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Monday, March 01, 2004

I think I'm gonna be forgetting about Jarvis for the foreseeable future. He's gone too far through the looking glass. His blind allegiance to the egomaniacal has-been is just too much. We've been through this already. (scroll, find: "hypocrit*")

Now he think's he's defending a juggernaut or something.
I predicted that Stern would end up going to satellite and he talked about it this morning. He said that if he went onto satellite, they'd sell 12 million receivers immediately; "they wouldn't be able to make them fast enough." It would change the entire radio industry, making broadcast stations worth a helluva lot less, he said, and he's right. Radio had no appointment programming until Stern came; if he goes to satellite, he will bring listeners and excitement and revenue with him.
Howard isn't going anywhere unless Mel Karmazin says so. Howard's under contract to Infinity/Viacom, and neither of the main satellite broadcasters has the money Stern would demand, or the balls to battle Mel, to bring Stern's act to their town. And Stern's audience are not all the mindless lemmings that you seem to devolve into when it comes to Howard's defence.
Radio had no appointment programming until Stern came;...
Oh, bullshit! Music fans turned the dial to their favorite DJ's station at the appointed hour ever since there were DJs. Whether the DJ was Jonathan Schwartz spinning Sinatra, Wolfman Jack howling at the moon or one of the Rambling Gamblings. I have followed Vin Scelza and his "Idiot's Delight" radio show all over the damn dial, but if Vinny goes satellite, he better offer an Internet stream or it 'sayonara, paisan!' Stern would only draw rabid acolytes like yourself to make such an investment in a three-four hour radio show.

Stern's supposed raw market power is an extremely overhyped meme. He maybe--MAYBE--had some good pull once upon a time, but that time is long gone. He didn't get Christie Whitman elected NJ governor in '95, anymore than Bob Grant took Mario Coumo down. His legions are not gonna storm Circuit City for satellite tuners just for him. They'll just crank the dial left or right and find the next guy.


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