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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

There Is No Bias in the Media?

Nonsense, right? Let's take a close look at this report from CNN:

Hardline elements in Beijing who are getting increasingly alarmed over Taipei's "creeping independence" -- and Washington's apparent connivance at Taiwan separatism -- have proposed "doing a Thatcher" to the Americans.

ME: Pick one, asshat: 'Taipei' or 'Taiwan'. Who said "creeping independence"? Why use the word "connivance" when the word--by itself--denotes an illegal act? Who said "doing a Thatcher"? In this first paragraph the "reporter" has already abjured himself from dispassionate reportage.

Thatcher was reportedly so taken aback that upon leaving, she slipped while going down the steps of Beijing's Great Hall of the People in front of the Chinese and international press.

ME: Who reported that her slip on the steps was caused by her reaction to whatever was said inside?

Now, these questions were posed from the first four paragraphs of this article; I'm not in the mood to Fisk the whole thing. But the tone of the subsequent scribbling shows an obvious bent. At paragragh 8, authorBoy writes:

In other words, Chen's provocative gestures the past months, including proposals for a law on plebiscites and changing the Taiwan constitution to reflect full-fledged statehood, would not have been possible if the U.S. had followed a clear-cut one-China policy.

The UN has a clear-cut one-China policy. The United States has always stood fast alongside Taiwan. And if China wants to push us like they allegedly pushed Thatcher, we would choke their economy into submission in about...oh, I don't know...eight months?

Maybe this has burred my ass for no good reason. Maybe the asshat reporting this has to filter his crap through a PRC flunkie...like the NY Times in pre-war Iraq. But if that's the case, then at least quote some real people, instead of all this blind shit.


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