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Monday, March 15, 2004

So Who Gets It Next?

Now that Spain's been bombed into submission, you know the bastards are scanning the horizon for the next tasty target. Poland's a no-go: Islamofascists would stick out too much, although being the Pope's hometown would make it appealing to a jihadist's heart. No, I'm betting here, and doubling down on Boston just ahead of convention time as the target. It's too damn fat a goose for them not to pluck. All those colleges, all those liberals...the bomber squads won't have to hide too hard; they can get day work speaking at the anti-war/anti-Bush rallies that'll be scattered around town while they get their logistics all squared away. And it won't be the Fleet Center that'll get lit up; it'll be something like Fanueill Hall or Fenway Park.

All over the blogosphere there's a slew of people weighing in on the results of the Madrid bombings influencing the Spanish elections. I've read a bunch of them, but Jeff Jarvis--who lately I've been raging at because of his tree-stump stupid Stern psychosis, nails my sentiments square on the head.

BTW, JJ BuzzBoy, when the hell are you going to feature actual Staten Islanders on the weblogs you're running at SILive.com? The closest thing to an actual breathing Staten Islander is the ridiculous "Island Girl," who sounds like a caricature created in your Jersey offices...nobody who lives here uses the Dump as a reference point. The Ferry is the most widely used local landmark, because many more people have actually seen it. If she is real, then you guys are truly Olympian in your disdain toward Staten Island by letting a dumb little yenta like her be the only local voice in the blogs.


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