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Thursday, March 11, 2004


He's Gotta Be Kidding
First off, to the punkass in question, Bertuzzi, who, in a weepy press conference declared:
"To the fans of hockey and the fans of Vancouver, to the kids that watch this game, I'm truly sorry. I don't play the game that way. I'm not a mean-spirited person."
Yes, asshole, you do play the game that way. We got video proof, you mealymouthed piece of shit. He was skating away from you and you corralled him and tried--not to send a message--but send him to sleep with the fishes. If whichever of his linemates hadn't jumped on you when you were grinding his head into the ice, you could have killed him. Cry all you want, but pray to whatever God you got that your jury isn't made up of people who know the game. Because they'll lock your ass up, same as baseball breathers are ready to hang Barry Bonds. You fucked with the game. You clowns come and go; the Game is what we give a shit about.

In the same Toronto Star article, the public representative of the immedancillaryliary victims--Moore's teammates and fans--the Denver Post weighs in:
"The league should ban Bertuzzi for life from any association with professional hockey, much as Major League Baseball did with Pete Rose for gambling, a far less serious offence."
What McSorley did, the incident everybody uses as comparison, was viscious and dumb, and it cost him his career. What Bertuzzi did was on a magnum level worse. Bertuzzi tried to turn a kid who had already received his payback for a LEGAL hard hit into a stain no Zamboni could clean up.

Now, Bettmann:

You pussy little bastard. You fine the team, but you let the coach take a walk. He's as guilty as Bertuzzi. Once the first period brawling had been concluded he should have declared Moore "off-limits" for retribution. You cannot fine the organization and leave the coach blameless. He represents the fucking team! The biggest reason the NHL is in the mess it is in facing the new CBA is that you are a gutless wonder who is afraid of both sides of the table when it comes to negotiations. You should be dragged out to some god-forsaken patch of ice and have your head used as the middle of a game of shinny.


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