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Monday, October 27, 2003

ESPN.com - Lockers empty and turmoil brews in Yankeeland
It's gonna be an interesting winter. Boss George must throw a ton of dough at Pettite's feet, and it might not be enough to keep Andy in the fold. Clemens and (likely) Stottlemyre will be gone; they were his best friends on the team. Boomer is toast. For his mental health alone, Weaver's gotta go. And the Tampa Mafia traded away the best pitching prospects during the season for nothing, really. So the rotation--the strength of the team--is dicey. Which means some free agent, like Bartolo Colon, is gonna get a fat present dropped on his doorstep.

Which means even less money to play with filling in the holes among the position players:
3B= Please. We'll love him on Old Timers Day, but Boone is finished.
2B= Send him to the outfield or send him outta town, but someone else has to cover this bag.
1B= Screwed. Giambi's left leg and contract means he ain't going nowhere. And he won't accept the everyday DH role. Which makes Nick Johnson major trade bait.
LF= Depends on Bernie. Matsui proved he could be moved to center
CF= Bernie needs to be shifted to the DH slot. Everybody knows they can run on him, and he doesn't get to the balls hit into the gaps anymore.
RF= Probably Georgie throws money at some potzer past his prime name who fails horribly. Fans petition Paulie to come out of retirement.


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