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Friday, February 13, 2004

Will the Floodgates Open Now? Kerry Goes on Record About Intern
All these high and mighty "professional" media dorks keep going on and on about not sinking to the level of a "gossip" like Drudge. It makes me laugh so hard I would pee my pants if I didn't have an iron cast bladder from decades of mainlining hops and barley. ABC, NBC, CBS, (fill in your fave network here)--every single one of them--regularly include "gossip" all the time! Not one of these organizations has any qualms with releasing "insiders say" or "sources report" stories about damn near anything they think might tickle the Neilson meter. But when it's a Democratic presidential candidate they get all uppity.

Drudge has been in this sandbox before; he knows how to play the game. He didn't get suckered by some dirty tricks squad from the right or the left. He didn't make this up just for the hell of it. He knew exactly the kind of storm he was about to unleash. I believe he did exactly what any of these schmucks do when someone who doesn't want their name used feeds him something: he reached out to his various sources (which they all would sell various body parts to have) and waited until he heard the same story from a couple of other places. And then he dropped the bomb.


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