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Saturday, February 14, 2004

DUKE SUCKS (followup)
Political debate sweeps campus
This asshat Brandon is deperately in need of an egg or cream pie in the face. Contempt like his can only be met with a foot in the balls, beatdown to his grad students and general, liberally dispersed "FUCK YOU."

I did my college time at CUNY. I got my assed kicked into the Elvis Zone bucking the politically correct asininny tenure sucking whores that they called faculty. I sat in a PoliSci class with a teacher who was trying to sell to the class that Reagan was a "classical liberal" while Gorbachev was giving up, throwing his hands in the air and settling into to the Presidio. I watched a friend of mine who taught at the dump totally ostrasized (sp?) because he was a Palestinian Jew who thought Arafat should get his ass blown up.

Oh, and he was the only member of the English department that actually got around to writing a book that got published, and scored big-times reviews of his book (but that had nothing to do with his getting shoved out the door. I know. They told me so. They also told me the department chair was "the James Joyce of Queens," to which I replied, "You mean over-rated stupid Mick who wrote one good book that wasn't named after a Greek classic? Show me his Brendan ripoff. I'm AOH. Don't fuck with me. I'll shove a bagpipe up your ass."

Wrap your head around the previous one: "Palestinian Jew."

Don't believe me? Check him out.


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