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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Howard Stern was not "censored," and BuzzBoy damn well knows it. But he's a huge Stern fan, so when Clear Channel yanks Howie off their radio stations, Jarvis loses his mind. He blasts off into a zone usually reserved for the clueless DU Moonbats who think an event like this is "The Man" (Bush) crushing dissent. From reading the comments to his rant, and things like this, he's pretty much alone up there in the ozone.

He is trying to spin this like we're all missing the Big Picture, a pretty arrogant stance. That said, I also think he has a large bit of pompous, self-righteous elitist asshat running through his veins.
If you don't defend Stern agains the government chill, then you open the door for someone you like to be taken off the air.
You mean by someone like you, Jeff?

Jeff Jarvis is employed by one of the biggest family owned print media companies in the country. He's Master & Commander of their Internet presence. If he allows anything remotely resembling Howard on a "good" day to be published on one of their websites, Si Newhouse will send Jarvis's head rolling across the floor. BuzzBoy knows this, so he and his underlings make sure the content, especially in the various newspapers' forums, is as bland as possible. Post something that someone else considers "offensive" or "inappropriate" and they'll scrub it off the board.

On his own blog, Jarvis practices bona fide censorship. There are words you can't post; words Jarvis doesn't want associated with his personal salon. Hell, you don't even have to whip out one of Carlin's Seven. If you merely upset one of his delicate doyens, you're toast. Banned. "We'll hear no more from you, guttersnipe!"

He did it to me. I've been made a non-person at the Buzzmachine for getting fed up with some smartass taking snarky potshots at me while debating something I had posted here that Jeff featured on his blog. I got tired of the sniping and posted the following:
Everything single thing you posted here includes cheap shots belittling my intelligence that would have you swallowing your teeth and swimming in the Kill van Kull if you said them to my face.
A couple of days after that I posted a comment to some other thing, I don't remember what. I went back later to see how the conversation was progressing. My post was a ghost. Gone.

That's what got me yanked from the Buzzmachine's airwaves. I told some clown if he said what he was saying while he was standing in front of me he wouldn't be standing there long. Not even a threat; just a statement of fact.

So get off the high horse, Jeffy, until you're ready to risk something. Stern did and he paid for it. But I ain't holding my breath, because that would mean you'd have to pay for the bandwidth all the "nj.com" pages your personal stuff eats up.


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