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Saturday, February 14, 2004

One of the funniest bits of today's left is that, nearly forty years later, they want to rewrite history and hoist what's his name up on a pedestal.
The 'Band of Brothers' shit might fly in the primaries, but when it comes to the real fight, it's gonna kick back. The notion that Abbie Hoffman's bastard stepchildren are trying to fly the flag now makes me want to puke. I was a child of the Sixties. By that, I mean I was a kid; I was born in 1960. My brain was working pretty damn well circa 1972, after growing up watching Uncle Walter delivering body counts during my evening meals. Kerry and his hippie bastard brethren were the people my father's friends cursed between breaths every Sunday when Daddy's bagpipe band rehearsed in the Marine Corp. League hall. I watched broken guys come into that place looking for somewhere to hide from the 'babykiller' bullshit. And now these same hippies want to turn history over on a dime.

That they have the balls to try to sweep the reality of those days away for this lying sack of shit's benefit is galling. And they know it. That's why they want to do everything they can to portray Dubya as akin to the Slick Willies who lied or ran their way out of service. See, today, in the current haze, shooting gooks is cool. And the media lapdogs play right into it by demanding to see Bush's colonostamy reports during the time Frenchie was acting all babykiller. The same folks who look down their noses at Drudge have no problem being utter sleazeballs banging away at the Prez's record circa 1972 when, if they were honest, they were thanking God and Nixon that their asses never got near a set of khakis.


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