case in point: In the late Seventies/Early Eighties a couple a yahoos from Texas tried to corner the silver market...DO YOU GET THAT? No more rings. No more bling-bling, and they were doing most of their work on margin. The market saw what they were up to and said, collectively, "You wanna play? You gotta pay." And we jacked the rates on ALL of us.

Margin requirements were tightened and the Hunt Brothers (and Bache Halsey Stuart Shields) got their asses reamed.

Unless you are Wall Whore (male/babe), you never heard of the brothers or the company that went down in flames.
but your credit card did.
Vivendi-NBC deal to create new type of media mogul
And it's a kind I like: someone who isn't worried about hitting Page Six, doesn't care if he's spotted dining at some overblown bistro, just worries about keeping the bottom line in the black. By taking over VUE, he has opportunities that the other "Big 3" networks have somewhat ignored.
As the article notes, he can use cable to test drive shows and then bring 'em over to the network side if they score. "Monk" showed the way, but it never got the real boost it needed to blow away its competition. "Queer Eye" got the push, and look what happened. Jeez, you can't avoid knowing about that show.
Salon.com | Arnold's New York Times admirer
money: "Palm trees make her stupid." LMAO!
Of course, this writer misses the same thing that a lot of pundits casually overlook when it comes to the Arnold/Clinton comparisons:
Clinton got his ass hauled into court by Paula Jones, who Bubba then paid to go away. And Bubba, while he was President of the United States, stuck his finger in the face of America and lied through his teeth about Monica, then did it again in front of a grand jury. So I don't wanna hear any crap about these women being afraid of the "power" Arnold wields; he ain't got the Secret Service at his beck and call.

Nobody has filed any charges against Arnold, and the fact that this popped up five days before the vote, well, let's just say it's more than a bit questionable. Personally, I could care less who the Governor of WhackoLand is...that state is so screwed up Jesus Christ Himself would throw up His hands and ask Daddy to bring down the brimstone.
Media Jihadis
(reg. reqd.)
An intelligent dissection.
Filip Bondy: Play baseball, not Boss' patriot's game
Oh, Bondy, shut the fark up. You don't like Boss going over the top? Then go watch your precious little soccer games and stop writing your Bleacher Creature BS, 'cause everybody in Section 39 digs all that stuff your complaining about.
We know Steinbrenner is an asshole, but he's our asshole, and without him we'd be the freakin' Muts.
The Ones We Wanted
This is what it's all about. Yankees vs. Red Sox, for all the AL marbles.
Let the beatdown begin!

Sunday, October 05, 2003

The best "Old Man Rookie of the Year."
Chicago...BoTown...EAT YANKEE DIRT.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Fla. Guardsmen Probed on Iraqi Marriages
Okay, now, how long were these guys in-country?
How Low Can the Lefties Go?
Jeez. If you gotta import your pitbulls, at least find ones that can actually back their crap up with something that resembles something more than an idiotic graduate of the Fisk School of Journalism.
Boss defends Joe after pal takes big swings at skipper
Steinbrenner, if that SOB friend of yours shows his face at the Stadium again, EVER, the Bleacher Creatures are going to go berserk, and the house security will stand aside as they storm your booth and hang both of you out the window.
Because everyone knows he's shilling for you. He wouldn't have the balls to print something like that without clearing it with you.
(via Misha I
It's Called "A Smoking Gun"
How come no one is mentioning this on ABC, CBS, NBC, etc.?
Robert Novak: The Wilsons for Gore
Keep busting her, you idiot. This whole mess is your fault.
The Miami Herald | 10/02/2003 | Gov. Bush ridicules Dean
That's too easy a target, Jeb. Aim the gun at....
Oh. They're all easy targets.
Continue firing at the target of your choice.
Brent Bozell: ESPN = P.C.
Until this country's liberal paladins are ready to speak frankly about race, and not start screaming "racist" when a white person dares to broach the subject, we're not going to go forward. Indeed, with unemployment where it stands, the outsourcing trend excalating, and illegal immigrants demanding equal footing, all that is needed is a real, full blown demigogue with media savvy to make the whole bowl explode.

Friday, October 03, 2003

Thief's Den: We need France...
This guy just made my RegularReading list.
Rush Limbaugh Was Right - By Allen Barra
Allen Barra is about as far from a right wing nutbag as you can get; I first started reading his stuff in the Village Voice.

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Man Behind the Furor (washingtonpost.com)
this guy desperately needs to lose his keys in an alley...preferably the one alongside my house.
LILEKS (James) The Bleat
One of my many reason to call call my local paper "The Retreat,";

The Staten Island Advance, a cheap git piece of shit in their perfunctory treatment of this dude. (Yeah, I said said "Dude." You gotta problem, Mullet?) is nothing but a mouthpiece of whoever is installed in Borough Hall, and a money dump for Condé Nasté (who own the fucking joint...pick up a copy of the New Yorker...look at their masthead listing...Si Newhouse should live long enough to see me sink his DADDY (not you, you East Side Fuckhole).

Lacy "Jesus Christ-on-Whipping Stick" runs the Advance's "Op-Ed" division. She's the fucking token nigger, and anyone on the planet wants to challenge that, show me the invitations she got to the Manhattan gigs that involved moneyed white people.
You were not there, bitch. Neither was Hanley. You married the wrong motherfuckers.
Dr. Thompson - The Bush League
I love hunter, but you have to remember, he's fucking nuts beyond a mortal man's ability to goony and remain sane.
And he keeps betting on the same old losers, every season, every time.
Yo, Doc. One Bet. One bullet. What the Fuck? You're already dead.
Glenn Reynolds: Instant punditry on culture, politics, and the law
Hello? Dumb fuckers working at the Staten Island Advance? Les Trautmann rolls around in his grave and spits at you fuckers.
RULE ONE: RUN LILEKS every chance you can.
RULE TWO: HIRE MY ASS, you Wagner twerps.
RULE THREE: Remember this borough ain't Bensonhurst.
Matt Welch Rules
This non-story is the best they got for the pillory?