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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Somebody needs to explain to me why this mook is considered astute. I've been reading his copy for some time now, and some of what I read was good, but, for me, a lot of it was like this crap, nothing but smarmy Monday morning quarterbacking, pontificating from on high about the foibles of people with cajones twice the size of anything he's ever carried.

Case in point:
It's always interesting when people don't seem to feel shame or embarrassment--and it's often not a very good sign-- so when Mr. Dean went on about his black roommates in college he was as toe-curlingly awful as when he condescended to those who display the Confederate flag. To be crass about both groups in a matter of weeks is quite something.
Excuse me, you Brit Twit: The doofus statement about his black roommates was something weasels like you baited him into blurting out. Yes, it was stupid, but when you are forced into a corner by a pack of media wolves asking you to show why black people should give a damn about you what do you expect? And as far as the Confederate flag "gaffe" Dean committed, what the hell was wrong with the basic truth of the statement? All he said was he wanted to get the votes of anybody he could. He wasn't willing to write off anyone just because they had been decreed contemptible by some crass, pandering morons like yourself.

I'm the Bronx-born son of Irish immigrants. One of my favorite all-time songs is "Sweet Home Alabama." Wanna know why? Because hearing Van Zant tell Neil Young to shove it up his ass and take his shit back to Canada resonated.

"...narcissist and vain windbag...."
Stop looking in the mirror, you blowhard drunk.


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