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Tuesday, November 11, 2003

The Last Disenfranchised Class
This is why the Left is doomed in a post 9-11 America. While the idea of restoring voting rights to people once they did their time is worthy of debate, who does she use as her lead lambs?
==A dumb broad who got herself into such a jam that she had to resort to dealing coke (if Daddy was able to leave her a produce business, couldn't he have wired her the cash for a Greyhound ticket home before he kicked off?).
==A slimeball who knifed to death a sanitation worker.

The first one shouldn't be allowed to vote anymore because she proved herself too stupid; the second killed a man over what more than likely was nothing but a dumbass argument.

Screw them both. I'm all for re-instituting the right to vote for people convicted of non-violent crimes, but the examples she used committed violent crimes. Yes, in my eyes dealing coke is a violent crime. If you don't believe it, go to Columbia and talk to the families of cops and judges who have been slaughtered trying to prosecute the cartels. Hell, go talk to the families of all the dead gangbangers blown away over control of the drug trade on their home turf. They ain't busting caps on each other's asses over weed, that's for sure. It's over the high octane.

And she goes on to posit that all those ex-cons are Democrats-in-waiting that could sway elections across the country.
Yeah, that's the ticket: "Vote Democrat! Just like the Jailbirds do!"
The GOP and NRA would love that one, sweetie. Gun sales to 'Whitey' would treble within days of your idea becoming law.


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