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Friday, October 24, 2003

Mike Lupica: On biggest stage, Yanks pull up lame
This is gonna be the only entry involving this game.
Boomer can be blamed for one thing: not 'fessing up on Wednesday about where his back was at. If Mel and Uncle Joe knew he was that messed up, then Contreras, or Pettite on short rest, would have gotten the ball. But, Boomer being Boomer, he kept his pain to himself until it was too late. It might have cost them the Series. It certainly cost him getting re-signed. He's no longer Georgie's Boy, and the Tampa Mafia is gonna bray for his head on a pike. They never wanted him back in the first place. Nobody in the braintrust wanted him back.

Hell, my wife, Ginny, who is new to Yankee Psychosis, but has jumped into the deep end with me, realized something was seriously wrong while they showed him warming up.
Which means Mel is gone. Period. Scumbag Tampa Billy wins that war.

To me, there are two reasons the Yankees find themselves in this predicament: The DH and "can't hit for shit when it counts." Just look at the number of stranded runners the Yankees have left on base and you see the reasoning for the latter. (A third reason, which many might consider sour grapes, is the World Series should never be played on a fucking football field.)

As per the Designated Hitter: Used Car Salesman Selig and MLB have to get their heads out of their collective asses and decree, one way or the other, that both leagues must abide by the same rules. It is unfair to penalize the AL at World Series time by removing the DH when they go to an NL park. It's been part of their gameplan all season, and now it's cut out from under them.
It's also unfair to the AL that the NL team gets to throw a live bat that usually acts as a pinch hitter/platoon player into the regular lineup when they get to the AL team's park.

Finally, all the Anti-Yankee brethren should be quaking in their boots. Because Boss George is gonna go berserk this off-season. He's gonna lop off heads and make last year's payroll look like peanut money. He's gonna act like...George.
He's gonna buy anybody he needs for vindication.


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