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Thursday, November 13, 2003

Custodians SUCK
It's refreshing to see the first person shooting comes from New Dorp.

This is my High. Even though they have gone to hell in a handbag. And I'm not talking about this article. They added the tag "Cougers" to the name of the house team, for what reason, God don't know. There has not been a cougar on SI since...ever?

They hire absolute idiots--but friends of friends--to teach the knackers. Which means no one learns anything. Alumni steer clear of the joint.

They deserve to burn.

I remember the day when we had a dust-up in the handball courts and the farking Moonbats™ all called it a race riot. Camera crews came a-storming. Useless bastards. John Johnson from Channel 7 climbed out of his van and asked me and a friend to go on camera. I looked at him and laughed, while my friend Manny kept pulling on my sleeve.

"We gotta go, Red. We gotta go."

"Fuck off. I'll be on TV."

"FUCK TV! Bobbie's getting beat and Danny's going gun!"

(another friend, Bobby Barile, had started the whole damn mess because he wouldn't give up the paddleball court without a bet on the floor. That was the ignition. Everything else was just pent-up bullshit.)

"Danny just went WAR! Fuck this TV guy!"

I tried to steal John Johnson's camera and Manny hit a member of the poor fool's crew across the head with a rock, and we went and dived into the brawl.

Next day, Advance Assholes called it a "Race Riot."

It was a punch-out over a paddleball bet. That's all.

We all laughed. Manny, "Yo, Spic," asked if one of us white crackers could give him a hood.
"You, Rojo," he said to me. "Your fucking name means rope. Let's hang us a guido motherfucker."


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