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Monday, November 03, 2003

Yankees - Bronx coaching tale

Dowd=First (deservedly) sacrificial lamb.

Popeye's gonna be missed, but...jeez, him and Piniella is a bench I'd keep a camera on for the potential fireworks those two timebombs represent every time lineup cards are presented.

Maz is probably, but not a lock, off for greener pastures.

Willie ain't going anywhere unless he's forced out.

Stott's the key. Mel's just as fed up with Boss as anybody, but I think he's got more Uncle Joe loyalty than Zim did, and he has to know if he bails out there is little chance the Yanks re-sign Pettite.

Dent should be left at Columbus, and Girardi be shown to a bus.

Luis Sojo should get the bench job. Hell, they don't listen, he'll grab a stick and out-hit their ass.

Donnie should be brought back into the fold as hitting coach. None of these overpaid, pampered assholes has the bonafides to argue with him and expect their butts to survive what the NY beat writers will do to them. Mattingly is the pulse that built the Team that imploded in front of everyone's eyes during the World Series. He is a hitter for the generation. He blew away Boggs...he blew away everybody.

He might not have gotten a player's ring, but that team never gets to where it got without Mattingly's heart. He was Hard Core Yankee Baseball. He was Boss Proof.

Thurman woulda gone all Pudge on his chin. (no further up the face! We are Yankees!)

Plus, a la Uncle Joe, Steinbrenner couldn't dare fuck with Donnie. Which might preclude him from being considered.


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