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Friday, March 05, 2004

Mike Lupica: This logic fails test
Lupica's dead-on: Orza's gotta go before he buries the players' union under an avalanche of public disgust and Congressional action that can ultimately cost big league ball their congressionally approved monopoly status. As The Lip puts it:
He really thinks he is John L. Lewis, even working with A-Rod and Jeter and Manny Ramirez. He thinks that an association with $252 million ballplayers and $190 million ballplayers and $160 million ballplayers, all free to make these huge individual deals, are steelworkers, or the Teamsters.
Jeez, the International Olympic Committee, no great bastion of ethical action, realized what steroids were doing to the public's perception of the Games and banned them. Even goddamn stakes horses get tested to make sure they aren't seeking chemical advantage! Being obstinant in the face of this furor is gonna mean asterisks being planted next to the names of McGwire, Bonds, and other players who have been battering the bejesus out of baseballs since the strike, rewriting the record book in the process.

All any disinterested party needs to do is look at those players' rookie cards and then look at them now; do the same to a player like A-Rod. Then tell that disinterested party that steroids had nothing to do with the newly manufactured muscleheads' performances. They'd laugh until they fell on the floor.

I'm a long time Friend of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Seeing those cheating bastards glorified in Cooperstown kills me. If any of them end up getting inducted before Pete Rose, I'll cancel my membership, because it'll mean that the Hall and the electors have accepted "Better Records Through Chemistry!" as part of their criteria. Pete Rose might have been an asshole, but he never cheated on the field. These guys did.


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