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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Guardian Unlimited | Columnists | Julie Burchill: Good, bad and ugly
YOU never got jacked into a CLASH song.

UPDATE: As you might have heard, I'm leaving the Guardian next year for the Times, having finally been convinced that my evil populist philistinism has no place in a publication read by so many all-round, top-drawer plaster saints. (Well, that and the massive wad they've waved at me.)

THIS is a Rock n Roll Queen
(and i'm just a rock n roll star)

Friday, November 28, 2003

Bush Surprises Troops in Iraq (washingtonpost.com)
weasel words: President Bush's Iraq visit comes at a time his political strategists, who once thought his handling of the war on terrorism could make his reelection bid a cakewalk, now fret that the mounting casualties and chaos in Iraq could cost him the election if the public becomes convinced that he mishandled a war of choice.

Other than you, says who?
BuzzMachine Get into the Meme
God, I wish this guy didn't work for the Enemy.
Hector Batista: Hold fast on state's tough smoking ban
Ahem..cough, cough...
Yo, buttmunch? You're an 'expert' on cancer? So CURE IT, you freakin' nanny-state SOB.
Cooper for President
seriously nutxy fagin.
Democrats Temper Praise for Bush Visit With Criticism
"Those guys can do some pretty smart stuff sometimes," a senior adviser to one of the Democrats said.

Yeah, like bury your collective ass in one fell, ballsy swoop.
Top Gun meets the troops
WKRP in Cincinnati - Turkey Drop Audio
As God is my Witness...
Spahn: An Almost Unknown Immortal
He retired to Broken Arrow, Okla., leaving us seven words to summarize the sport: "Hitting is timing. Pitching is destroying timing."
You clowns have just so lost.
'Nicotine Nazis' Strike Again
But they might have just bit the wrong dog's ass.
Some Understand Covert Journey; Others Fear Bad Precedent
Tom Rosenstiel, director of the Project for Excellence in Journalism, criticized the White House correspondents who made the trip without spilling the secret. "That's just not kosher," he said. "Reporters are in the business of telling the truth. They can't decide it's okay to lie sometimes because it serves a larger truth or good cause."
And you asshats wonder why no one trusts you anymore?

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Sports of The Times: Detecting a Lineage From Spahn to Schilling
MONEY: "I said `no guts' to a kid who wound up being a war hero and one of the best pitchers anybody ever saw," Stengel said. "You can't say I don't miss 'em when I miss 'em."
Talk About the Wrong House!
Shoulda gutted the farker and posed for pics.
Blogs for Bush: The DemoKKKrats Exposed... Again

Today, let us be thankful for the web, and the blogs, and the final knife in the heart of the Big Three Media Outlets, which will never again be given free reign on presenting "news".
wandering hillbilly
somebody provice a lexicon!
Richard Cohen: Poor foolish Paris

Sometimes I wonder where the visceral contempt I feel when I see this mook's by-line originated. Then I read dreck like this and remember.
S.I. ferry captain goes down

He should be the first of many people who lose their jobs over this. The upper administration should walk the plank over their absolute refusal to make the crews comply with proper procedure...for decades.
Thanksgiving (Film) Turkeys

Let the whacking begin!
Joan Jett: Dem delegate?

Look, I loved her in the day. A friend of mine was a member of the Blackhearts. But puhleeze! She is so ten+ years ago.
Save The Bottom Line!

NYU are being absolute weasels about this. The Bottom Line is a NYC institution; they shouldn't be forced out by a college that is already rolling in dough but wants to bleed every penny they can.
Shark Blog: A Tale of Two Babies

I was going to post something about this yesterday, but was too disgusted to bother. I decided to wait a day and see how the networks played it. They totally passed on it.

I'm hoping the blogs force this out into the light.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

You Better Watch Out

Harvey, screw the "you better watch out" shit...you better farkin' wear body armor, because I, for one, am planning on throwing something at your hagFag ass.

Oh, and for the future: don't try and craft the words; just read what somebody else writes. It's all you got, you fat queen.
Yeah, He's the Anti-War Guy the Dems Can Rally Behind

Rich shit from 5th Avenue.... How's your asshats at MoveOn gonna spin this one, SkiBum?
MetroGnome is Raising Her Right
Look the bird in the eye and tell it "buh-bye!"
Why These Bastards Should Burn in Hell
They can't even admit they farked up.
Michelle Malkin: The better angels of our nature
Excuse me while I drop a couple tears in my lunchtime soup.
There Is No Bias in the Media?

Nonsense, right? Let's take a close look at this report from CNN:

Hardline elements in Beijing who are getting increasingly alarmed over Taipei's "creeping independence" -- and Washington's apparent connivance at Taiwan separatism -- have proposed "doing a Thatcher" to the Americans.

ME: Pick one, asshat: 'Taipei' or 'Taiwan'. Who said "creeping independence"? Why use the word "connivance" when the word--by itself--denotes an illegal act? Who said "doing a Thatcher"? In this first paragraph the "reporter" has already abjured himself from dispassionate reportage.

Thatcher was reportedly so taken aback that upon leaving, she slipped while going down the steps of Beijing's Great Hall of the People in front of the Chinese and international press.

ME: Who reported that her slip on the steps was caused by her reaction to whatever was said inside?

Now, these questions were posed from the first four paragraphs of this article; I'm not in the mood to Fisk the whole thing. But the tone of the subsequent scribbling shows an obvious bent. At paragragh 8, authorBoy writes:

In other words, Chen's provocative gestures the past months, including proposals for a law on plebiscites and changing the Taiwan constitution to reflect full-fledged statehood, would not have been possible if the U.S. had followed a clear-cut one-China policy.

The UN has a clear-cut one-China policy. The United States has always stood fast alongside Taiwan. And if China wants to push us like they allegedly pushed Thatcher, we would choke their economy into submission in about...oh, I don't know...eight months?

Maybe this has burred my ass for no good reason. Maybe the asshat reporting this has to filter his crap through a PRC flunkie...like the NY Times in pre-war Iraq. But if that's the case, then at least quote some real people, instead of all this blind shit.
Guardian Unlimited| America's enemy within
Next time, we cut the Cubans loose.
Wired News: Man Arrested Over 'Spam Rage'
Where do I PayPal this guy's Legal Defence Fund?
Death Boat Deckhand a Crack Head
yeah, yeah, yeah...what? I'm supposed to be surprised?
Dorothy Barnhouse: Heartless law is costing me my apartment
You knew it could happen when you signed your lease, sweetie. Now, do what damn near all you grubby bastards do: come to Staten Island!
FBI Publicly Denies Spying on Protesters
...privately states, "Yeah, we got these farkers in the crosshairs."
Pepe is Bored
It comes with being the Old School Beaters. None of the current players, except--maybe--Jeet, gives this geriatric fark the time of day.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Sen. Clinton to spend Thanksgiving with troops in Afghanistan, visit Iraq
Does she remember the last time she tried something like this? Does she remember the reaction at the MSG 9-11 concert when ahem a Clinton hit the stage?
Those Lips, Those Lies by Michael Musto
The money:
Yes, Jackson's aggressively weird, and inspiringly enough, this has united a nation in political disarray! His excesses bond us against a collective enemy—he's much more popular to attack than Iraq—while fueling our desperate desire for the charges to be true. No, we're not rooting for anyone to have been molested, but we want Jackson to be the repository of all our fears so we can agree on something, send him away, and bring on the sunshine. We couldn't get Rosie or Martha to melt—and we can't even find bin Laden or Hussein—but if Jacko would just agree to be a pedophile, we could have our kook and eat him too.
Euro zone in crisis after deficit deal
Oh how I love when I'm right. Below I said the EU was imploding, and then I catch sight of this beauty. Their two biggest economies can't meet the requirements they demand of all their member countries for a third year running...rules the Germans designed!

Ahh, the deliciousness! The two biggest profligates demand the other countries to toe the line, but they be given a free pass. Which means that the countries that conformed have just been given a free pass to thumb their noses at any rule they feel screws them.

Yeah, you EU guys are a big threat to US economic dominance. Excuse me while I go watch the currency markets beat themselves a pound of flesh out of the euro's ass.
"It was like somebody threw a firecracker on the table," one official with knowledge of the meetings said.
In other words, Danny, you wrote your lead based on third hand hearsay from some buddy of yours who probably runs the food table in the Yankee Stadium clubhouse. Epstein said--last week--he was going to go after Schilling. Not so big a shock considering they're hiring his friend and former manager.

Also, were you at the Giants-Buccaneers game last night? (LeatherPenguin calls Advance sports desk, asks for Graziano; hangs up when Danny picks up phone) Didn't think so; why would they blow the money on a baseball beat writer?
You scammed it from someone else's article and printed it as your own.
Plagiarizing asshat, you are!
Kyoto & Europe
Go ahead, you maroons, install your own Kyoto-styled protocols on your stagnant, staggering economies. Watch your energy costs rise while your productivity tanks. Keep calling Americans fat fools; we'll keep shunning your products while your population slowly totters into nursing homes to die. Whether you like it or not, nothing you can do--especially the EU which is on the verge of imploding--can restrain the American juggernaut.
Ex-prober: Ferry safety lax
NO! Ya think? The place has been a pit for well over the last decade, and all the Island's elected officials knew it. They didn't do anything because their existence was predicated on the same unions feeding their campign coffers.

The worse ignorance of the mess down at the docks was from our local fishwrap. The S.I. Advance should have been all over this story, but they, too, turned a blind eye to the whole affair. Fer chrissake, one of the damn boats was named after their freakin' founder! If anyone had a vested interest in making sure the ship bearing Pappa Si Newhouse's name wasn't a potential charnal house of the sea it was the bastards on Fingerboard Road.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

CNN Discovers the Gutter
This is so wrong, beyond the Cory crap.... Yes, Jacko is a whacko, but for all the bitching about FOX being biased, how many major news nets have already poisoned the jury pool in this shitride?
One Book, Two Very Different Covers
Krugman, you are so farking screwed. Do you realize that your inane reaction ("undignified") will feed Luskin's Legions for like, at least the reast of the year? You're gonna have to burn the stuff printed, burn the publisher, burn your agent in the UK. Hell, boy, you're gonna have to go California and suck Arnold's schlong!!!

Friday, November 21, 2003

More MOABy Goodness
I wanna see the video!
Pistols Get Screwed Again
The three most important punk bands were the Ramones, the Clash and the Sex Pistols. How the Pistols are denied while Jackson Browne, Bob Seger and Prince get the nod is beyond my comprehension. Sure, they are all excellent performers, but when someone says "Punk Rock" just about everyone's visual image is Johnny and Sid sneering and spitting back at them.

The Pistols were the ones who put punk on the map. "God Save the Queen" and "Anarchy in the U.K." are classics; "Never Mind the Bollocks" an all time Top Ten album. Denying them their due is just bloody stupid.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

CUNY wants more money
No. Screw you. Cut the fat off your ass and then maybe, MAYBE, we can talk. You're so screwed that a MOAB is probably the only way to fix you.

You send "teachers" into the school system who cannot spell. FUCK YOU!
The Onion A.V. Club | Berkeley Breathed
WooHoo. Now beat all those maroons.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

The Volokh Conspiracy
Machine Racism! OOH! Ain't that gnarly?
BBC Reporters' log: Bush in Britain
Pretty much shows that all the sturm n drang (sp--who cares?) about legions of protesters amounted to hyperbole. The menu at Buck House reads to have been pretty boring. Yo, W! Bring that Windsor girl to Crawford and show her an old school barbecue!

My favorite bit was this one, by some bloke named Tim Donovan:
But he said it was incredibly important for those of us who believe the way forward is peace, to hold events such as this as a counterpoint to the official events. He also said the war in Iraq had been devastating for the insecurity it brings. (emphasis mine)
What's up with THAT, dude? "of us"? I mean, you're a BBC reporterdroid...I thought you guys were all objective and all.
Red Sox take aim at Andy
This is just Epstein playing mind games with George. The BoSox wouldn't pay the dough Pett's gonna cost, and there is No Way Andy would sign with Boston...he's got too much pinstripe in his bloodstream.
Stupid White Moore
Fatboy's book get reamed.
Colorado Studying Eliminating 12th Grade
If this isn't the dumbest thing I read about today, I will be shocked. It reeks of "teacher's union scam." instead of dealing with 17-18 year old kids who are at the point where they are ready to take the world by storm and are ready to question everything, ship them out! Replace them with drooling little tykes who are much easier to deal with!

Nuts. Just plain nuts. When I hit college, I found most of my fellow students were clueless, and the teachers all thought the same thing. The first paper I handed in to my English 101 teacher had a note scrawled under the "A" at the top of the page: "See me." I walked up to the desk and asked him what was the problem. "Look," he said. "You're getting an "A" for the class, but don't just go through the motions. These other assholes bore the crap out of me. You should read some of the shit they handed in."
Terrorists with Tofu breath
Actually a rather bland rehash of the environmental storm trooper movement, but i couldn't resist the title.

Saturday, November 15, 2003

Superserious Godhead
My Best Friends on the Planet (even though they never pay their bets).

This song is mine. "Working" is an all-timer. "Bobby" makes you laugh.

Friday, November 14, 2003

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Still crazy about JFK
This is just some of the most puerile (sp?) dumb-ass shit ever.

President Kennedy has had an influence from the grave that he could never have achieved in the Oval Office. Most topically, his death led to the paranoid cosseting of presidents that results in the current one coming to London next week with his own mobile operating theatre and a battalion of bodyguards.

We wanted to send the 101st, but they're kinda busy at the moment.
France, feeling threatened, seeks union with Germany
Frogs, feeling neutered, asks help from former rapist.
Mike Lupica: Poor teams leave us cold
The Dolan Losers should all be shot.
Karen Hunter: Issue of race still stains America
You are still a little hip-hop loser, K. No thoughts, no insights, no clue.
Hey Rosie! You're 2 for 2
Your lawsuit sank and your play sucks!
The Dartmouth Online
too much fun.... must go to bed

Thursday, November 13, 2003

How to be a Crack Whore
Jeezus, Boss. whaddthefuck?
My Wife Kicks Your ASS!

---slides into a corner to cry about pathetic girlie men
Greek Jewish leaders denounce remarks by "Zorba" composer Theodorakis
No Americans at your Games, you asshats. just keep digging the ditch.
Watch the NY Post go Totally English
Hey you! Be dickheads, fuck off! Dee rates on the same scale with the local, big-time cover-band assholes. And his drummer is someone I call friend (fuck yourself, tony. OH I should say AJ...blow me you dumb guido asshat). So back off and don't be a raging asshole.
Custodians SUCK
It's refreshing to see the first person shooting comes from New Dorp.

This is my High. Even though they have gone to hell in a handbag. And I'm not talking about this article. They added the tag "Cougers" to the name of the house team, for what reason, God don't know. There has not been a cougar on SI since...ever?

They hire absolute idiots--but friends of friends--to teach the knackers. Which means no one learns anything. Alumni steer clear of the joint.

They deserve to burn.

I remember the day when we had a dust-up in the handball courts and the farking Moonbats™ all called it a race riot. Camera crews came a-storming. Useless bastards. John Johnson from Channel 7 climbed out of his van and asked me and a friend to go on camera. I looked at him and laughed, while my friend Manny kept pulling on my sleeve.

"We gotta go, Red. We gotta go."

"Fuck off. I'll be on TV."

"FUCK TV! Bobbie's getting beat and Danny's going gun!"

(another friend, Bobby Barile, had started the whole damn mess because he wouldn't give up the paddleball court without a bet on the floor. That was the ignition. Everything else was just pent-up bullshit.)

"Danny just went WAR! Fuck this TV guy!"

I tried to steal John Johnson's camera and Manny hit a member of the poor fool's crew across the head with a rock, and we went and dived into the brawl.

Next day, Advance Assholes called it a "Race Riot."

It was a punch-out over a paddleball bet. That's all.

We all laughed. Manny, "Yo, Spic," asked if one of us white crackers could give him a hood.
"You, Rojo," he said to me. "Your fucking name means rope. Let's hang us a guido motherfucker."
Here Comes the WhiteWash
Hey, you fuck. Ask the dog. The dog knows. Find out who got bit.

==/sorry for the inside joke
LA Weekly: Features: Uncensored Gore
Does anyone remember why this clown ever mattered? I mean, jeez, who really gives a shit what he thinks?
Judge: No Winner in Rosie O'Donnell Case
now go home and suck on your favorite lolly.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Screw Ratner and Pinch
These bastrds got all the rope they needed and now they deserve to hang. Read the damn contract, whiteshoes:

While everyone wants the building to go up, the stakes are all on Mr. Ratner’s side. Written into the agreement between Mr. Ratner and the city was a stipulation that Mr. Ratner had to begin construction in 2004; failure to obtain the financing for it kills the deal. That means the state gets its development lot, and the $85.6 million condemnation fees, whether Mr. Ratner builds there or not.

"We understood that the tenant market might be weak, and we had the developer assume an absolute obligation to pay all condemnation costs," said a source at the ESDC. "The Times is either helping this great building go up, or they’re paving the way for another building to rise."

SCREW YOU BASTARDS! You had the city chase people off their property, upset countless lives, because you said you could pull this off. So don't you freaking dare try and pull off everyone now that you realize you bit off more than you could chew. You arrogant bastards.

And "Hey Yo! Pinch?" Like the article says, where the hell you gonna go? Because I can tell you now, you threaten to pull out of this city if it doesn't knuckle under, your mastehead is gone, asshat. You ain't near enough a member of the NYC "community" that we don't all go wolf on your corporate ass.

And we'll burn all of Ratner's Brooklyn 'gimmees' in the process, which means you'd catch it from both sides.
Arafat Rubberstamps New Cabinet
  • Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat called for an end to three years of violence, saying Wednesday that Israel had a right live in peace, and his prime minister urged an immediate and comprehensive cease-fire.

  • What language was used?
    Cox & Forkum: Reaper
    These guys should be on everybody's 'regular check' list.
    Boat won't float - Mike
    Hey, Vito, you schmuck! You wanna talk about boats? Go concentrate on fixing the mess your old man made out of the SI Ferry!
    New York Daily News - Editorials
    I think this is a first: I agree with all three of the Daily News Editorials! But the bit about smoking in the third one is a cheap shot. But hey, considering the reaction I usually have to these things, I'll let it slide.
    "He'll Do It Again"
    These prosecutors were assholes. Durst has a mile-long record of First Class Psychotic on his résumé. They were so sure they could get him strapped onto a gurney for the hot shot that they didn't offer the jury anything else to lock this lunatic away with.
    NY Times Gets Slapped for Editorial
    Anybody Fisking the NY Times is OK by me.
    (via Blender Boy)
    'Just say no' to gun-wielding cops in school
    I wasn't going to bother with this whole insane episode of "America Goes Whacko" since everyone has dove on this already. (Just google "Goose Creek" and watch the hits rain down). But Parker's piece at least had a bit of humor. Most everything else I've seen published about this is calling for heads to roll, starting with Principal Asshole.
    NPR's Kroc-pot bubbles over
    I hope this infusion of dead cow cash finally weans NPR from the public teat. Their local outlets here in NYC still claim to be "public" radio stations, but as I noted back here (scroll down), they're nothing of the sort. Hell, they have both an AM and FM outlets; how freakin' poor is that?
    The part I love is that NPR comes right out and admits that the individual radio stations can forget seeing any of this largesse hitting their bottom lines. "Keep up the pledge weeks, you dumb saps!"
    Come to think of it, whoever the local NPR broadcaster in Mrs. Kroc's neighborhood was should take them to court, since they were NPR's pipeline into her heart.
    Antidotes for Jessica Simpson syndrome
    An interesting point: Why are a lot of the female conservative pundits walking talking brainiac babes with wit, while their liberal counterparts are churlish shrieking shrews?
    The Conspiracy to Keep You Poor and Stupid
    Luskin is getting funnier, and meaner, in his ongoing assault against his nemesis, the NY Times Paul Krugman. He's also driving Krugman full tilt nutzo.

    Tuesday, November 11, 2003

    Turn these bastards over, or else...
    It's gonna rain daisy cutters for a week, asshats.
    Johnnie-on-the-spot: Cochran takes ferry victim's case
    Ream their damn asses, Cochran.

    /must go wash hands now
    'Ballot busters' keep Matsui from Rookie honors
    Oh, here's a surprise. A Twins beat writer and a Red Sox beat writer left Matsui off their ballots because "he didn't deserve it...he's not really a rookie..."
    Yes, asshats, he was a rookie. Just as much as Suzuki was, just as much as Noma was....
    Sore losing farkers, tis all you yahoos are.
    More News from the Cesspool
    Somewhere previously in here I talked about what a mess the SI Ferry was. This is another example. If you are blowing out overtime money on such a scale, and the "rules" for hiring more bodies are so prohibitive, YOU CHANGE THE FREAKING RULES!

    Ah, but the rules--'licensing requirements'--are union crafted blockades against the membership losing that OT. Which tells you everything you need to know about why nobody working at the SI Ferry is willing to talk. They believe if they all go omerta this'll all blow over with just a couple of the crashed ship's crew taking the fall.
    The Last Disenfranchised Class
    This is why the Left is doomed in a post 9-11 America. While the idea of restoring voting rights to people once they did their time is worthy of debate, who does she use as her lead lambs?
    ==A dumb broad who got herself into such a jam that she had to resort to dealing coke (if Daddy was able to leave her a produce business, couldn't he have wired her the cash for a Greyhound ticket home before he kicked off?).
    ==A slimeball who knifed to death a sanitation worker.

    The first one shouldn't be allowed to vote anymore because she proved herself too stupid; the second killed a man over what more than likely was nothing but a dumbass argument.

    Screw them both. I'm all for re-instituting the right to vote for people convicted of non-violent crimes, but the examples she used committed violent crimes. Yes, in my eyes dealing coke is a violent crime. If you don't believe it, go to Columbia and talk to the families of cops and judges who have been slaughtered trying to prosecute the cartels. Hell, go talk to the families of all the dead gangbangers blown away over control of the drug trade on their home turf. They ain't busting caps on each other's asses over weed, that's for sure. It's over the high octane.

    And she goes on to posit that all those ex-cons are Democrats-in-waiting that could sway elections across the country.
    Yeah, that's the ticket: "Vote Democrat! Just like the Jailbirds do!"
    The GOP and NRA would love that one, sweetie. Gun sales to 'Whitey' would treble within days of your idea becoming law.
    Don't Quit as We Did in Vietnam
    An excellent piece that she be re-run in every college campus newspaper in the country, and especially in all those newsletters published by faculty organizations. Here's one of their own 'fessing up to the absolutely asinine knee-jerk reaction that the current "anti-war" crowd displays. It has consequences, chiefly a whole truckload of people die when we leave them behind.

    It's one of the reasons that the Democratic party's nine yahoos are all doomed. They bay to the sky about an "exit strategy" as if that is something that should be on the books before the first bullet is let loose. Well, bozos, what was bubba's exit strategy for Bosnia?
    Oh, right. There was none. We're still there.
    Jessica's Hustled
    C'mon. You knew this kind of thing was on the horizon. It's like the Paris Hilton porno tape. It was just a matter of "when."

    Monday, November 10, 2003

    Hee. Hee. Hee. (various "sniggling and snorting" now going on.)
    something's gone loopy, but I'm too stupid and cheap to deal with Movable Type right now, so you gotta hit the archives for recent stuff that ISN'T today.
    A Western alliance no more?
    Steyn, whose blog and Fisker's Brigade (collated over at Misha's) are leading the VRWC's assualt on all that is Idiotarian, never fails to amuse me, because he's always dead-on, leading his opponents to gnash their teeth and hurl invective.

    Saturday, November 08, 2003

    Newsday.com: 300,000 Iraqis May Be in Mass Graves
    Okay. No matter how much you hate Bush, even if this is a bloated number, there are 10 grand dead bodies.
    News From The Associated Press
    They threw the game. Greece wouldn't let us bring in Marines for security.
    New York Daily News - Yankees - Mike Lupica: Joe's lessons prepare him for O's
    You almost wrote a perfect piece. But then you tossed.
    Look. Real Deal. Maz earned his new gig. Stop trying to talk your way out of being all wrong. Willie Randolph will neve be a manager.
    Lupica: Joe's lessons prepare him for O's
    GO MAZ, GO!
    But remember what Jeet said: "First time you guys throw at me, I'm heading straight for the dugout."
    Yahoo! News - Prince Charles Denies Alleged Incident
    Have. Spent. Too. Much. Time. LMAO.
    (wipes coffee off screen)

    Charles is queer? Who'd a thunk?
    Boston.com / Pedro puts in on Little
    1918, MOFO. The Babe has beat your ass.
    Rosie: I Don't Have A Clue
    When will she get it? She is doomed, no matter what the judge says. He rules for her: Appeal City. He rules for 'them': She said she wouldn't fight it.
    This broad is so sucked into her ego that reality is just a concept.
    New York Post Online Edition: news
    For any Richmond County residents:
    We know where these fuck-ups live. Let's go make the Frenchies talk.
    Peyser: I wanna keep my 'in'
    You gutless bastard. On a simple level, you call her "A fabulousy wealthy celeb with a feel for the masses."

    You never address the total con she ran on "the masses." If she played to the form she used to become "a wealthy celeb" this lawsuit never happens.
    She outright kicked those people in the head once she had her "FU" money.
    You mostly suck, Peyser. But I didn't know you would bend over.
    Rich Tucker: Journalism 101
    I don't know which to hit: Reina or Tucker? Well, that's not fair. Tucker is a little asswipe. He got dibs.

    Friday, November 07, 2003

    Internet Tax Ban Stops Dead in Senate (TechNews.com)
    This has gotta be passed. And screw the language crap: if you use dial-up, DSl or cable, you are already being taxed. Just look at your bill. read the fine print, the stuff concerning "additional fees" and such.

    If this goes through it'll seriously screw everything up. How do they intend to quantify it? I'm running off a cable modem. It's on all the time, but I'm not accessing it all the time. And what if two of my machines are online at the same time? Do I get double-hit? And if I'm a 56K dial-up customer, I'm paying less than the DSL and cable guys, right? Why does the cheap bastard get taxed less than me? Because he's accessing the Net at a slower speed? It is still ACCESS.
    Former POW Jessica Lynch raped while held captive in Iraq, new biography reveals
    I dunno about this. Drudge has a piece quoting the Iraqi doctor who worked on her denying he saw any signs of this.
    And, the last sentence automatically sets off the BS Detector in my head. So I want to see these medical records.
    Blacks say Bush played race card with court pick
    And this is bad...how? The Dems have played it for years. Hell, most of the Dem Presidential candidates whipped the card out when Dean made his "pick-up truck/Confederate Flag" pronouncement. They made it out to mean he was courting 'racist white trash' Southerners. The only one who didn't take that tact was, ahem the only cracker the bunch.
    Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Brussels gives US notice of $1bn trade war
    Oh, screw you, you chocolate covered cheese eating gutless twirps. Go ahead, pull the trigger. PULL THE DAMN TRIGGER! We'll bury your currency in a couple of weeks, tops. We'll hammer your economic asses into the ground. Your economies are on freaking life support. A goodly portion of the US population considers you obstinate surrender monkeys as big a problem as anything going on in Iraq or Afganistan.

    If you think the backlash against France was something, then you watch what the largest consumer market on the planet can do when it offers a collective "Fuck You" to your major member states. "Freedom Fries" and that kind of stuff was nothing compared to the economic hurt we can put on you.
    TheChamplainChannel.com - WNNE - Supreme Court: Gay Sex Not Adultery
    Can't wait to see what--if anything--Sully's gonna have to say about this. Myself, I think they blew it (pun very intended). You have sexual relations outside of marriage, you committed adultery. Guy, girl, goat, whatever. You broke your fidelity, period.
    ajc.com | Mike Luckovich Cartoons
    What a little asshat.
    Read the speech. Hell, read these blokes every chance you get.
    (And their method of categorizing their links is wonderfully coherent and inclusive.)
    A cool politics blog.
    Welcome to Bloomieburg!
    Oh, for the love of.... Thank God for the two watering holes in my neighborhood. Owner-operated, and anyone besides those lovely ladies is a nephew, niece, cousin, etc. (Having a buch of cops as your clientele doesn't hurt, either.) So the Smoke Nazis get their asses chased right the fuck out.

    But a video store? What the hell was a Smoke Nazi even doing in there?
    An Earful for Bloomberg
    Hey, Herbert? Here's an earful for you: You work for the NY Freakin' Times, whose only relationship with the City of New York--outside of Manhattan-- is the name on the paper's masthead. You work for the newspaper who rooted for (and own a chunk of) the Red Sox.

    You work for the company that wants the city to give their real estate partner a hunk of the Liberty Bonds meant for rebuilding Downtown to finance your new home on FUCKING TIMES SQUARE! You work for the company that, to build said building, convinced the city to chase a slew of property owners, businesses and residents off the land; where they planned to build your spanking new home, promising that the finances wouldn't interfere with the construction.

    Shut your pie-hole, Herbert. We may not like everything Mike is doing, but he at least has the balls to say and do what he thinks is right. No matter how many times you accuse him of it, he doesn't talk out of both sides of his mouth to the degree your bosses do.
    John Harper: Money talks, especially if Mel walks
    Harper's hitting on all cylinders, even though a lot of them were mentioned previously in this blog. That's how obvious it was.

    George has never shown the guy the respect he deserves. He's tried to trade him a couple of times, and has fawned over Boomer, who Pettite probably considers a Neanderthal slob. All Pettite has done is win since he arrived, and he's never embarrassed the team. And it's not like there are a slew of lefties of his caliber out there to be had.

    Tuesday, November 04, 2003

    Ethics problems in New Jersey
    Hey, Shit for Brains. You named a hockey rink for a Governor who was three years out of office, and not even dead.
    Jersey couldn't spell 'ethics' if you spotted them the 'e', 'c' and 't'.
    Rosie Redux
    Watch the fat bitch melt her own ass into the ground.
    The New Republic Online: Rooney's Tune
    Sully Fisking the Angry Old Coot. This is why I pay for broadband!

    Monday, November 03, 2003

    Who Reads This?
    Losers. Just. Fucking. Losers
    We're checking out now.
    Watch Them All Implode
    this is too funny, because at least Dean admits he's screwed without a Southern base, but the jag-offs slamming him are writing their names right off the list of candidates that have a chance in Hell on the "Bubba' vote.
    Wow. Didn't see that [Rosie is a psycho bitch] coming. I mean, if you knew her from her talk show, sure, you got totally faked out.

    But if you just once saw her stand-up act, you had to know she was Krakatowa (sp?) looking for a reason to go 'BOOM!' When ABC threw all that money at her, the governor was stripped from the engine. After saving the Tony Awards, and Broadway, the pedal went straight to the metal.

    She had her pile of "Fuck You" cash. There was no logical conclusion other than she was gonna try and be the sapphic Jann Wenner and build a media empire. I mean, jeez, Boy George on Broadway? What?

    The funniest bit, to me, was everybody getting all "Shocked, SHOCKED!" when she declared herself "uber-bitch dyke."

    I can't believe I am writing this sentence:
    Frank Rich nails it pretty square on the head.
    Yankees - Bronx coaching tale

    Dowd=First (deservedly) sacrificial lamb.

    Popeye's gonna be missed, but...jeez, him and Piniella is a bench I'd keep a camera on for the potential fireworks those two timebombs represent every time lineup cards are presented.

    Maz is probably, but not a lock, off for greener pastures.

    Willie ain't going anywhere unless he's forced out.

    Stott's the key. Mel's just as fed up with Boss as anybody, but I think he's got more Uncle Joe loyalty than Zim did, and he has to know if he bails out there is little chance the Yanks re-sign Pettite.

    Dent should be left at Columbus, and Girardi be shown to a bus.

    Luis Sojo should get the bench job. Hell, they don't listen, he'll grab a stick and out-hit their ass.

    Donnie should be brought back into the fold as hitting coach. None of these overpaid, pampered assholes has the bonafides to argue with him and expect their butts to survive what the NY beat writers will do to them. Mattingly is the pulse that built the Team that imploded in front of everyone's eyes during the World Series. He is a hitter for the generation. He blew away Boggs...he blew away everybody.

    He might not have gotten a player's ring, but that team never gets to where it got without Mattingly's heart. He was Hard Core Yankee Baseball. He was Boss Proof.

    Thurman woulda gone all Pudge on his chin. (no further up the face! We are Yankees!)

    Plus, a la Uncle Joe, Steinbrenner couldn't dare fuck with Donnie. Which might preclude him from being considered.

    Saturday, November 01, 2003

    George Lakoff tells how conservatives use language to dominate politics
    I'm shocked, SHOCKED! Conservatives, those swarthy bastards!, used plain old English to form their position and present it to the public.
    (from Misha, who seems to have had a hoot on this one)
    Newsday.com - High School QB Says Record Pass Tainted
    This kid is a prince. Any college team that gets him on their squad will be more than better.